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Chapter 9 – The search for Tsunade…

Naruto continued to work on the Rasengan, while a clone worked on Water manipulation and another worked on Earth manipulation. He would concentrate to the point of not paying attention to Jiraiya, who was at this point was asking questions, since they were about a day outside of Konoha. Naruto then said, "Tanzaku-gai is where we will find her, but it will take a couple weeks and Oro-teme more than likely will be there to either kill her or just to have her heal the wounds from my wind jutsu, since I laced it with Kyuubi chakra, so he more than likely is suffering from chakra poisoning."

"Are you sure?" Jiraiya asked.

Naruto nodded and then moved to a shrine on the side of the road and bowed at the shrine on the hill with about a dozen steps up to it and a couple large bells with tassels hanging from them. "So do I look like him?" Naruto asked.

"Like who?" Jiraiya asked.

"Like my father, the Fourth Hokage," Naruto replied when he straightened. He smiled and jingled the bells, but made sure not to pull them down like he did in the dream.

"How the hell do you know that?" Jiraiya asked, but then answered his own question, "The visions?"

Naruto nodded and continued to play with the bells happily. "You got it Ero-sennin," Naruto replied happily.

Jiraiya got serious and said, "I'll answer if you tell me how far your visions go into the future."

Naruto turned, shrugged and replied, "About three or four years. You know that I fought Uchiha Madara and Sasuke and I think I died against them both, but I got the vision and figure I will keep close to the vision so that I can make sure that I affect things my way."

Jiraiya smirked and asked, "Like what?"

Naruto chuckled and replied, "That isn't fair, since I answered your question. Now answer mine."

Jiraiya chuckled and said, "Yeah, you got his hair color and some of his looks, but your attitude is all your mother's."

Naruto sighed and said, "Yeah, from the vision I saw her and she helped me get control of the Kyuubi." Naruto then got an idea and asked, "Hey Ero-sennin… do you think I could do the chakra chains like my mother?"

Jiraiya scratched his chin and thought for a minute. He then replied, "You might, but it is sort of like a bloodline and your chakra needs to be like hers… You know when we get back… We will ask the old man if there are any clan scrolls left for you to study."

Naruto then sighed and sat next to the older shinobi. He got a faraway look in his eyes and said, "I think I love Hinata-chan, but I know that I have to save a few more girls in my life, but am afraid that they will be the same as Hinata-chan."

Jiraiya chuckled and put a reassuring hand on Naruto's shoulder. He then asked, "What's troubling my student?"

Naruto sighed contently and replied, "Well, there's Isaribi, who a scientist who worked for Orochimaru experimented on her and she can transform nearly into a sea monster. Then there is Kazehana Koyuki, better known as Fujikaze Yukie. She's the rightful daimyo of the Land of Snow. Then there's Haruna the daughter and soon to be daimyo of the Land of Vegetables. Kurama Yakumo, the heir to the Kurama clan… Shion, the priestess of Demon country… Fuuma Sasame of the Fuuma clan in Rice Field country… Amaru, apprentice doctor and student to Shinno of Sky Country…"

Jiraiya quickly interrupted and said, "I get it, you've got a lot of women to save, but where are you going to have the time for them along with the Hyuuga heiress?"

Naruto shrugged and replied, "She is okay with a couple of girls sharing me, but she is sure that there will be a limit, but what I can't understand is why she was drooling and talking about Shadow clones…"

Jiraiya looked at the boy, dumbfounded. He had a girl who would share him and to top it off she was thinking about how she could have him use Shadow clones. This was better than any story he could come up with. He then thought, 'Hey, wait… I could write a story about him and change a few of the characters' names and bingo new best seller.'

He was suddenly woken by a sudden hit to the head. He looked up and saw an angry Naruto who exclaimed, "You will and I repeat will not write about me and the girls who I date and eventually fall in love with! Do I make myself clear? Or I will tell Tsunade that I have a bunch of arranged marriages and that you want to write about it."

Jiraiya paled and put his hands up in defense. He then exclaimed, "You win. The Hyuuga girl would have been enough of a threat, but add her… jeez, you want to kill me don't you?"

