Anyone else notice what I didn't do with them last time? I'm sorry Prussia, Italy has fortitude!

Don't Let It End

Italy got his clothes on and sat on the couch next to Germany. It had been a couple days after Prussia and Italy had nearly fucked on Germany's bed. Italy the burn on his leg no longer hurt. The ones on his hands and arms were just memories now. Italy hadn't really said anything to Germany, scared that the Prussia thing would slip. Even so, Germany knew something was up. Germany looked over to Italy and asked "Is there something going on? You haven't been yourself this week." Italy just shrugged and waited for Prussia to walk back through the door, faintly paying attention to the program on the television. Prussia and Germany had to go to a meeting but Germany stayed to keep Italy company. Italy looked over to Germany. "Sorry Germany I...." He started to say but was cut off by Germany kissing him. Italy tried to push away with all his strength but he had been caught by surprise. Germany held him tightly and close, kissing him hard.

Gilbert opened the door casually as he walked into the room.
And then it slammed into the wall.
"What the fuck is going on here?"
He comes back after sitting through some bullshit nation meeting, (and why the hell was he there anyway? He wasn't technically a nation anymore!), to see Ludwig on top of Feliciano.
"West I swear if you don't get the fuck off of him-!"
He looked so small and confused it made Gilbert's blood boil with anger for his brother.

Germany stopped to look up at his brother. "Why don't you want me on him...he's not yours." He said and Italy started gasping once some of the weight was off of him and he could breathe again. Italy final moved away from under him and ran into Prussia's arms shaking. Germany sighed and stood up and left to go into his room, something of a hurt expression on his face. "P-Prussia...I'm sorry he did that....I don't know why he…" He tried stuttering an explanation, hugging Prussia tightly.

Prussia hugged him close, resting his head on the top of Italy's head as he rocked them both side to side, trying to think of some way to sooth him.

"Hey now... well. Just don't... don't worry. The awesome me will protect you." He half mumbled into Feliciano's hair, partially understanding the look that had passed over his brother's face.

"Why don't we go for a walk?"

Italy stopped crying slowly as he was rocked back and forth by Prussia. He could barely hear Prussia but still could make his words out. He looked up to Prussia and kissed him softly then pulled away and nodded. "L-lets go for a walk." He said with a soft smile and grabbed Prussia's hand and walked out of the door that was left open.

The seasons had finally begun to change. The wind was chilly and smelled of winter snow; Berlin was in fall. They walked away from the city central and headed east. Walking a little ways, Prussia stopped suddenly, and stared out in front of him as

Italy was thinking about how good a warm plate of pasta would be in the chilly weather. He smiled and the thought. Then he thought about eating it with Prussia. He smiled wider. Then he thought about kissing Prussia warm lips. He blushed. He was having good little thought moment tell Prussia stopped. Italy looked up to him."Ve, Gilbert...what's wrong?" He asked.

He stopped, staring at the open stretch of land. He flashed back to what had once stood there. He remembered the towering Wall.
Gilbert's body trembled, he could hear the gunshots, hear the screams, and what was worse, the silence. He usually took a bus to the west side of town when he went to visit his brother, giving him no time to remember.
"It's been gone for so long... I've been gone for so long..."

Italy looked up to him sadly and worried. "Prussia...." He said softly and hugged his arm tightly. He didn't know what Prussia was talking about but. Italy had to comfort him. He didn't like it when his friends or lovers where sad like this. "Prussia...tell me so I-I can help you." He said tears almost going falling out of his eyes. Italy would always cry when someone around him cried. Cause if someone was sad so was he. He didn't know why it happens it just did. "P-please don't like you sad..." he said and looked at him and wiped some of Prussia tears off his face.

Prussia looked down at Italy and wrapped his arms around him.
"Just like that day. Feli, this is where the Berlin Wall stood... just more than 20 years ago... Holding you like this..."
His voice caught as his heart thumped painfully in his chest.
"... just like they held each other that day... Feli, thank you. I never got to do this."
A breeze blew down the street, cooling their sorrow heated faces. Gilbert took a deep breath of the chilled air, feeling it go down like cold water on a hot day.
"Let's keep going, okay Feli? I'm feeling a lot better than I have in a while. And when I'm feeling this awesome, I really wanna keep going!"

