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This story came to me after reading Madara rant about the Senju and Uchiha. Enjoy…

Chapter 1 – Prologue…

Naruto was exhausted, having to fight one Uchiha was bad enough, but two? He was currently fighting both Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Madara. He could have defeated Sasuke fairly easily, but every time he would be ready to make a decisive blow, Madara would intervene. Not that Madara escaped harm. He had taken a couple of Rasen-shuriken. Madara had been able to avoid most of the attack, but didn't come out unscathed.

They had already captured and bound Kirabi, now they were after the last uncontained Bijuu, Kyuubi. Naruto had finally had enough, since Sasuke had killed both Sakura and Hinata, a little over a month ago, in the hopes of showing him what pain was like. Naruto had done his best not to lose control like he did before when he believed Hinata had died in the fight with Pain. The big problem was that Sasuke didn't understand that Naruto actually understood pain much better, than he ever could have ever imagined. Being alone for so long had ingrained several things into his psyche, few would befriend him, and even fewer would ever love him. Sasuke was at least loved in his early life. Naruto felt so betrayed by Sasuke, he had everything that Naruto had wanted, and even worse Naruto had learned only a few short months ago in that fateful attack on Konoha by Pain that his father was none other than Namikaze Minato, the Fourth Hokage. He knew that Sasuke was being used by Madara to get revenge on Konoha for some slight that had happened many years ago. He also knew about the Jubi and would not give his life, so that Madara could rule the world.

"So dobe, will you come along quietly or do we have to eliminate you and wait for Kyuubi to reform?" Sasuke asked, as he panted hard.

"The boy is not worth the time, let us just kill him and wait for our revenge on those who wronged us?" Madara exclaimed.

Naruto shook his head. "What about those who you've wronged?" he asked, as he turned to Sasuke and asked, "You know, Sakura really did love you and you killed her in cold blood?"

Sasuke turned his head in disgust, and said, "She was a worthless girl not worthy of becoming a kunoichi, and she couldn't even figure out that I wasn't interested in her."

"Still, she was in love with you and you killed her. All we wanted to do was bring you back to Konoha and try to get the team back together," Naruto explained.

Sasuke laughed. "You're even more naïve then I thought. Konoha killed my family, held me back, and it turned my brother against his own family," Sasuke explained.

"So you would have the Uchiha destroy the village and turn everyone that opposed them into slaves?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke shrugged, and said, "Why not? We are after all Uchiha and we are the best of the best, the elite."

Naruto smirked, as his breathing steadied, and said, "The best at stealing others hard work. Your Sharingan does not allow you do anything other than steal."

"No, it is so much more than that. I can read others movements and predict what they will do, cast strong genjutsu on opponents with them, and with the Mangekyou Sharingan I can even cause a fire that lasts for seven days and nights, that can't be extinguished," Sasuke explained, with exuberance.

"So you get off on the suffering of others?" Naruto asked.

"No one will miss you if you're gone," Sasuke blandly replied.

"After all these years of being thought of as the Kyuubi, the village finally accepts me for me," Naruto explained sadly.

"You ARE the Kyuubi, nothing else can explain, your rise to power other than you're a demon," Sasuke responded with a smirk.

Naruto balled his fists in an attempt to lower his anger. "You once said I was your best friend, and because of that, I have one question. Why have you turned so evil?" he asked, as a single tear ran down his face.

Sasuke began to laugh deeply and was joined by Madara. "You think I'm evil? Just because I want to pull that demon from you, or is it because I've tried to kill you on a few occasions?" he asked jovially.

"Since your brother killed your family, what happiness have you had?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke contemplated the question, and then answered, "I guess the early times with our team were happy, but that doesn't matter now."

"You said that you wanted to kill that man, and then revive your clan. You killed Itachi, but now you're going after Konoha, why?" Naruto asked.

"They turned my brother against his own family, and had him kill them!" Sasuke angrily responded.

Naruto then pointed at Madara, and said, "He forced my father to seal the Kyuubi inside of me, along with the death of many, and you side with him? I used to respect you, Sasuke, but now…"

"Hn… like I care about your family, they were worthless before the Uchiha," Sasuke arrogantly explained.

