It was chaos.

Really and truly all Hades broke loose. Campers and monsters ran amuck, trying to kill each other. Some parts of Camp were on fire, but we were good fighters. We wouldn't allow the monsters to break past our barrier, past the labyrinth entrance, past towards Camp. My Camp.

I slashed, tore, weakened, split, injured, damaged, cracked, and fought like crazy. I wasn't going to let those dreadful creatures destroy the only place I could call home, but as time went by, I began to realize it wasn't enough. I risked a glance towards Percy and we shared and understanding look. For every monster we took out, another two took its place. There were too many monsters and not nearly enough campers to match them. We would grow tired eventually, and besides, our numbers were too, decreasing quickly. But I kept going, kept fighting until I noticed something strange.

Close to me, an empousai was trying to be invisible, and succeeding at it. She glided past the campers who were too busy trying to keep their arms, legs and head stuck to their bodies. Nobody noticed her, nobody but me that is. And so I did something really stupid, something I would regret for as long as I remembered this day. I followed the empousai with my Yankees cap on. Just when she was about to reach the forest to do Zeus knows what, I took off my cap, materializing in front of her.

"Going somewhere?" I asked with a cocky grin which she returned.

"No, not going," she hissed, grinning evilly "Coming for something"

I decided she was playing with my mind. Two could play that game.

"Haven't I killed you before? You dolook kind of familiar" I said in a sarcastic tone. All empousai looked the same. She screeched.

"I came for you, daughter of Athena. Dumb words for someone who is about to get kidnapped" she was hissing again and the sound send chills down my spine, but I didn't let it show.

"Cocky words for someone who is about to be slashed to bits" and with that, I raised my knife. She parried the blow with a sword of her own, which was a lot bigger than my Celestial Bronze dagger. She put me on defensive, not giving me a chance to attack. It was like she knew my style of fighting, like she could anticipate my moves. I was getting tired, but she didn't seem to be. She just kept pushing me, until I fell to the ground.

It wasn't until then that I believed her. I realized she wasn't trying to kill me, just tire me until I could fight no more and she would be able to capture me easily. I also realized I was beat and I wouldn't put up much of a fight if she tried to kidnap me. I had figured it our and that was good. The only problem was: I realized too late.

She kicked me with her bronze leg and as I doubled over in pain, she tied me up easily, and gagged me so I could not call for help. But even if I could, nobody would listen or pay much attention. Nobody would notice I was missing in this mess. When they weren´t able to find me, they would just assume I was dead. How depressing. The empousai called a hellhound then, but this was no Mrs. O'Leary. This was a huge, angry, dog that chilled my spine again and this time, it showed. But neither seemed to care. I was easily slung over on its back, leaving my favorite weapon gleaming on the ground, unable to untie myself and unable to formulate a plan to escape.

"To the Princess Andromeda" The empousai commanded, whispering in the beast´s huge ear.

She too, slid on the hellhound's back; probably to make sure I didn't "accidentally" fall off. I could see now why she'd chosen a demonic dog. Because said dog could shadow travel to practically anywhere. And now, I braced myself as she ran into the night. Braced for what was expected to come, and braced for who I would see on the Princess Andromeda. A ship I knew all too well.

And with only my thoughts to guard me, we disappeared into the blackness.

The next second, the shadows melted into a new scene. We were standing on a beach, though I didn´t exactly know which one and I didn´t exactly care. All I knew is I could see the huge cruise ship lit yellow and white nearby, but not too close to be able to actually swim to it. Squinting my eyes a little, I noticed the giant figurehead. It was a dark-haired woman, her face contorted into a disturbing mask of terror. I was freezing and scared but I was still determined to look brave and mean. I had been battling monsters since I was seven and this was not the first time I was in a bad situation. I could think of worse...
Okay, so I couldn´t. Each time I´d been in trouble, I hadn´t been alone. Once I´d been with Artemis and all the other times I´d been with Percy.


The thought of him brought on a round of fresh fear. But not for me, for him. I didn´t know if he´d survived, and I´d nearly lost him once, too after he very intelligently made Mt. Saint Helens blow up, but, as I´d already proved, he could not die. I mean, he was Percy Jackson. The boy destined to save Olympus.
I didn´t notice the empousai untying me until she was done, for I was so immersed in my thoughtsand memories. But when she did, I rubbed my wrists and stuck my tongue out at the awful taste left by the gag.

"Now what?!" I snapped, my fake bravado wearing off almost instantly as I stared off into the ocean.

"Now you swim to it" She hissed.

She pushed me onto the water and I would´ve fell headfirst into the dark ocean had I been tied up, but luckily my reflexes still worked fine and I caught myself. The water was still icy, though. The hellhoundwas standing in front of me, of course making sure I didn´t escape, and the demoness just walked off to the nearest boat. She merely stole the ignition keys from a nearby booth and sped off into the water, leaving me alone and shivering.
I decided it was better to swim a little than to get eaten by a hellhound, though, at this point, the pain wouldn´t have made much difference to me.
By the time I got to the ship, the moon was way up in the sky, and the temperature way lower than usual. Maybe the latter was due to my damp clothes. I climbed onto the lowest deck, coughing up water from my lungs, my muscles screaming in protest, to see a ship full of dracaena, telekhines, giants and various others, each one uglier than the last. But what really made me catch my breath-and believe me, there wasn't much of it anyway- was the man standing in the center of all of them.


Or at least, Luke´s body now occupied by Kronos. He looked the same as I remembered him except for his eyes which here unnaturaly glowing gold. I glared at him, knowing I would not get him back ever. All those years he´d spent on the run with Thalia and me had just been forgotten, sucked into the void that was now his soul.

"Well, it is good to know you made it here alive. It would have been very bad for my plan if you died, maybe even delayed it considerably" he mused in a steely, shallow voice. I had no idea what he was talking about.

"What plan?" I groaned, my throat felt like it was on fire as I spoke. Luke leaned in as if to speak into my ear.

"The one that gets Percy Jackson killed once and for all of course" he whispered, his tone a degree colder, like he was enjoying it.
I had no doubt in my mind that he was. I froze, but in fear this time. Of course someone would notice I was missing. And that someone would stop at nothing to find me. That someone was stubborn, annoying and dumb and had saved my life countless times. That someone was my best friend and I knew -as well as Kronos did- that he would find me eventually, driven by his obnoxious determination. Percy would search for me even though he would figure out -though really really late, being the Seaweed Brain that he is- that all of it was a trap. All of it was planned just right for him to catch the bait and die.

And I was said bait. Wonderful.

"Take her away. You are allowed to beat her but please try your best not to kill her yet, you morons. I need her alive until our dear Seaweed Brain arrives to save the day."
Kronos laughed madly, and I was grabbed from both sides by some dracaenae who poked me with their knives, laughing too. I looked down, a tear escaping my eyes and soundlessly reaching the wooden floor, already damp with water.

Ocean water.