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The limousine cruised slowly down the road as we made our way toward the Retreat.

"Do you remember this curve, Bella?" Edward teased.

"Of course I do. It's where you nearly ran me off the road. I can't believe it's been two years since we first met." My mind raced back to the day of my interview. Edward had been such a mystery back then. I didn't realize how much my life would change once I met him. And now, I couldn't imagine my life without him. Finding Edward was even worth the stressor of dealing with a psychopath like James. Having him behind bars for life was the closure I needed to finally be able to enjoy my future with Blue Eyes.

"Well, since you were swerving like a drunkard heading home from a long hard night, I figured I would take my chances passing you, before you took us both out." His grin was intoxicating, even in the dim lit surroundings. "I can't believe you're finally Mrs. Bella Cullen. You're so beautiful."

"That's just like you, to insult me first and then follow it up with a compliment to distract me." I smirked. "The wedding was perfect, Edward. Thanks for agreeing to keep it small. And it's Dr. Bella Cullen, remember?"

"Of course I remember, Chief. It was perfect, right?" He began kissing the nape of my neck and tracing his finger along the bodice of my gown. "And you are beautiful. You're gown is beautiful, too. It's a shame that it won't be on much longer."

"You like it? I was afraid that you would expect something more old-fashioned. You're such an old soul," I teased. I pictured Anne of Green Gables in my head and almost laughed out loud.

"Seriously? Bella, you could have walked down the aisle nude, for all I care. In fact, it would have made this ride back home much more exciting." Edward lifted just a bit of the satin train that was bustled up around us. "This is a lot less convenient, although beautiful."

We both laughed. I kissed him softly while stroking my hand along his jaw line. "You're using that word a lot tonight. You look beautiful, too, you know." Blue Eyes in a tuxedo was enough to make me combust. It was a vision I had dreamed about over the past year as we had planned for our wedding day. Edward deepened the kiss before trailing additional soft kisses along my shoulder and down my arm. He was right, though, the gown was definitely hindering the progress of our foreplay.

He groaned. "How much longer?"

I giggled in response. "We're almost there. You act as if you've been fasting or something."

"A week without you is a fast, Bella! I still can't believe I agreed to that."

I didn't realize how hard it would be either. We hadn't been apart since the night James was captured. Taking the week before my wedding to spend at home with Charlie was my idea. I had almost caved two nights ago, but Alice and Rosalie intervened with a bachelorette party. "I thought it would make tonight more special. Plus, my dad really enjoyed having me home for a bit."

"Every time I'm with you is special," Edward commented. "I didn't need a week apart to be reminded of that. But Charlie did a wonderful job with his speech, by the way. I know he was nervous."

"Yeah, he was. I get that from him I suppose. But he took one for the team tonight." I recognized the entrance to the Retreat through the tinted windows. "There's the entrance!" I was so excited to be returning to the cottage. "Have you seen it yet? Don't lie!"

Edward raised his hands in surrender. "No, no. I promised we would look at the end results together." Esme had been renovating for the past twelve months, and it was finally completed just two weeks ago. Edward and I had been staying at their place while the last of the work was done. Not stealing a glance at the new cottage before the wedding was torture.

"Okay." I sighed, reassured.

Edward nearly leapt from the limousine and asked the driver to step aside so that he could open the door for me. I blushed and grasped his hand as we made our way to the steps of the cottage. The porch was lit with candles in rustic luminaries, scattered along the steps. A large wreath of evergreen and holly was on the door, and a small card was nestled within the branches. It read: 'Welcome home, Dr. and Dr. Edward Cullen.'

I started towards the door when Edward froze. "No way, Dr. Cullen."

"What?" I asked, confused.

"I'm carrying you across that threshold, beautiful."

My thoughts immediately went to what I had eaten over the past week.

"Bella, I know that look. Stop obsessing and get into my arms."

"Fine, Dr. Cullen, but you asked for it." Shaking my head in disbelief, I wrapped my arms around his neck as he hoisted me into his own. Edward grunted, but then winked at me with a Cheshire grin. I laid my head against his chest as he opened the door. His scent was making me wish I had worn nothing at all, too.

The cottage was unbelievable. It had a large hearth in the center, with a roaring fire that was waiting on us to arrive. The colors of earth tones and green were scattered throughout, with dark mahogany furniture grounding the look. Edward placed me on my feet slowly, but kept his arms wrapped around me from behind as we took in the renovation.