"Worthless? My Father, Namikaze Minato, the Fourth Hokage, he wasn't worthless," Naruto replied.

"You a Namikaze, not a chance," Sasuke rebutted.

"As usual, you're blinded by your own arrogance and self loathing, Sasuke. It's all about you, always about you. Did you know at the fight in the Valley of the End, it was me that spared you?" Naruto exclaimed.

"Yeah, right, like you could ever beat me, demon. I had you the whole time and it was I who spared you," Sasuke replied.

"You used several lethal blows, while I didn't. It is easier to kill rather than capture, Sasuke. Pull a punch here, or slice less deeply there. I thought of you like a brother, and you repaid me by trying to kill me. So, let's end this, either the Uchiha will destroy the world, or I'll save it from your evil tyranny," Naruto explained, as he returned to sage mode. "This ends our battles once and for all!"

Naruto created two clones and sent one at Madara, and the other at Sasuke. Sasuke dodged the clone only to send an Amaterasu attack at the original Naruto. He was engulfed in black flames and began to scream.

Sasuke failed to notice a hand hit him from behind, as he watched in horror, as the Naruto he had hit with attack disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sasuke flew towards Madara and was caught just after he had dispatched with the clone that was attacking him.

"We can wait a few years for the Kyuubi to reform, let's just kill him and be done with the last of the Namikaze," Madara exclaimed.

Sasuke and Madara both glared at Naruto, as a black orb appeared in front of him. Naruto jumped back in an attempt to avoid the black hole. It suddenly engulfed Naruto and he felt nothing, nothing at all.


The Kyuubi is a beast of legends, it is said that it was so powerful that it could occasionally see into the future. It would take this information and use it to its advantage. There some limitations to this ability, one, if Kami decides that the Kyuubi will not see something then it won't. Second, even seeing the future does not mean you can avoid it, as you can't always see how something that appears bad could actually have been a good thing. Some things are just preordained, others are not. The Kyuubi being used by Uchiha Madara was preordained, as it would be controlled by both Madara and by Senju Hashirama, as they both had the ability to manipulate the spirits, also known as demons, or Bijuu.

If the Kyuubi had known that Uchiha Madara was going to use it to attack Konoha and then for it to be sealed with the child of the Fourth Hokage, it more than likely would have just avoided Madara. Why get sealed and live in the tortured soul of Naruto?

While there is no evidence of physical abuse other than what Sakura and other females, oh and the occasional store clerk, have done to Naruto, he did suffer from one of the worst forms of abuse that a child could face, neglect. Yes, while the Third Hokage did visit him, he was not truly a good role model. Naruto showed brilliance in several ways that seemed to be overlooked by others. He painted the Hokage Monument, wasn't caught doing it, not until afterwards. The boy had the mind of a shinobi, sneak in, get the job done and get away. He did eventually get caught physically by Iruka, but he was playing for attention. The boy had spoiled milk and only liked ramen. Ramen is high in salt and not very nutritious, even with added ingredients.

Let us ponder for a moment and ask: What if Naruto received these abilities, if just once? What would happen? Would he or could he change what he saw?

If Naruto of the manga became as powerful, as he appears in such a short time, then how do we explain his sage mode?


A/N: This came to me when the origins of the Senju and the Uchiha. I'm of course taking artistic license with the story, per usual. I will have the second chapter out soon after this one is published. Don't worry Naruto isn't dead… I have more to go, this story will follow cannon, but Naruto will have prior knowledge of what might happen. I will have some chapters that are almost exactly like cannon and others that take far off tangents. I hope you enjoy my thrill ride. For those NaruSaku fans out there, sorry this isn't where you'll get that stuff, but I think you would have figured it out by now from me. We can talk all day about who she is and what she does, but in the end I have my own opinions and will not stray from them. There will be bashing of team 7 and several other characters. Oh and Haku will be female, so too bad. No this will not be a harem fic, at least at first, so either give up now or enjoy the ride. Read chapter two to see where I get my actual start for the story.