By: Gary T. Fedorco

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Ranma landed in a graceful three point ready stance, shocking some nearby freshmen. They barely registered on his radar, as he gazed over the school's courtyard. There, over by the main gate, his friends were standing in a loose circle around Hotaru. Probably asking the youngest of them how her first day of High school was, more likely chit chatting about Sailor scout stuff, Ranma thought darkly to himself. Trying to ignore the throbbing at his temples, yet actually feeling the pain sink lower until it was right behind his eyes. He made his way over to the girls, clutching the bridge of his nose. In the amount of pain he was starting to experience, he never realized his nose had started bleeding.

Ami happened to be the first to notice the approaching martial artist. Still watching him, she leaned over and broke in on her friends conversation.

"Hey, here he ...comes." Her exclaimation died halfway, as she started moving towards the pig-tailed young man.

Reaching him first, Ami quickly dropped her bookbag and took out a handful of tissue and clamped them onto his bleeding nose, while tilting his head back.

"Ranma, are you okay?" Ami asked.

"No, no Mercury, I don't think I'll be okay for quite along time!" His answer was accusatory, and struck Ami like a slap to the face.

Mokoto arrived just as Ranma finished answering Ami and noticed the change in dynamics immediatly. "Hey, what's the hold up?" She watched Ami turn upset eyes towards her.

"He called me Mercury." Ami's voice matching her eyes.

"Hah!" Mokoto forced a laugh. "I guess that makes me Mars, huh!"

"Jupiter, your Jupiter." His quiet voice was just as thunderous, as if shouted from a mountain top to the girls ears. Usagi and the others had arrived to hear Ranma's statement. With wide eyes, and questions on their lips. They closed ranks around the stricken martial artist.

"My head hurts so bad, I can't even see straight."

The martial artist loked to be in a pain, not one of the girls was familier with, so did the only thing they could. Half-carry, half-drag the stricken young man towards his home.

Kasumi rode quietly in the taxi, next to the man known as Faruq, the lean, werewolf warrior. One of many who pledged themselves to her protection. She knew the possibility the Goddess Gaia would summon her. This ancient heritage was made known to her by her own mother, although she took her mothers words with complete faith. She had never believed things in this world could climax to the point, Gaia Goddess of Earth would indeed call her forth to defend sacred Earth.

Now her mind wandered over several explanations, as to why this gentleman from the mid-east was escorting her to her destination. The woman she looked to as the next best thing to her real mother would definitly have some, rather pointed questions.

It was the overabundance of air fresheners in the taxi that snapped Kasumi out of her thoughts. Taking a good sniff at the air in the cab, to her it smelt fishy. As she moved to roll down the window, she saw the direction they had just turned. They were meant to go left!

"Faruq!" She screamed as her danger sense went off. "We're going the wrong way!"

"STOP THE CAB!" Faruq's shout taking on a definite feral quality to it, as he savagely lunged foward.

As Kasumi braced herself, she caught her first real good look at the cab driver. Extremly small deformed ears, thinning hair covering a bald pate that seemed to her texured, somehow like fish scales. The driver turned in response to Faruq's attempt to grab him, and sunk piranha sharp teeth into the forearm of the now hybird wolf form of Faruq. Kasumi saw the inhuman widespaced eyes.

The taxi came to an abrupt halt by veering and smashing into the rear of aparked car. Kasumi seizing her chance slammed her whole body against the door, while tugging on the handle. The door thankfully opened rather more easily than she had expected, with the unexpected result of being dumped on to the pavement by her own momentum. The newly chosen high priestess of the earth mother quickly picked herself off the hard ground, and started backing away from the now violently shaking automobile. From her vantage point, she could see both her bodyguard and the taxi driver/fishman growing, morphing, becoming something larger and much more savage.

With large bulges appearing on the body of the small taxi, and the occasional furred arm, or aquaticly monsterious head being seen through the now mostly shattered windows, crowds were watching with growing horror. Kasumi could do nothing for the moment but continue her backwards retreat, away from the crazed melee taking place before her eyes. The girl priestess backed up until she was stopped by what seemed to be a wall that would not yield.

"Hello, my dear." The voice was quiet, yet forceful and elegant at the same time, she managed to tear her eyes away from the insane fight taking place in the now ruined automobile, cranning her neck what she saw made her blood run cold.