Several slight whimpers sounded from across the room. I saw Rio and Sierra sitting on their respective beds. Their heads were tilted in a questioning manner. I assumed they were wondering where we had been all day, why they had been left in the cottage that was now new to them as well, and why Edward had been carrying me in his arms just now.

"Hey guys!" I welcomed. They immediately jumped up and ran across the way to greet us. "Alright, alright, calm down." I giggled.

"Why didn't we leave them with Alice?" Edward whined. "Now we have to get them to calm down again."

"You know why. I wanted us to start our first night together in our cottage, with our dogs, as a family. It's the same reason I didn't want to leave for the honeymoon tonight."

I was about to continue my rant when Edward stopped me by bringing my hand up to his lips. "Ah, yes. I remember it well, now."

I smirked. "Well, you're the one who's been paying for all of those training lessons for Sierra. Let's see it in action." I yanked at his bowtie and watched it come undone. "And quickly is preferable, if you don't mind." It was my turn to groan.

Edward began commanding Rio and Sierra to heel and lay down on their beds with false bravado. Rio complied immediately, but Sierra continued to wiggle excitedly around his feet. I held back my giggles as I watched the frustration mount in Edward's face. Boxers were definitely a more difficult breed to train, but Sierra had been doing quite well until tonight. It was as if she could sense the importance of the evening.

I finally found enough sympathy to join Edward and give a command. "Sierra, down." We watched as she immediately circled three times in her bed before curling up beside Rio.

"Show off," Edward muttered.

"What can I say? I'm just good like that." I laughed. "She knew you were excited and in a hurry, baby. She could sense it. I'm sure she would have listened, eventually."

He groaned again as he pulled me into his arms. "She's stubborn like you. Of course I'm excited. I'm about to know my wife for the first time. And I want all the time in the world to enjoy doing it." He bent down and kissed me slowly. His tongue teased my own in a languid offer of more to come. "Let's find the bedroom."

I answered 'yes' with my mouth, our hands combing every inch of each others' body. Edward's jacket was left beside the dogs as we passed the kitchen on our way to the master bedroom. His hands continued to work in haste on the buttons which travelled down the back of my gown. My body was tingling from each touch of his fingers. The electricity was palpable.

We found the door as Edward pushed it open with his foot, but he held me firm against the door frame. I pulled my hands through his hair, moaning into his mouth as I tried to claim every inch of him. The room was dark except for one large ivory candle on the table beside a leather wingchair. Rose petals were strewn across the floor, leading to a large king sized bed with a turned down duvet. Edward pulled away long enough to release my dress over my shoulders. It cascaded to the floor in a large heap of silk and satin. My lingerie followed, as did his shirt, his pants, and his boxers. We stood facing each other while I traced along his arms and down his chest. I placed light, feathery kisses along his neck as he wrapped his hands around my waist.

He carefully placed me onto the bed with his body covering mine. I clung to him desperately as we discovered each other once again. Edward entered me slowly, our fingers entwined together above my head. I stared into his eyes as he began to move. The moonlight filtering through the window reflected off of his face, and I saw the love in his eyes. Each of his breaths claimed my own. My legs were wrapped around him, and his hand began to guide my hips as he lifted me up to meet his thrusts. It was slow, and torturous, and magnificent. The intensity of our climax was evident as I cried out his name, basking in the realization that I would have this man for the rest of my life.

We were lying spent in each others' arms, but my body only continued to desire more.

"Is it wrong that my obsession won't allow me to get enough of you, Dr. Cullen?" I asked.

"If it's wrong, then I'm guilty, too. But for me you're not an obsession, Dr. Cullen. You're a necessity." Edward kissed my forehead. "One that I will need again quite soon, to be honest. So get some rest."

I laughed and snuggled up closer to his chest. "I'll make sure I'm up for it, if you are." I winked. My happiness was exhilarating, but the entire day's events finally started to weigh on my body. I could feel myself drifting off as I mumbled to Blue Eyes. "I love you, Edward."

My eyes fluttered as I heard him respond softly, "I love you too, Bella." I smiled as he kissed my earlobe and began to moan again. Knowing Edward, we would be up most of the night. But for the moment I closed my eyes, curled up into his embrace, and allowed my perfect world to fade to black.

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The End