Italy smiled softly. He held on to Prussia's warm body tighter "No problem Gilbert. It's the least I can do." He told him and ran his hand through his hair. "Anything to make you smile!" Italy wiped Prussia last tear off his face and kissed Prussia's red cheek, then nodded, "Let's keep moving on." He said and grabbed Gilberts hand and started to walk with him. "Ah, where are we going anyway?"

"That depends, you hungry or wanna just hang out? My apartment is on this side of town and after what happened..." He waved his arm in a general manner, "there, I could only stick around if you were there. And as I have you all to my awesome self, I don't have to bother with that asshole West right now."

Italy smiled softly. "I don't know where I want to go right now. I'm kinda tired, oh, and a little hungry...but I'm always hungry and I want to hand out with you and watch a good movie or some T.V., or both...." Italy said rambling. He looked up to Prussia and smiled wider. "I have no idea what I want to do...You can choose anything you want to." Prussia said and looked forward again. "Maybe we can finish what we were doing that one time," Italy hinted suggestively, "...but that all up to you."

All of the seriousness that had been clouding over Gilbert's expression before vanished in Feliciano's happy little ranting. He couldn't help but feel his confident smile return in full force as he wrapped an arm around the man's shoulders, embracing him.


The apartment that they arrived at wasn't the best, but they had passed shadier looking spots on their way over. Gilbert's keys jingled as he found the different ones to the door. The inside was surprisingly clean.

"I've been over at West's for so long I haven't had time to fuck up my own place in a while. Oh, and that's also why you won't go in the fridge, if you get what I'm saying, right?" Italy looked around at the place it was kinda clean. He thought Prussia house would be messy. He laughed Prussia's comment.

Prussia made a mock disgusted face at what might be living in his refrigerator.

"Living room, kitchen," he named off the rooms as they walked further back into the building, "bathroom and my room." "Gilbert...I would love to mess up you house with you... because you wouldn't yell at me after." He smiled and looked around at the house. He loved the little tour he was getting. When Prussia said not to enter the fridge he sighed. Ve~ No pasta then? Must be something scary…'

"How's it... mi casa es su casa."

Italy had been listening vaguely to what Prussia had been saying about where the rooms were. Then something Prussia said made his little thought bubble pop. The words out of Prussia mouth where funny.

Italy laughed loudly at what Prussia said. "Gilbert you're so silly." He said and laughed again and held his stomach. The way Prussia said what he did was killing Italy... In a good way. "You said it wrong! Ve~ you're not trying to speak to speaking to me....I-T-A-L-Y..." He stopped and laughed again "I speak Italian not Spanish" He laughed one more time then kissed Prussia softly and broke it. "It's la mia casa è la sua casa...In Italian. See the difference?"

Gilbert laughed and wrapped his arms around the Italian, half carrying him back towards his room. He stopped before the closed door for a moment to kiss Feliciano again.

"Well, ya know that Spaniard and I are old buddies…" he kissed Italy again, this time nudging the door open.

"Buddies...? I wanna be more then buddies with you Gily." Italy said kissing Prussia while he kissed him.

Gilbert was mildly taken aback by Feliciano's 'buddy' comment; but only just a moment.

"Oh? More than just buddies?"

Gilbert kissed Feliciano again.

"I haven't had much time with you…"

"We can spend as much together as you want." Prussia murmured into the other man's lips.

Prussia pressed his lips back to the young man's mouth, holding himself back from deepening it. He leaned Italy back in his arms a bit, the way tango dancers do when their dance has been completed. Another kiss fell upon his Italy's lips and another moan fell from the man's mouth. When Italy was dipped back his face flushed more.

Prussia's mouth was close to Feliciano's ear when he continued his whispering.

"I think I need to get a little better acquainted with this tongue." He pressed his lips warmly to Italy's, his tongue licking Feliciano's lips as he begged entrance.

Italy blushed when arms wrapped around him. He moaned very softly as he was kissed.

