B Pov

I woke up to the beeping of my alarm clock. I moved to get up and was struck by a terrible shooting pain in my left leg. Then I remembered what Charlie had done last night. Throwing me against the wall; hitting me again and again. Screaming the words "Whore, bitch, slut, worthless, and stupid." I shuddered, heading into the bathroom on what was probably a sprained leg. I glanced in the mirror, not phased by the purple splotches along my hairline, under my jaw, and on my cheek. I got some cover up out to cover the bruises.

I knew that one day Charlie would kill me and be happy I was finally dead. I got dressed in a baggy blue sweat shirt and some jeans. I thought Charlie had left but I was clearly mistaken.

"Where do you think that you're going you little bitch?" he yelled from the living room.

"To school…" I cringed knowing what was about to happen.

He was up from the couch, nostrils flaring in anger. He loomed in front of me, before advancing, hitting me in the stomach. I fell down, clutching at it uselessly.

I screamed when he kicked me. He took a knife that was on the counter and cut me over and over, tearing open old scabs.

"You worthless slut!!! Why don't you die already?!" he screamed as I cried.

"Maybe if I'm lucky when I return you'll be dead," he said to me.

Charlie spit on me as he walked out of the house like he had done nothing at all. I bled on the floor and could smell it. When I had enough strength to get up I dialed Forks Hospital, saying I fell down the stairs. The ambulance came soon and I blacked out on the stretcher.

"Isabella?" a beautiful voice asked. I groaned loudly, feeling my throbbing head.

"My name is Carlisle Cullen. You can call me Carlisle, okay?"


I felt him moving, hovering over me with a gentle and soothing touch. I closed my eyes and let the rhythm of his breathing calm me.

"Isabella…what happened to you?"

"Call me Bella, please."


"I fell." I lied poorly.

"Just falling doesn't explain the hand shaped bruises all over your body and face. And what about those cut marks all over you? Bella, does Charlie…do anything he shouldn't do to you?" I thought about telling him, but I knew that if Charlie found out he would kill me, for real.

"No…" I said groggily.

I blacked out as he was about to say something.

Carlisle POV

"Carlisle, got a regular here, she fell again." Huh?

I was quite new to this hospital, being that my family and I just moved back to our house in Forks. A dreary place it was, but that was all I seemed to know anymore. Dreary and rain, the perfect places to live.

But what was he saying, fell again? "What was that, Anthony?" Anthony was a doctor who was supposed to show me around, but that only took two minutes before he practically became my lesser. I didn't mean for it to happen that way, but it always did.

"A girl…Isabella Swan. Horribly clumsy, always coming in with bruises and whatnot. I figured you could handle it, I still have that fire case to figure out…" Yes, we were also the Forks forensics lab, such a small town it was.

"Got it." I smiled, and walked away, flipping through papers as I danced around personnel. Finally, I was at room 666. I think I would have to have a talk with someone about that room number…

"Isabella!" I exclaimed with a smile, bursting through the doors. I looked over, to find a heap on the bed. She was slouched over, leaning against the wall beside her bed. She looked like so… defeated, it was scary. Wasn't she only seventeen?

It seemed she didn't hear me, as she had fallen asleep. I went over, shaking her shoulder. "Isabella?" As I opened my mouth to breath, I caught wind of her scent and…another? This girl had recently been sexually active? I shook my head, she was a mere baby!

She seemed disoriented as she shook the sleep away. "My name is Carlisle Cullen. You can call me Carlisle, okay?" I asked quietly.

"Okay," she whispered back.

I examined her arms and legs, finding hand shaped marks all over her. Multiple stab wounds, blunt trauma to the head, and the other scent was a lot like hers, only muskier. A male in the family.

"Isabella…what happened to you?"

"Call me Bella, please."

"Okay…" I urged calmly.

"I fell." Obviously a lie.

"Just falling doesn't explain the hand shaped bruises all over your body and face. And what about those cut marks all over you? Bella, does Charlie…do anything he shouldn't do to you?" I knew Charlie was the only other man she lived with, the only male related to her. She studied me a moment, deep pools of chocolate judging me somehow, testing me. She shook her head just slightly, but said nothing. I knew my son was somewhere in the hospital.

"Edward, what is she really thinking?" I whispered. Suddenly, Bella slumped into me, and I instinctively caught her as her whole body went slack. I sighed, laying her back as Edward slipped into the room. "My son," I greeted him.


"It's too late now, but this girl, I knew she was lying. I asked if she…" I wasn't sure where to go, I knew Edward despised child abuse, having seen into the minds of molesters and other criminals, "I asked if she was abused by her father."

He growled too low for a human to hear, the sound rumbling deep in his chest. The offensive sound instinctively made me tense, but I calmed myself.

"What did she say?" He barely got the words through gritted teeth.

"She said she fell. It was obviously a lie, but what could she be covering up? A recent rape, maybe, but it seems as if it came from her father. His scent is all over her. But that could just happen, being that she lives with him. But, I do know this; she's lying about the fall, she has been beaten pretty badly, and has had sexual intercourse within the last…I'd say thirty-six hours."

He shook his head with a disgusted look on his face. I understood; children her age weren't old enough to be making such decisions. It was sad, but Edward became angry, as old fashioned as he was. I knew, from experience, that customs changed with the years, but he still hadn't grown used to it, insisting that the world was a horrible place today. I couldn't say he was wrong.

"I suppose I'll find out when she awakens." He whispered, gazing at the side of her head. I hadn't noticed her roll over. I shook my head, and guided him out the door. "No matter what, she's in pain. Let's leave her to rest."