Her first scream was pure instinct, the creature behind her was the most loathsome apparition she could ever imagine seeing. The shoulder length filthy white hair and albino skin were one thing, but the piercing yellow-red reptilian eyes along with it's overlarge fangs which cut into the horrors, own lower lip producing an unhealthy looking puss to ooze about it's chin.

Kasumi's mind almost could not comprehend how such vileness could be contained in a human form. Trying not to spill the contents of her stomach, she looked at the full sized werewolf attempting to extradite it's self from the wrecked car.

"FIND RANMA FARUQ!" Kasumi screamed at the werewolf over the sounds of tearing metal.

"Oh, nonono..., quiet my little darling." The softness of the voice startled her with it's calming effect it had on her. As she felt the the creatures arms wrap tighter around her waist, she could feel her eyes become heavier. The last thing her mind processed was the veiw of Faruq from above, his full crinos battle form, claws and jaws dripping gore looking up towards her.

Whoever had her, wasted no time in somehow putting her mind to sleep.

The conversation that was going on in the appartment of Nene Rominova was rapidly turning into a major headache for Setsuna Meiou.

"I still don't understand?" Nene looked up from repacking clean work out clothes. Setsuna had already packed an overnite bag, while the girl was in the shower.

"Why couldn't you just wake all of my memories, and why did you have to hit me with the worst one possible." Nene paused, jamming a pair of gym shoes into the bag a bit more forcefully than needful. Looking Setsuna in the eyes and with hands on her hips leaving no doubt of her desire for the truth.

"Then you leave the rest murky, and a hell of a lot just plain missing!"

"Nene, I have the utmost respect for your intellect, but until more of your memories come back to you." Setsuna gave the younger woman a slight smile before continuing "I'll just give you the short version."

"Go on?" Nene prompted.

Setsuna stood across the room from the shorter red head and directed her red-eyed gaze unwaiveringly into the blue eyes of Nene.

"I could have tried for more of your past live's memory, but I had no desire for your head to explode... or implode. I forget which exactly happens. It has to do with human memory vibration intensity."

"So ... I could have been killed?" Nene looked a bit green.

"Want me to jar any more memories loose or just let them resurface more natually." Setsuna said with a smirk.

"Thanks but no, I think I'll wait."

"Don't you trust me?"

Nene paused zipping her gym bag and stared at Setsuna [aka. Sailor Pluto], and decided to go with the gut feeling she was getting from those hazy memories.

"No... not as far as I could throw you!"

"Fair enough I suppose, now come along," Setsuna flashed into her Sailor Pluto guise and held out her hand, "grab your bags and trust me I won't let you go."

Shouldering her purse and gym bag, she looked around again. Deciding nothing important was forgotten, placed her left hand on Pluto's shoulder and nodded.

With another flash the pair was gone.

Arkham, Massachusetts

Arkham Univesity Library

On the other side of the world; . Richard "Red" Detweiler was just finishing another part of his three year long assignment. Closing the heavy leather bound tome, after making some finale notations to the large pile of pads sitting next to him. Tossing his pencil on to the table, he leaned back and stretched his arms over his head. Hearing some painful, yet satisfying pops.

He was bone weary and all things considered would have much rather have had a combat assignment. But he was a soldier and carried out his orders to the fullest extent of his abilities. He trusted his comanding officers to appoint the right men for each one of the many tasks involved in this sometimes horrific mission. So he kept his complaints to himself, he knew how important this was to National Security.

Standing up, he made his way over to the heavy steel door with the security glass and depressed the intercom button. "I'm done!"

A guard wearing the uniform of the University Library security looked in at him through reinforced glass, stepped back and nodded off to his right.

"Please leave the pencils you were given onto the table and step back towards the far wall." The disimbodied voice coming over the intercom had a confidant quality, as if the instructions would be immediatly obeyed. Which they most cetainly were obeyed.

It had taken him far to many weeks to finally receive the Universtity's permission to get his hands on this imperfect version of the Necronomicon. It was a copy in classic greek, and he had only three days to translate the more pertinant parts for his investigation. He had no intention of angering the the University, he just may have to ask for a follow up vist to recheck his work.

After backing to the wall and holding his hands out to show them clearly, the door opened and three campus security men filed into the room. Following the three uniformed men came the Librarian who had taken care of him these last three days.

Moving quickly to Reds side the guard sporting a seargent's ensignia lifted his clipboard and began asking a series of yes and no questions. Questions such as; Do you have an overwhelming urge to begin construction on an obelisk, or if he had any desire to sail for the south Pacific? Many of the other questions were much more strange. All of them made the . very nervous.