He felt Prussia's warm breath on the shell of his ear. The words made him happy and his head spun even more.

"You can't do that by...." Italy was trying to get out till he was kissed again. He kissed Prussia back and moaned. He opened his mouth for Gilbert as his bottom lip was licked by his oh so sweet tongue.

He laid Italy back on the bed carefully, his knees on either side of the man's hips as he gazed down at him. He bent down to kiss Feliciano's neck, trailing soft kisses up to his ear.

"And what was that, my awesome darling Feli?" He continued to suck at the soft skin of Italy's throat, his hands beginning to trail under the man's shirt.

"I'm afraid with all that sexy moaning I couldn't hear you."

Italy had kept his breathing as even as he could while Prussia put him on his bed.
"A-ahh..." He said his breath picking up from Prussia kisses. He could fell his body getting heated up and his body getting all tingly. He moaned softly when Prussia began to suck on his neck, and moaned more loudly when Prussia's hand crawled up his shirt giving him shivers and goose bumps on his arms.
"I-I-I want to be....Gi-Gilbert's lover." He whispered, the blush that was creeping over his face growing redder.

Gilbert pulled away from Feliciano's neck and looked him straight in the face.

"I-I… Ah… That would…" Gilbert could feel his face getting red as well. He hid his face besides Italy's laying his head on the man's shoulder as he whispered to him,

"That would be… so much more than awesome…"

He continued to kiss Italy's neck tenderly as he slowly unbuttoned the shirt the other wore.

"Ah… I…"

Prussia's face was red still as he removed the shirt completely, dropping it to the floor before starting on his own.

Italy smiled as Prussia stuttered cutely. "I'm glad... for me to be your lover…" He said, noticing the blush still on the man's pale face. He smiled and his curl bobbed up and down slightly. He saw Prussia's shirt fall off and stopped Prussia's hands from going any father.
Gilbert ran his hands through Feliciano's hair, lightly brushing that one curl, loving how the blush grew deeper.

Italy moaned softly when Prussia touched his curl. His blush growing crazily deep.

"Mmm, Feli..." he whispered quietly.
He lightly brushed his hand over Feliciano's stomach and pulled him closer.
He moaned softly again at the hand on his stomach.

"You're really killing me like this."

Gilbert rolled over on top of Italy, not quite laying on him as he stratled his waist and kissed his neck.
"You really don't know how cruel you can be!" He laughed against the man's throat.

Italy moaned softly at the small kiss on his neck. "Prussia...I'll tell you something...that will make this more fun for you...though you might know it already." He said putting his hands on Prussia's hips. "It's a thing that really makes me would like that huh~?" Italy said with a giggle in Prussia's ear.

"I would love to." he whispered huskily. Italy talking so boldly really tuned him on. He ran his hands through Italy's hair, pulling softly at the roots. He gently pulled Feliciano's head back to nibble at the exposed throat.

Italy moved his head back more as well, moaning at the kisses landing on his neck. "A-ah...Gilbert..." He said pushing his middle to meet Prussia's. "I-if you play… curl...I get… really excited." He said softly and embarrassed. " with my curl..." He moaned.

Gilbert moved one hand to pull at the tip of odd curl on Feliciano's head before trailing lightly down to the base and up again.
"Really Feli? Just something like this gets you bothered?"

Italy moaned loudly as the curl was pulled. His body started to tingle like crazy when Prussia ran his fingers along it. He nodded at Prussia's question and moaned and closed his eyes. "Mi dio...Gilbert!" The Italian rolled smoothly off his tongue.

Gilbert's other hand moved from the back if Italy's head while the other continued to stroke the curl and lightly trailed down the man's chest, brushing over a nipple and over his softly toned stomach, and lower still until he was palming over Italy's hardening erection.
"Mm, it does." He kissed Feliciano deeply, pressing his hand a little more roughly against Italy's groin, increasing the friction.

Italy closed his tightly as his curl was continued to be played with and his arousal started to grow. "Gilbert..." He moaned softly as he felt Prussia hand on his hard on. "Gilbert...A-ah..." He said as his head started to spin and his hand started to fuss with the hem of his pants wanting them off. "Gilbert...don't stop." he said, his blush darkening on his face.

