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"These broken days won't last forever, you know I'll put us back together..."

I Owe you a Love Song

Things seem to be getting better all of the time.

It hasn't been very long since that night, the night I finally maned up, and told the man sleeping peacefully at my side, how I really felt.

It's true you know, that good things come to those who wait for them. Sasori is one of the best things that's ever happened in my life, I wish I had realized it sooner. I blame myself for the way things were, I didn't think.

I should have known that leaving him like that would have hurt him, but I did it anyway. In the end I suppose I don't regret my decision, after all everything turned out wonderfully. I can't stop smiling, as I gently run my hands through his short messy hair.

I sigh, contented. This is my life, who ever thought it would be so close to perfect?

I know that back then, I never could have dreamed up such a fairy tale. I snicker, especially one with such a perfect princess. I still can't help but feel terrible for what I did to him, I hope that the future will make up for my mistakes in the past. All you can do is hope, but living in his world, I know he lost the ability for such a feeling long ago.

I've always been a little too optimistic for his taste. But lets face it, he needed a little sunshine in that darkness he kept himself hidden in. I ruffle his hair lightly, sitting up slowly from the bed we're snuggled into. Making my way across the room I stretch, feeling my stiff joints crack, and pop as I walk over to my dresser. Reaching into the box I keep on top of it.

I pull out my small pipe, and my stash. Loading a healthy bowl, my Sasori likes to smoke when he wakes up, and what can I say, I like it when my Danna is happy. In the end it works out best for everyone. A cranky Sasori, is not fun.

Softly I walk back over to my bed, laying the pipe gently down on the nightstand. Quickly I lean down, and kiss my sleeping lover gently on the cheek.

"I love you, Sassy, un" I whisper nipping his ear playfully.

He mutters incoherently, batting his hand at me feebly. I laugh and quickly claim his lips in a soft kiss, he grunts, and sleepily returns my affection. Breaking away from me within a few seconds, and rolling to face the wall away from me.

I almost don't hear it through his sleep gibberish, but I can clearly pick out the words he means to get across.

"Love you too now ..fuck off!.."

I smile, and shake my head, giving his ass a nice slap as I quickly retreat from the room. I can hear him curse, as I exit my room into the hallway. He's so cute when he's sleepy, and mad. I know within a few minutes he will roll over, still cursing from that nice slap I gave him, and quickly he'll forget he was ever mad at me, the bowl on the nightstand will make up for all of my morning mischief .

Even if it doesn't I know more than a few ways to get him to forgive me.

I laugh to myself as I walk down the hallway into my bathroom, and he thinks his mind is twisted. I might even go so far as to say I'm the one who needs the mental help in this relationship.

Sorry mom, sorry God, I'm in love with a man, and a nymphomaniac.

Sometimes, I think I amuse myself far too much, but what can I say the thought of that sexy redhead writhing beneath me, those glassy stoned eyes shut tight in ecstasy. It's sufficient enough to make certain parts of my anatomy more than painful to deal with.

For all of the sex I've had in my life, all of the different lovers I've experienced. None of it compares to what I have with him, what we have is intense, passionate. Buried so deeply within him, I can't see anything but light. I have no cares about the rest of the world, it's like floating in another universes heaven. I've never felt this intensely about anyone before, even back when we were only friends, when I was confused. No one made me feel the way he did.

Like I always wanted to be near him, just to have his presence. When he touched me, even just a brush with his hand, a bump of his elbow. It was enough to send tingling waves through my body, enough to make me want him.

Now that I have him, I couldn't be happier. When we make love, we transcend this world, this reality. We find ourselves floating in heaven, never wanting to come back to our rotten existence here on earth. I haven't come back down from this fluffy white cloud since I made him mine.

I know without a doubt in my heart, that this has to be love.

For all of the soul searching, and confusion that held me from his side for so long, in the end it was right where I belonged. By his side. I know that I was meant to save him from all of this, from his loneliness, his self destruction. I was meant to teach him to love again, and he was meant to love me.

I never thought I would find the person who was meant to love me, it seemed I was doomed to a life of loving without ever being loved. I never imagined that my soul mate, would have been right there almost all along.

I guess we were both a little dense back then.

I'm glad we got over ourselves, even if it was all of the drugs that brought us together. It really is amazing, the kind of things that can happen when two people are tripping, when I walked into that room, and saw him hunched in the corner. I could feel his nausea, his anxiety. I knew he didn't want to see me.

I wondered why? why did I know exactly how he felt, what he was thinking?

I knew I loved him, I didn't doubt that. I had spent enough time stewing it over in my mind to know how I felt.

I could see his soul, trapped hiding in a darkness that seemed to surround him. Like an aura, seeping from within. He looked so lost, and fallen, so alone.

That was when I knew, that he was lost, because I had left him alone. He needed me, and I needed him.

Together we are whole.