Naruto chuckled, but then moved back to the road and they both headed on to their next location.


Since Tsunade was known to frequent gambling establishments Naruto hit most of them, collecting a tidy sum. Naruto and Jiraiya discussed how Naruto would approach her and if he should reveal the information that he had. He knew that she was still hurting even after all those years and even the secret birth of a child. Naruto had eventually figured out that it was Jiraiya who was the father, but it took some real wrangling to get it out of him that he actually slept with Tsunade. Naruto only teased him once at being his 'grandpa' and was done with it, since he really didn't want any more problems to deal with. Being the son of the Fourth Hokage was trouble enough, especially if it got out.

They spent the next several weeks working on his Earth and Water affinities, while perfecting the Rasengan with only one hand. Naruto also let slip more information about Akatsuki to Jiraiya, but he had little worry about it, since he would be battling them soon. They had met up with Itachi and Kisame, but the meeting was kind of funny, since Naruto had warned Jiraiya about what was had happened before.


Naruto was practicing with some water in a glass while his clones worked on certain parts of the Rasengan. He heard a knock at the door and said, "Sorry not in the mood for Red-eyed sushi."

He opened the door and smiled at Itachi and Kisame, who said, "Are you sure he's the Kyuubi? He looks like a runt."

Naruto shook his head and said, "Look Red-eye, Sushi, I really don't want to play with you guys today. I know Itachi is permanently on the rag and that is a real downer, I know. I think it's an Uchiha thing."

Kisame laughed at this, but Itachi scowled and said, "Naruto-kun, you will come with us."

Naruto shook his head and said, "Nah, I'll wait a couple years for Pain to come around, since he's stronger than you guys. I know your sword will eat chakra, but it is a glutton and will eat more than it should. Here Samehada." Naruto pointed his hand at Kisame and a red claw of chakra flowed out of his hand and towards Kisame. It moved around the man and touched the sword. The red chakra began to flow and Kisame got worried, since the sword began to get giddy as best as he could describe it.

Itachi glared at the boy and said, "That is enough Naruto-kun. You will come with us."

Naruto pouted and said, "But I'm still a virgin! I want to get laid!"

This shocked Itachi and Kisame who fell over backwards while laughing his ass off. Suddenly the good mood was broken and Naruto said quietly, "And to ruin the mood, emo brother two appears on scene, big brother stops little brother's jutsu by blowing out the next room and then breaks his wrist, while putting a nasty genjutsu on him."

Sasuke yelled at Itachi and produced a Chidori. He then ran at Itachi who caught his arm and diverted the jutsu into the wall. This destroyed the room where the jutsu had been diverted too, all the way out to the street. Itachi then broke Sasuke's wrist and pummeled him the far wall.

Naruto then said, "They have a real nice relationship, but they must learn that hate will only destroy them both. Hey Itachi, I hope you want him to destroy Konoha and everyone in it and join Madara, since what you're doing is just that. He is a perfect vessel for hate and it will consume him. He will not redeem the Uchiha clan and he will not recreate the clan. He can't even bag a willing girl, let alone a strong girl. He will send it into the annals of history as an evil clan that used those around them to destroy all that they had. Your sacrifice will mean nothing."

Kisame looked between the blonde and Itachi in confusion and asked, "What is he talking about?"

"Just collect the jinchuuriki," Itachi angrily ordered.

Kisame turned to Naruto and sighed. He then said, "Sorry about this kid, but it's a job."

Naruto shrugged and replied, "I understand, but you should understand that I won't go easily, since I don't want to die a virgin!"

Kisame laughed and brought his sword up, but it impaled itself in the ceiling. He looked up and then suddenly felt an impact on his gut, sending him into the wall. Kisame pulled himself out of the wall and said, "You've got spunk and you're not running, so I'll shave your arms off."

Naruto then ran through several hand seals and said, "Summoning Jutsu."

Kisame scowled and forced his sword down through the roof and onto where he believed Naruto to be, since the area was filled with smoke. Samehada was stopped about where the kids head would be, but it felt like he had hit metal. The smoke cleared and he heard, "Air bullet!"

