Chapter 18 - Changes

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"I've got around five minutes."

I didn't like Rosalie's tone, "What are you talking about? Deadward's taking the bullet for us all."

Rolling her eyes she scoffed at me, and Alice started backing into the corner. I really didn't like Alice's tone when she started whimpering, "No, no, no... It can't be true."

Rosalie snapped her head towards Alice and it was like a wall of blonde hair blocking her face from me, "Shut the fuck up Alice. I've got a lot to do in a few minutes."

"No... This can't be... it's not... ROSALIE!"

I'd had enough of these conversations that I didn't understand for the rest of my life. Stomping towards them Rosalie turned and my face almost broke from her look. Fuck. Oh. Fuck. This was not good. Not good shit at all.


Edward was gone. I didn't care what happened to me now. Of course he told me to fight for life but there was no life without him in this existence I called life. For so many years I was dead. Everyone kept on mumbling about me being dead or something like that... I don't know what's going on and I don't care. There's nothing now that he's gone.

Then I heard the screaming from Alice.

Not that it mattered, but I became a bit curious. Overwhelmed with everything going on around me and the fever that was melting my insides. I laid in the bed contemplating finding out what the fuck was happening on in the other room.

Trying to get out of the bed, my skin felt like a branding iron. I was positive if I touched someone I would leave fingerprints searing into their skin.

Stumbling towards the door all I saw was blood.

More and more blood spraying all over.


"Agh, Edward, before we head inside there is one item I should tell you..."

"Spit it the fuck out, Emmett."

If I could have knocked him down, ran into the apartment, grabbed Bella, and flew away I would have. Everyone else seemed to have fucked up supernatural powers, why didn't I? Wait, I take that back. They wanted to make me a vampire. I definitely don't want any supernatural power.

Carlisle's smile spread as he spoke, "You are going to tell him before we go inside?"

Keeping his eyes on mine, Emmett took his large hand and caressed my face like he actually cared about me. "Yes Carlisle, I'm going to tell him. It's only fair to understand the storm he's about to enter."

It's fucked up to hear Emmett speak in normal vernacular when I knew he was older than, well, fuck, I didn't know what to measure his age too.

"Just kill me and let's leave." It was a desperate plea to two monsters that didn't have a soul to shed.

"Now Edward, we already told you we weren't going to do that. Stop being ridiculous. Do you want to know or do you want a surprise?"

The longer I stood outside the longer I was away from Bella. That was a good thing. Maybe everyone in the apartment could figure out a plan.

"Tell me out here Emmett."

"It's not going to prolong her life. Well, maybe by a few minutes..." The laughter hurt my ears. It was high pitched and virulently pleased with the torment of what was happening.

"Fucking tell me Emmett."

"Oh Edward... fine, I'll tell you. By the time we step inside the apartment everyone will be on their way."

Esme, its the only person left that I hadn't seen today. I bet she's inside right now. Running towards the apartment I had to get back inside. I knew there was nothing I could do. I'd played the cards I had in my hand. The only one I had was for them to kill me and leave. I didn't think about the aftermath. I didn't think about who Bella would be left to fend off.

Emmett interrupted my mental acknowledgment, "Edward, your exhausting me. Honestly, your taking all the fun out of today! I've waited so many years for today. Anyway, Esme has nothing to do with what's happening. She was just born into her new life. Oh and she's a beauty now. Wait until you see her!"

"I don't fucking care! Fucking Christ Emmett..."

"Temper, temper, Edward. Its a quality I adore of yours but not at this moment. Let's head inside. I won't need to explain anymore."

I wanted to run ahead of them and toss myself in front of Bella, but this was not an oncoming car in traffic. This was two vampires going to kill a bunch of humans, or semi-humans.

I flashed back to being young and hiding in the backseat of my dad's car. Curling up into a ball and sleeping on the cold upholstery because I didn't want to see him holding the picture of my mother and bawling.

My silent tears would roll down my checks while I sucked my thumb. I was a fucking eight year old still sucking his thumb. If I could go back to his car right now I would.

No Mason, pull it together. You must focus. There has to be something...

"Are you coming, Edward, or is your final thought on your death bed going to be your father?"

In submission, I followed.


"What the fuck, Rosalie. What is wrong with you?"

Tossing her head back her hair looked alive, "Stupid humans! All of you!"

