"Hide, I still don't understand. If he cares then why won't he talk to me? What did I do?"

"You scared him, you scared us all. Challenging that minicon was stupid."

"But I stopped him from getting away with the information."

The six foot, brown haired, green eyed, New Yorker sighed as she bounced on her converse clad heels. Wearing jeans and a grey tank with the Autobots symbol on it, Kendall Kosmos ( she had her last name changed) was the only official human Autobot. 'Human' being used lightly. Severely injured in the Mission City battle, Kendall had been repaired by the medic Ratchet.

Kendall was a cyborg.

"Yes," Ironhide agreed, "You stopped him from getting away with the information. But information can be changed, the state of you being deactivated cannot be."

"Ratchet was worried I would die? Why?"

"Ask him," the mech responded, and promptly went back to polishing his cannons.

Knowing a dismissal, Kendall left the Autobot's hanger dedicated to storing Energon. Crossing the asphalt lot to another hanger, Kendall waved to Captain Lennox and Sergeant Epps. They quickly left her sight as she entered the Autobots living quarters. She walked straight over to the H2 Rescue Hummer and tried to pull the door open. It was locked.

"Open up, Ratchet. We need to talk."

It was a long moment before the locks clicked open. Kendall opened the door and sat in the driver's seat.

"Alright, Ratchet, 'fess up. Is the reason you won't talk to me because I scared you?" she asked roughly.



"Why! Kendall you took on that minicon alone!" he roared.

Kendall was silent for a moment. Ratchet had never yelled at her before. She lowered her head a bit.

"You know why I take risks like that, don't you?"

"Because you like testing the strength of my spark?"

"Because I trust you to be able to patch me back up. Always. I trust your steady hand, your judgment."

She was quiet. So was Ratchet.

"So why the sudden decision to come and talk to me?" Ratchet asked quietly.

"Ironhide suggested it."

Had Ratchet been in his bi-pedal form, Kendall new he would have rolled his eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me."

They were quiet again.

"I'm sorry, you know, that I scared you. Everybody. I guess I do tend to take more risks than necessary."

"Will you promise me something?"


"Don't take unnecessary risks while I'm not around?"

"Sure, Ratchet. I promise."


"But other than that, I guarantee nothing."

Kendall felt his chaise sink and laughed.