Gilbert moved his hands down to pull off Feliciano' pants and boxers in one pull.
"Mm, Feli~," Gilbert ran his fingers lightly from the base to the head of Feliciano's cock, just putting slight pressure, "you've gotten hard." Italy blushed more as he felt his pants go down and mewled softly as the cold air hit his erection. He gripped the sheets of the bed tightly when he felt colder fingers slid up his erection making him harder.

Gilbert got up and sat between Italy's legs and lifted them over his shoulders, bringing Feliciano's erection to his mouth. He licked the tip slowly before taking in the head.

When his body was moved and Italy saw what kind of position they were in, he was going to protest when Prussia took his member in. He couldn't say anything, or think anything for that matter, when the sudden warmth fell upon him. He held the sheets tightly. "G-Gilbert....A-ahh...Mmm."

Gilbert took Feliciano's length as deep as he could, swallowing around the twitching member. Before laying the man back on the bed he gave the head a few quick licks, tasting pre-cum. He pulled off his own pants and boxers before kneeling again between Italy's legs. He rubbed his hands along Feliciano's thighs.
"I have something better this time."
Gilbert leaned over to the night stand on the side of the bed and pulled out bottle of lube.
"This should work better than last time." He said, opening the bottle and spreading the jell on his fingers.

"Ve... Gilbert ...hurry...keep going." He moaned moving his hand to rub himself softly when Prussia stopped sucking on him.
"Please stick your fingers in me..." He moaned.

"Eagar now all of a sudden? Can't wait for my five meters eh?"
Gilbert pressed a slick digit into Feliciano's entrance. Remembering last time, his expression changed to one of concern.
"Feli, is this alright?"

As the finger slid inside of him he felt a little bit of pain. He was so over blown from having his curl touched he didn't care about the pain.
"Y-yeah...keep going…please." He moaned.

Gilbert pushed at the ring of muscle, slowly sliding a second finger in.
"It just hurts a bit at first. This won't be painless, you get that?"
Gilbert leaned forward and kissed Feliciano's stomach.
"I don't want to hurt you..."

Italy winced slightly when the other finger went into him. He moved his hand up to his curl and started to play with it, causing him to moan.
"I-its fine Gilbert....J-just keep going."

Gilbert paused for a moment when he saw Italy take up the curl himself before he began scissoring his fingers lightly, slowly stretching Feliciano further.
"I'm putting in another, okay Feli?"

Italy gasped and moaned and wiggled around softly.
"Y-yeah....keep going...please." He said opening his eye to see Prussia's face and played with his curl more.

Gilbert pressed a third finger into Feliciano's tight opening, stretching him wider and thrusting deeply as he searched out a spot that would make the younger man cry out in pleasure.
"Let me know when something feels good Feli."

While Italy was pleasuring himself through his curl and his soft rubs over his cock, Italy felt something even better role through his body. He let go of his curl and shut his tightly and moaned loudly, the hand he had around his member stroking off tempo a few desperate times before Italy abandoned it all together. After the large pleasure left he looked at Prussia. "Oh that again...please." he gasped.

Gilbert pressed his fingers in to Feliciano's prostate again before withdrawing his fingers entirely. Italy started to shake from pleasure as his prostate was his again.
"Mmm…" He mumbled feeling himself close tell Prussia took his fingers out.
He picked up the bottle of lube again, spreading it over his own erection.
"Feli," he looked the man straight in the eyes as he lined himself to enter him, "I need you to take deep breaths and relax okay?'Cause otherwise this will hurt like hell, so trust me, okay? This will feel awesome I promise."
He leaned forward and began to press himself in.

"Ahh....Nnn...O-okay" Italy said and started to take slow deep breaths and then he felt Prussia push himself in. It didn't feel that bad but still had a little pain left.

As Gilbert sank himself in all the way, he let out a hiss of air at just how tight Feliciano was.
"Nng... ye said you hadn't done this before. No damn kidding."
Wrapping the man's legs around his waist, he set into a slow but erratic rhythm as he thrust carefully into his lover, careful to try and hit that spot within Italy as much as possible.