Who knew I could be such a romantic, I laugh to myself. Stepping into the running shower, and making quick work of bathing. My Sasori will be up soon, and if he finds that bowl, he'll surely be hungry. Even if he eats like a bird.

I dry myself quickly, pulling on my pajama pants, and slipping a loose black t-shirt over my head I take a moment to let myself get caught in the design. Damn Tool, and their trippy band logos.

I make my way to the kitchen in silence, popping a couple toaster pastries into the nearby toaster, and making my way to the cupboard to pull out a couple of glasses for juice. I reach into my pocket, and pull out my cigarette case as I wait for the toaster to ding.

I pull a slim joint from the case, and light it inhaling deeply. The toaster dings within a few minutes, and I scramble to pull the pastries from within the hot metal device, plopping them onto a clean plate laid out on the counter, waiting for them. I amuse myself decorating the pastries with the tiny frosting packets that come with them. I grab the cups of juice and balance the plate on my hand as I make my way back to my room, puffing on the joint hanging loosely between my lips as I walk.

When I open the door I find Sasori awake, sitting upright on my bed in nothing but his boxers, with his arms crossed over his chest, the pipe I laid out on the nightstand for him, clutched gently in one of his hands, a lighter in the other.

"Don't you think you abuse my poor ass enough, brat?"

I laugh walking over to the bed and setting his breakfast down for him.

"Aww Good morning to you too, sunshine!"

He puts down the pipe, taking a healthy bite of his toaster strudel, devouring the pastry quickly, and gulping down his juice.

"Yeah, yeah I love you too, like a hole in the head, brat"

I know most people would find the statement he just made insulting, but I know him well enough to know that he means it in a..loving way, he's cryptic, and cynical, but he's mine. He sets down his glass gently, and picks the pipe back up, hitting it a couple more times, and passing it to me.

I motion to the joint, now tucked behind my ear. He eyes it for a moment, putting the pipe down and quickly snatching it away from me, lighting it and taking a drag.

We pass it a few times before it goes out, and he turns to me with a stern look in his eyes. I gasp when he grabs my shirt roughly, shoving me down to the bed beneath him. He tangles his hands in my hair, roughly yanking my face closer to his.

I close my eyes, and hear a loud crack as his hand makes contact with my cheek, I growl but he just yanks my hair harder.

"That" he says, rubbing his sexy little clothed ass against my growing arousal "Was for this morning, you god damned brat"

So this is the game he wants to play today, I think an amused grin spreading on my throbbing cheeks. Someone wants it rough, and what good would I be if I didn't give in to all of his demands.

I chuckle, as I reach up and grab his hips roughly. He gasps, and it only turns me on more, my heart pounding out of control, I'm almost panting. Sharply I hook my thumbs under his hipbones, digging my nails roughly into the sensitive skin. He's going wild on top of me, grinding his ass against my dick so hard I feel like I might explode. I dig my nails harder into his skin, and ferociously he pulls my hair, claiming my lips in a rough kiss. He's biting my lips so hard I know they'll be bleeding when he's done.

He's tugging on my shirt, and pants impatiently, refusing to break our kiss so that I can comply with his silent demands, somehow I manage to get my pants off, and I rush to pull his boxers away. Leaving us both exposed, reluctantly he pulls away from me, finally letting me shed the t-shirt. I throw it carelessly to the floor, I'll worry about finding it when I finish with him.

His glassy honey eyes drink in my naked body, he licks his lips hungrily, I know what goal those eyes have in mind. Without a second thought, he descends on me, wrapping his hand around my cock, slipping something cold over the tip, trying to distract me with that hot luscious mouth of his. I'm no fool, I know he's put the cock ring on me, sadistic asshole. He takes a sick pleasure in torturing me, even if in the end, he's the one begging me to fuck him harder. He has to much pride to take it like a good bottom, he still has to be the one in control.

All his torture leads to is arousing me more, making me more vicious, this will undoubtedly be violent, and desperate.

I love it when he's in these moods, call me a masochist, but I've never gotten off harder.

He swirls his tongue teasingly around me, by now my hands have already found their way into his messy hair. I'm pulling so hard I know there will be little red strands of hair between my fingers when they retreat. He doesn't seem to mind, he's moaning around me, driving me crazy.

I want to tug on that hair until that pretty face is level with mine, I want to ravish those sweet dirty lips, and fuck that tight ass until he screams, until he begs me to stop. I want to fuck him so hard, he cries. I can't take this anymore.

Pulling roughly on the hair tangled between my fingers, I pull him off of me. I bring his face to mine, and I claim those filthy lips in a desperate kiss, pushing him down to the bed below me, I let my hands drop to his neck, sharply I dig my nails into the sensitive flesh, making him gasp.

