"Give them hell!" he cried

into the foggy air

and Scotland's sons found courage

not a heart fell faint there

He stood before them battle worn

His face so long and vague

But still on his lips their lingered the cry

"Scotland go bragh!"

He heard the drums come from the hills

And he raised a fervent eye

He drew his sowrd with steel resolve

And again he raised the cry

"Scotland go bragh!"

It echoed or' the brae*

And resounded in the ears

Of every Englishman in their way

The attack then came on fierce and bold

The destria's charged with sped

Swords were drawn and arrows flew

But the noble's broke their creed

With pleading eyes he watched them

Ride away into hazy mist

He cursed their name with vicious spite

And raised a shaking fist

Then gradually a silence fell

Upon the ravaged plain

And what had once been a battle field

Became an odyssey of pain

He led his dogged, ragged men

In a silent solemn retreat

Many wept as they stumbled away

Their hopes having met defeat

But still in every clansman's heart

The spark of freedom burned

And all men knew their leader

The title of 'Braveheart' had earned