Jumping onto Jasper like the air was under her command, she ripped into his throat just like Esme did Sam. He fell to the floor gurgling and sputtering but it wasn't words. It was the air hissing through his windpipe as the blood splattered all over Rosalie.

Rosalie turned towards me and all I could hear was Alice screaming in the background. I saw her slip in the gore onto the ground as she crawled over to Jasper. Alice was shrieking his name and cussing Rosalie at the same time.

Fucking shift Jake, for fuck sake shift! If there has ever been a time to change... GOD DAMN IT. The pain was like turning into a lion. Rosalie ripping into my throat made my entire body feel like there was fur bursting out all over me.

In a sick stare, she looked down at me while I hit the floor. She tilted her head and appreciated her handy work on my neck. The smile was smeared in wet red from my fucking neck. She took her hand and wiped some of the blood away, "You blind supernaturals. I was worried about you the most, Jake, but you never knew. You never sensed my cold. I suppose my potion worked. Good to know for the future. Oh, and what a wonderful future we all shall have!"

Clapping her hands like a giddy child, she predatorily strode towards Alice who was hovering over Jasper like a ghost.

Like always, she was mumbling and apologizing for not knowing or seeing in enough time to save him.

I felt too much blood coming out of me too fast. Maybe that was the plan. I was just a big hamburger of supernatural blood for someone that was becoming a new fucking vamp. I was like Sam and Emily. Still cognizant enough to listen as the last amounts of blood leached onto the carpet I heard Rosalie screaming at Alice, "For the love of anything worth fucking SHUT UP ALICE! Everyone is tired of you whining. You didn't see it... Hmm, could that be because I knew you'd stick yourself with a potion? Oh, yeah, that's right! I did. Now shut the fuck up and be thankful that Emmett wants you to be a part of his family. His mind changes so quickly but you are absolutely a part of his new family. Consider yourself honored."

The final thing I saw as the black took over was Bella stumbling into the bedroom.


"Holy shit."

Jumping to her feet Alice ran to my side and tossed her blood covered arms around me. I stumbled from her impact to weak to comprehend what I was seeing.

"Agh, Bella, I didn't think you'd have the strength to get out of bed. You are stronger than I estimated."


From the top of her head to the floor she was red. It looked like she'd been skinned alive and I'd have thought that's what happened if I didn't see the clothing soaked with the... fuck... well, the blood. Then I saw her teeth. They were large canines shimmering with chunks of muscle. I wanted to laugh that she needed to floss but now was not a time for ludicrous jokes.

"Bella, how many times did I tell you that working at that hotel made people stupid? You had a psychic and a shape shifter around you and no one knew what the hell I was. When I started working at the hotel it was a part of the master plan that I'm so proud to be involved in. Remember how I had a falling out of sorts with my past employer, Marcus?"

I nodded my head and kept on holding the shaking and sobbing Alice.

"He was a vampire and wanted to change me. I didn't want to convert. He couldn't force me to change because I took the potions to prevent the change. He was such a piss-ant. He had no power and I would never spend eternity with him. He called his head vampire, Aro, and explained the situation. That's when Emmett became involved. Aro knew about the experiments that Emmett wanted to conduct and thought I would be a perfect fit into his new family. I was convinced that no one would ever make me want to be a vampire. I was wrong. Oh, the first time I met Emmett, I remember the charge that ran from his touch."

Her smile was wretched. It made me want to vomit again but I knew there was nothing inside of me. There never was anything inside of me. Most would be like Alice in this predicament. Even thinking of the horror before me as "predicament" showed how callous I was.

What the fuck did this all mean?


When we entered the apartment, I experienced a sense of de ja vue. Like the motel, the small apartment had a feeling of permanence in my life.

The scene was a different story. Shoving past Emmett all I could focus on was Bella holding the shaking Alice. I ran towards her and was stopped by Carlisle. His arms wrapped around my torso and pulled me against his chest, "Not so fast Edward."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rosalie run to Emmett's side. He licked her face and I shuddered. What. The. Fuck.

"What a wonderful job you've done darling."

All I could think about was when they met at the bar. I had no clue, not one fucking clue that they knew one another.

Her name came out of my mouth like splinter, "Rosalie?"

"Hi Edward."

Then I started to remember about how she told me that leaving the motel was a mistake. She knew all along...

