Title: Intrigue
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Dawn/Kennedy
Rating: PG
Timeline: 7.10 - Bring on the Night
Summary: She can feel her watching
A/N: Thanks to Sami for the prompt. Sorry it took me so long!
Beta: *looks around* Nope. Still just me.
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She can feel the girl in the denim jacket watching her from across the room. It's like a laser burning into her, inspecting and analyzing her like she had done to them moments before, and Dawn tries her hardest to pay attention to what Giles is saying. Something about how other maybe-Slayers are being killed and that's why he brought these three girls here. 'Cause that's not going to make her home more of a target.

Dawn glances quickly towards Kennedy. There's curiosity in the other girls gaze as well as interest, and she can feel a blush begin to spread across her entire body when the other girl catches her looking and arches an eyebrow, a silent question being asked. Dawn's knows she's wondering if Dawn's like them. She sits up straighter and turns to give the potential Slayer a look, but by now, Kennedy's listening to Buffy and Giles and isn't looking at Dawn anymore.

Dawn slouches once more and goes back to watching Giles, who's now making empty promises about keeping them all safe.


The girl their age is what interests Kennedy the most. How she seems to fit into the surroundings, but it's clear she's not really part of the group. She'd been ready to slap her when she'd practical shoved her face in Kennedy's, checking them out, but she'd still managed to earn her respect for doing it. She's the opposite of Kennedy, Annabelle and Molly, whom, as she's been told countless times, were born for the possibility of being chosen. Which apparently involves going halfway across the country, or the world in Molly's case, to a little nowhere town in California to avoid being gutted by the eyeless freaks that got her watcher.

Kennedy's never seen any need for subtlety, so she tunes out the Brit's explanation and really looks at the girl. She's beautiful, in a fragile doll kind of way. Not Kennedy's usual type, but that hasn't stopped her before. Besides, there's something about her that's intriguing. Sexy, but unsure of herself.

When the Slayer starts talking, though, she turns back to the discussion. And starts arguing with her and her Watcher, because this chick is really getting on her nerves.

"And if this thing is the root of all evil, isn't the hell mouth it's number one vacation spot? I mean, don't you think we should be hiding our asses on the other side of the globe?"