He attempted to dodge, but was too close, luckily for Kisame, Samehada had pulled some of the chakra from the jutsu and it only hurt a little, but also pushed him back into the wall yet again. He saw a toad with armguards in front of Naruto. Suddenly the walls changed and appeared to be an internal organ. Naruto then said, "You better run boys, or you'll be eaten by the big bad toads."

Kisame had a bad feeling and ran down the hallway and grabbed Itachi as he went. There was an explosion and Naruto said, "Go seal up the Amaterasu and then watch out for Gai-sensei attempting to attack with his 'Dynamic Entry'."

Jiraiya nodded to the suggestions and was able to duck under Gai's attack.

(End Flashback)…

Naruto chuckled at the memory. He continued to work on his chakra control, while a clone worked on the Rasengan. He had stretched the chakra pathways in his arms enough for the clones not to need him to work on that part. He could do it, but with a clone and under a second to create it. He knew that both Water and Wind added destructive damage to the technique, but wasn't sure if Earth or Ice could also. He had a clone working on Wood, while another worked on Ice. Naruto knew that they would meet up with Tsunade soon and since he was stronger he wasn't sure if what he had done in the dream would work for her now.

He knew that he had hurt the Sannin, but not as much as Sarutobi did in his dream. He sighed, but perked up when like déjà vu when he saw people running and claiming a monster had attacked the castle. 'Well he more than likely needs her for something,' he thought to himself.

Naruto and Jiraiya found Tsunade and Shizune at the exact bar as in the dream. He then decided to go with the dream version and have Jiraiya play along with him. The next couple hours played out like the dream and Naruto got her to bet against him being able to make a full Rasengan. Little did she know that he was playing her. The next week showed him continuing to work on getting the Rasengan working with only one hand. Eventually he fought Kabuto, much more easily than before, but also helped out with summoning Gamaken to help out in fighting Manda, Orochimaru and Kabuto. Naruto wasn't as near death this time, but Kabuto had done some serious damage to him, but he did a real number on both the Sannin and his accomplice. He had a partial Rasenshuriken and hit Kabuto and sent him into Orochimaru. They were both injured badly. Naruto had done damage to his own arm like he did when he fought again Kakuzu

Naruto took a couple of days to recover from the damage, but also was happy that he had damaged Orochimaru. Kabuto was also more out of the picture than he had first thought, since Naruto had put some Wind chakra into the Rasengans that he had hit both men with. He knew what the damage would and could do to people. While he figured that Kabuto would more than likely recover, Orochimaru would lose the use of his arms soon, while Naruto only broke his right arm. After Tsunade scanned the damage to Naruto, she forbid him to use a Wind based Rasengan again. He retorted that he knew the possibilities of the damage and ending the fight with the Orochimaru was more important that his being able to do jutsu for a week or so, but he agreed that until he could better control it, such as after Sage training he would refrain from making his Rasengans with more than a small amount of Wind chakra in combat, since it took him and two clones to do the Rasenshuriken. Tsunade did argue that she had been played by Naruto who countered that it was no different than when she was doing her regular gambling. She had to concede his point though.

Naruto had set straight the pair that wanted to get to Tsunade about her debts and also met boss Jirobu. During the trip back Tsunade asked, "Since you can do elemental jutsu and your skills are above a genin… why are you still a genin?"

Naruto smirked and replied, "My sensei, not the super pervert here, in his enlightened wisdom talked the examiners out of promoting me, but hey, what can you do when you're a jinchuuriki and they are out to get you. Also GRANDMA, I would like to talk to you about Senju business."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow and asked, "What about my clan's business?"

Naruto smirked and asked in return, "Remember the child you gave up during the war?"

Tsunade nodded and replied, "Yeah and I never heard from him again. I would have liked to have met him, but sensei wouldn't tell me who got him."

Naruto began to snicker and said, "Oh you've met him and his son. Heck he married back into one of the clans that you're a part of."

Tsunade looked at him in confusion and wonder. "Who was he and how do you know about him?" she asked longingly.

"Well… GRANDMA…" Naruto said with a smirk.