I bite his lips to silence him, letting one of my hands drop from his neck to wander his body, pinching a perky nipple between my fingers, growling into the kiss as I feel his hands wander into my hair. Gently he brushes it from my neck, moaning as I twist his nipple between my fingers, he shudders as my nails graze his neck. Cautiously he breaks the kiss, laying soft pecks along my jaw until he reaches his goal, he kisses my neck, and shyly I feel his lips curl back to expose his teeth. I moan deeply as his teeth pierce my skin, digging my nails harder into his neck, I can feel the vibrations as he moans against me.

I let my hand begin to wander again, letting go of his nipple, only to travel farther, ghosting my fingertips over his weeping arousal. He's so hard it makes my mouth water, gently I grab my own painful erection, pressing against his my hand enveloping us both, I start to pump us slowly. He breaks from my neck only to cry out loudly, his body trembles against mine, his eyes rolling wildly around, unable to focus on anything. Shakily, he pries my hand from his neck, taking my fingers in his hands, and bringing them to his lips. He pants as he runs his tongue between them, small moans escaping him between gasps, he muffles himself as he takes my fingers into his mouth.

The way he's rolling his tongue, bringing back memories of that sweet mouth wrapped around my throbbing dick only minutes ago. He's such a cock tease, and he doesn't even know it. I pull my fingers from his mouth, he wraps his legs around my hips giving me access, he replaces the hand wrapped around us with his own, and I let my hand fall to his hip, squeezing roughly as I steady us both, slipping a slick finger inside of him.

He's stroking us faster as I add another finger, his pace has grown frantic by the time I start to scissor them inside of him. I'm trying my hardest to make this part go by as quickly as possible, the frantic way he's thrusting his hips into mine, his hand caught in a frenzied pace, rubbing us together. My dick feels like it's going to burst. When I feel he's ready enough, I pull my fingers out using my free hand to capture his, and pin them above his head. He struggles feebly, his hips still thrusting upwards erratically, desperately craving any sort of contact.

He suddenly stiffens, staying still as I press my cock against his entrance, he wants this so bad I can almost taste it. Before he even has the chance to open his mouth to beg, I'm biting his lips to keep him silent as I thrust roughly into him.

He screams into my mouth, the painful noise soon fading into a moan, he struggles free of my grasp nipping, and licking my lips as he thrusts desperately against me. I don't fight it when he pushes me down to the bed under him, breaking from my lips to fill my room with a chorus of pleasure as he rides my dick, hard. The sight makes me grit my teeth, I have to restrain myself, I want to break him so badly.

He growls and moans like an animal while he rides me, his eyes are closed, and a thin sheen of sweat has already started to paint his pale skin, he glistens above me in the early morning light. I'm gripping his hips, and shoving him down onto me harder, tears are starting to prick the corners of his tightly shut eyes, and he begs.

"God!...Fuck!..Dei.." He pants only able to form a few words at a time " Please...ah!...make me c-cum!"

I grip his hips harder, giving him a particularly hard thrust, and letting my eyes fall between us, to the object wrapped around my dick, the torture device he put on me when this all started. I give him another rough thrust, in case he didn't get the hint.

"Fuck!...Ok...ok.I'll take it off!"

He reaches down, and un-clips the torturous object from me, I pull him to me and kiss his lips gently. Grabbing his dick while he's distracted, I steady him with my fee hand, thrusting into him harder, aiming for the spot I know will have him screaming.

He doesn't disappoint me, screaming my name so loudly the whole neighborhood probably heard him. He grabs the hand I'm using to stroke him with his own, making me go faster, soon he bats my hand away to finish the job himself. His eyes shoot open as I hit that spot inside him dead on, pounding against it over and over, until he spills himself. Sticky white liquid splattering my stomach, and chin. So much for that shower this morning. Tears stain his face, as he rides out his orgasm, I'm still thrusting relentlessly into him, the tight muscles convulsing around me milking my dick dry as I reach my own peak.

"F-fuck! Sasori, un!" I grunt, releasing within that searing heat. He's trembling on top of me, his toes wiggling as I fill him to the brim. I sigh my dick still pulsing, as I pull out of him, spent. He collapses onto my chest, panting.

"Shit" he pants out exhausted "I need a cigarette!"

I chuckle, and agree with him, pulling a pack from my nightstand, and handing one to him, we lean together over the lighter I flick, both getting a good cherry. I exhale, and he rolls off of me with a sigh, snuggling peacefully into my side.

I kiss his forehead as I absently watch the smoke from our cigarettes curl and coil, vanishing into the air.

"I love you Sassy"

He shoves me playfully taking another drag of his cigarette "I thought I told you to stop calling me that, brat"

I chuckle.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect fairy tale, this one does have the sexiest princess I've ever laid eyes on after all.

I'm glad that even though, I haven't rescued the princess yet, at least I can bring some sort of light into his world. Who knows, maybe one day we'll walk out of this darkness together, but for now just these flickers of light are enough for me.

I will be all of the stars filling the darkness of his sky with light.

Until my last breath.

I'm never, ever going to leave him again. I did promise, after all.