While Red was being questioned the heavy tome was lifted and placed onto a cart, in an economy of motion and wheeled out and down the deserted corridor by the ever quiet Librarian followed by one of the armed guards.

After nearly fifteen mimutes of the extermly odd questions, Red found himself being escorted down the same hallway, with his notes and translations carefully secured in his briefcase. He was glad to see they let him out of the main enterance, his car was only a brisk five minute walk from that point.

The entire walk was tense Red could almost feel the gaze of someone or something on him and he unconsiously started to walk faster. This assignment had sharpened his danger sense to a fine edge and his senses were all but screaming danger. Reaching his car, he produced a small penlight from his jacket and checked the inside, paying special attention to the back seat. Once he was sure, he had the door unlocked and himself in with the engine running. Taking a few spare moments to remove his weapons from the locked and reinforced middle console. Transfering the large crucifix onto his lap and his sqeeze bottle of holy water to the passenger side seat, he looked back for his desert eagle and noticed it missing.

The alarm bells didn't even register in his mind completely, when he felt the muzzle of his own weapon touch the back of his neck.

"Y'all know it's a mite dangerous to keep a loaded sidearm, just lying about?" The southern drawl, and the fact that he did look carefully into the backseat let him know exactly who and what he was dealing with. Red was sure the Vampire currently holding his own weapon to the back of his head could hear his heart beating a wild tune, he chanced a look into the rearveiw mirror and saw the vampire had dropped the obfuscation.

"Joshua, may I have my gun back?" Red cautiously asked.

"By all means Col. Detweiler," Joshua the vampire looked to Red as if genuinly ashamed, "I only took it before any unpleasantness could take place, before any missunderstanding could be cleared up."

"Right!!" This time when Red looked at the vampire he saw what may have been a hint of mischief in his eyes. The weapon was however promptly deposited into his hand.

"Now why are you following me Joshua?" Red asked the vampire.

"I have information for you, that Victor wants you to have and I need a ride somewhere. You Col. Detweiler are in a unique position to get me where I need to be."

"I'm going to need more than that, you realize." Red was already removing the holy water from the passenger seat, he had a gut feeling and his gut was telling him two vampires known to a goverment official just don't offer information for fun.

The vampire Joshua watching Red's every move under stood and was seated in the front with inhuman speed. "Well, Victor wants you to know, you'll never find what you need in the Arkham copy of the Necronomicon."

"And you couldn't drop that clue to me before I spent three very long nights cooped up, trying to make sense out of a copy writen in ancient greek." Red's reply was rather rough as he put the car into gear and started to pull out.

Tying his shoulder length black hair back into a ponytail, Joshua turned to Red and opened his mouth to reply when something larger than the average man lurched out and slammed into the sedan's front passenger side door.

"What the..." Red's voice trailed away as the two looked at the humanoid fishlike face that was apparently trying tear it's way into the car, with it's razor sharp looking shark teeth. The vampire turned to Red and shouted "Deep one of Dagon, drive!"

Throwing the car quickly into reverse Red slammed his foot down on the gas and backed the car up, dropping the horrifying beast onto the pavement and into a second unseen creature. Slamming the brakes in turn hoping to shed the second nightmare that was even now clawing it's way up the trunk, inching it's slimey bloated body closer to it's prey.

Without a word Red dropped the desert eagle into the waiting hand of Joshua, who in turn wasted no time in firing two well aimed shots into the scaled loathsome and foul head of the beast. Once the first shot was fired Red lost no time in putting the car back into drive. He saw the first creature rising to it's feet, and saw how misshapened and utterly inhuman it was, flooring the gas once again he rammed it. What Joshua had called a Deep one seemed to cling to the front fender of Reds car, but even inside the racing auto both Red and Joshua heard the tearing of metal; and then the double bump telling them the horror was gone.

After a few minutes and after feeling safer Red turned and looked at his passenger. "Important information?" His eyes back to scaning the road for more danger.

"Victor did say important...and he might have mentioned the world ending, Great old ones, the original Necronomican." The southern vampire kept his eyes behind them piercing the darkness for any signs of pursuit.

Red had been fumbling his cell phone open and dialing. "And this ride you need...not any where local is it?"

"Tokyo, Japan Col. Detweiler...Nerima ward to be percise." Joshua said with a smile. "Visit Saotome."

"I'm calling this in, can you drive? I'm going to be busy trying to explain all this to my commanding officer."

"Delighted to Col. Detweiler...delighted."