As Prussia went in, he tried his best to keep his breathing slow.
It hurt worse than he thought it was going to but he held it in, he wanted to keep going for Prussia.
"Gilbert...I...." He said almost telling him to stop when Prussia thrust back into him and hit his prostate. It made him stop in mid sentence in favor of letting out a loud moan. It made him want more.
"Gilbert....G-go...F-faster...Ah! H-harder!" Italy moaned, now quite used to the feeling of Prussia in him.

A groan fell from Gilbert's lips just hearing Feliciano's voice. He opened his eyes and looked at the man.
"Gott verdammen," Leaning on one arm, he bent over Feliciano and brushed his hand through the smaller man's hair "schön. So beautiful..." Italy's face turned a deep shade of red as Prussia whispered little words in his ear, making him shiver like crazy. The pain was gone and all that was left to go through Italy's body were large bolts of pleasure. Italy couldn't think straight and couldn't process the words Prussia was saying. It sounded as far as French in his mind.
Gilbert hooked his arms under Feliciano's legs and he pressed them back more, deepening and speeding up his thrusts. His eyes screwed shut again as he felt a heat build in his stomach.

Prussia started to pound into him harder and deeper and Italy moaned pittifly, the feeling of his climax building so near in the pit of his stomach.
"Oh... f-fotte....m-mi dio."

Leaning on one arm, Gilbert reached down to stroke Feliciano's ignored member. He pressed his forehead against Italy's before kissing him deeply.

Italy's breath hitched as he moaned when his arousal was touched. He was going to say something before he felt Prussia's lips on him, though now he could not remember. Italy felt his breath become shallow and felt himself even closer to release.

Gilbert's breathing was getting shallow and quick as he thrust into Feliciano.
"Cum for me, m'kay?"

Italy shut his eyes tightly and moaned again and arched his back before pulling Prussia back into the kiss. He reached up to play with his curl again and moaned louder before he came on his and Prussia's stomachs.

Gilbert broke the kiss on when he finally came inside Feliciano, gasping for breath. Still thrusting softly and without rhythm, he buried his face in the crook of Italy's neck, panting as he slowed.

Italy's breath had slowed after he felt Prussia come in him. He felt tired, the scent of the other man, though, was calming to him. "Prussia...." He said softly looking over to him. "T-that was… as it should be?" He asked.

Gilbert chuckled a little at Feliciano's words.
"Yes, that was exactly how it was supposed to be."
He kissed the man's neck tenderly through a smile.
"But it feels better after the first time~."

Italy smiled peacefully.
"Well I can't wait tell the next time then." he said and kissed Prussia's forehead softly.
Bringing his lips by Feliciano ear he whispered: "Neither can I."
With that, Gilbert kissed the man deeply.
Wrapping his arms around Feliciano, he rolled the man on top of him as he continued to kiss him, hugging him tightly.
"Ich liebe Sie..." he murmured, "mein schöner Wenig Vogel."

"Hm? What was that?" He mumbled dizzily.
"I said... that I love you." He kissed Italy again.
"I'll always love you."


"You sleepy?" Gilbert yawned as he nuzzled into Feliciano's shoulder. "'Cause I am."

"Ah huh." Italy nuzzled into Prussia's shoulder. "Wei, you feel good."

Prussia wrapped his arms again around Feliciano, and pulled him down beside himself, leaning his forehead against Italy's with a smile.
"Ti amo, Feli."

The words out of Prussia's mouth gave Italy a pleasant shiver down his spine. Prussia said the few Italian words so beautifully. Italy blushed
"W-well spoken!" He flushed cutely. "Ti amo, Gilbert." He said and closed his eyes and snuggled into Prussia's chest.

AHAHA! So there. Prussia, mein darling forever, I am so sorry it took so long. Arugh, I hate having people say that you don't exist anymore! So long as I am German you live! Wei, I don't own you though, but if Germany, Poland and Lithuania don't stop fighting over who gets you, I will buy Konigsberg from Russia myself one day!