"Rosalie, Edward's thinking about how you told him at the motel that he was making a mistake going to the Hilton."

Licking her fingers she responded, "I told you that because the original plan didn't include killing all of you. If you would have stayed at the motel then you and Bella would of had an affair but you would of found out about how dead she is. I didn't expect her to fall in fucking love with you. I thought it'd be easy for you to fuck her and leave. Who would have thought you would love a dead girl? Your a twisted fuck Edward! Then all the interesting events with Alice, Jasper, Jake, and of course you and Bella tumbled together. Sure, Esme was always Emmett's but I don't think you wanted Jasper, did you?"

"Oh no. But, I didn't know how easy it would be to have all of you at one time. I thank you, Edward. This is smashing!"

Carlisle's arms were cutting off my circulation in my arms like tourniquets. The more I resisted the harder he pulled me against him. I slumped against him in defeat. I looked to Bella and saw her wide rust eyes searching for some kind of answer. I had none. There was no amount of focus to make any of this palatable to my brain. There was no answer.

Emmett spoke, "You can release him, Carlisle. He's acknowledged that there's no escape. Now, the question is, what do we do with all of you? Jasper and Jake are dead but, my dear, you can fix that right?"

"Of course," Rosalie cruelly sibilated.

"Such a heavy burden being the leader... I think I will do what you said earlier and stick to the original plan, Carlisle."

Letting me go, I ran to Bella and he responded, "I think its the best Emmett."

I grabbed Bella and Alice into my arms and both women buried their heads into my neck. I kissed Bella's head and felt that she was radiating heat.

"Should I have Edward kill his Bella?" I hated the fucking prick.

Rosalie chirped back, "First you have to kill him, honey."

Tilting his head towards me with laughing eyes, Emmett said, "Agh, the moment I have waited for. Say goodbye, Edward. It's time to change."

I held Bella to me tighter.

"Let her go, Edward."

"Come and get me, fucking prick."

"Cat and mouse... I don't have time for the game today. Come here."

His brown eyes commanded me and I dropped my arms from around the girls. I had said my goodbye to Bella. This fleeting moment of feeling her against me was an added moment making the pain of knowing I was going to kill her worse.

Bella mumbled, "It's alright, Edward. Do what he says. I've been dead for years. You were the only thing that brought me back to life."

I kissed her head, looked into her eyes, and tried my damnedest to communicate everything. She nodded her head like she understood and I went to Emmett.


I couldn't watch it. I closed my eyes. I heard it though. Fucking shit did I hear it. I was at a zoo of vampires and it was feeding time. I knew I was next. I didn't think they knew what to do with Alice yet but she was going to become one of them.

Rosalie, the whole time, corralled us like cattle.

Emmett's voice crackled through the room, "Bella, Edward's going to awake very hungry. I didn't drain him as Carlisle did Esme. She had the venom from Carlisle but none of his blood. I wanted to give Edward the honor of having some of my blood to begin his change. Do you want to bring him back to life fully?"

With a solid voice, I replied, "Yes." If there was anything I wanted more than to live with Edward, it was to let him live forever.

"You sense the poetic justice as I do. You may not understand the story but you know he will carry pieces of you within him forever. You also will give him immaculate powers that have never been seen by our kind."

Good, you fucking freak. Maybe he will kill you.

"Now Bella, don't think harsh thoughts. You hate life anyway. You can't have him and I can't leave you alone being so desirable to all supernatural because of your deadly silence. How peaceful you are to our kind with the lack of anything human. You darling little zombie child."

Edward's voice was plasma smooth, "Bella?"

I opened my eyes and saw him before me. There were no wounds from the sounds of him being killed. His skin was flawless and perfect. His hair shone like wild embers. His eyes, those green eyes, swirled with a mystery I would never understand. He was dead and alive.

His name came out in a sigh, "Edward. Make this all go away." I meant it. I wanted my life and today's nightmare to disappear and take me with it.

Pulling me into a hug his arms were an iron cage around me. Even in the coldness of his flesh, I could feel the concise care he placed in not crushing me.

He buried his head into my hair and breathed deeply. I felt his body spasm.

Emmett cut through the confusing moment, "You can't be near her without drinking and the pain is just beginning for the thirst. Take her Edward, kill her and drink. I promise after a few days the pain will cease and the thirst will dissipate to a tolerable level. While you begin the demise of Bella, Carlisle, kill Alice and Rosalie bring Jasper back to life."