"Why the hell do you keep calling me that, gaki?" Tsunade asked angrily.

Naruto took a thinking pose and said, "Well there were some tests done and we found who your son was and that you have a GRANDSON." Tsunade began to wonder why he kept emphasizing some words, but then it hit her. She got a look of having an epiphany and Naruto said happily, "The First's wife was Uzumaki Mito, my mother was Uzumaki Kushina. Do you know who she married?"

Tsunade shook her head and replied, "That brat? No, she was a tomboy, but never knew who she married."

Naruto then snickered and said, "You son, Namikaze Minato was my father and your son, thus making you… my…"

Tsunade sighed and said, "Your GRANDMOHTER. Jeez, why do you have to draw it out?"

"Being the third jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko has a way of making me a troublemaker. It didn't help that I was despised and wanted to get even with those who wronged me. I'm not really vindictive, but Kikiyo-sensei helped with the testing and made sure to keep it secret. I think we should keep it that way," Naruto explained.

Tsunade nodded and then wrapped Naruto into a hug. She then smiled and asked, "So how do you want to deal with our relationship?"

Naruto shrugged and said, "I've been doing things on my own for years and not really sure how others do it, but I think we'll manage. Oh and I'm dating the Hyuuga heir." Naruto then blushed at the memory of being with Hinata before he left Konoha.

Tsunade smirked and asked, "You haven't had sex with her yet, have you?"

Naruto blushed and replied, "Fallatio isn't considered marital sex is it?"

Tsunade blushed and replied, "No, but doing such a thing at a young age…"

Naruto blushed and said, "We're thirteen and shinobi, so we're adults in the eyes of the village."

Tsunade took a thinking pose and said, "Yes, but I don't want any great-grandchildren anytime soon. I'm still young." Naruto chuckled and Tsunade glared at him. "You have something to say?"

Naruto put his hands up in a defensive posture and replied, "No… nothing at all. So are you taking the role of Hokage from the old man?"

Tsunade nodded and replied, "My grandfather and grand-uncle were Hokage and you want to be Hokage, so someone has to make sure that the village at least lasts until you can become the Hokage. Now stop using your broken arm to train."

Naruto sighed and dropped the leaf out of his right hand. Shizune ran over and ran a diagnostic on his arm and sighed in relief. "He is healing fine, but remember Naruto-kun, anyone else would have lost the use of that arm from that jutsu," she explained.

Naruto nodded and said, "You remember the stories of Uchiha Madara and gramps?"

Tsunade raised an eyebrow and replied, "If you're referring to the fight between my grandfather and Madara then yes I do."

Naruto then said, "What if I told you that Madara survived and is after the Bijuu?"

Tsunade laughed and replied, "I would say that you're crazy."

"You know that the Kyuubi can see the future, not necessarily avoid it, but it can see the future?" Naruto asked in a dejected tone.

Tsunade's face became pale and she said, "Is that why grandma kept on talking about my grandson being the savior of the world. This kept her happy." She then looked directly at Naruto and asked, "Have you had visions?"

Naruto shrugged and replied, "How do you think that I was able find you and sort of beat Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame? Hyuuga Neji, Orochimaru? The list goes on and on. I was also able to save a friend and she is in the village with us. She is helping me train, since I have a bloodline expansion with wood and Ice as my sub-elements."

Tsunade smiled and said, "So you have grandpa's abilities?"

Naruto shrugged and replied, "I can't control Kyuubi, yet, but am working on it."

Tsunade again hugged him and smiled warmly at the blonde in her arms. She then smirked and said, "I'm going to adopt you and then you'll have to listen to me and you'll be in the Senju clan and have the protections of the clan."

Naruto's jaw dropped and he looked at the woman in awe. He asked tentatively, "You mean it, really?"

Tsunade nodded and replied, "Yes, this way it distracts from the actual link and makes a link with us."

Naruto jumped up and hugged the woman for all he was worth. The rest of the trip was spent happily and they talked about what they were going to do when they got back. Naruto continued to train, even with a broken arm. At least it wasn't as bad as it was in the vision.

He was happy.


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