Edward pulled away from me and looked into my eyes. I didn't see the hunger of a newborn vampire. I saw the conflicted fear of a beast fighting with the bewildering idea of killing me. He mouthed to me, "I'm going to change you."

I smiled back and shook my head 'no'.

His smile grew larger as he shook his head 'yes'. I smirked back at him. This would through a wrench into Emmett's plan.

Alice's screaming in the background was quick and the horrid noises faded to gurgling. A few moments later, I heard her chipper voice calling to Jasper.

Emmett was wound up in his final decisions on who to kill and how to kill them or bring them back to life, that he didn't notice Edward hadn't started feeding.

Brining his mouth slowly to my neck the searing jolt of his cold teeth into my soft flesh didn't bother me. If he lost control and killed me, I was fine with that. If he succeeded in his plan, I was fine with that too.

Either way, I'd be his and I'd finally be totally dead.

I started to loose my footing from his powerful lips engulfing the gorge he created on the side of my neck. His cold lips were pressing and his tongue manovered over the wound. It was the deepest french kiss possible as he drew the blood into his full mouth. The world started to spin. I breathed in a whisper, "Whatever happens, I know you tried."


Control, I possessed.

This fucking town owned me from the moment I arrived and it was time that I took back everything I lost.

As the thirst zinged throughout my body I knew what I wanted and focused on the end. I didn't lose god damn it and I wasn't loosing her.

I had no clue how much was too much or not enough so I gaged the amount of fluid. Knowing that the human body only has so much blood, I needed to be careful to not kill her. When I neared an amount that I thought was sufficient I quickly removed my fangs from her oozing wound and sliced my wrist. Placing it onto her mouth, I whispered in her ear for her to drink.

Immediately her eyes opened and she began to suck the blood.

I didn't lose god damn it.

Her blood was supposed to give me some kind of undead super power. Well, what would happen if she took mine, that was full of her, back into her system? If were going to play supernatural gods tonight lets do this shit right and fucking play god.

They wanted my Bella dead and so did I, dead with me.

"If this kills us both I don't care. Your worth it all."

Slurping my wrist the pain began to set in. I needed to eat. She needed to eat. There was a debauchery of vampires killing and bringing back to life the dead. There weren't enough humans for us to feed on.

Once Bella was done we had to escape.

Carlisle's voice burst through the slurping sounds of the room, "Emmett! God damn it! You didn't drain Edward enough to cause utter thirst! Look, look what's he's done!"

Pulling Bella off of my wrist, she was radiant with a transparent glimmer. Her rust eyes were copper pennies, freshly minted, bouncing the light of the room off of them in iridescent rainbows.

Sprinting away from Alice and Jasper, Emmett ran to our side and his face became gaunt with surprise, "You stubborn fucking devil."

Bella wrapped her fingers into mine. We stood before him, the thirst burning in us both. I saw her eyeing Jake's body but we couldn't drink just yet.

"You damn fool!" Rosalie sputtered across the room while she was working on brining Jasper back to life so the half dead Alice could feed off of him.

Tapping his finger against his bloodied lips Emmett spoke, "This changes the changes doesn't it? Rosalie, finish with Jasper, finish killing Alice, and bring her back to life. This time though, stop her from killing him and turn him into a vampire as well. I suppose I don't have to lose him and Esme will be happy her son can join us. What a day, oh what a day this is. I didn't expect to gain all of you today. I didn't want you, Bella, but even dead, my dear Edward gets what he wants. Is that the message Edward? Is that what you think?"

"I did what I had to do to save her. I could never live a dead eternity knowing that I killed her."

"Agh, such the artistic soul. Full of sap and puss. This isn't good Edward. We don't have enough humans to feed on. I can't use the shifter in the corner to feed all four of you!"

Carlisle interjected, "Your going to let Bella live?"

Emmett snapped at him, "And how shall I kill her for the third time?"

"Oh no," Carlisle said while cracking his knuckles.

Sneering back Emmett said, "That's right you idiot. You were supposed to be watching, not getting off to me killing the psychic. If I should kill anyone it should be you. Worthless fucking fool!"

Rosalie brought the disoriented Jasper to Alice and sliced the only portion of his neck left intact so Alice could feed. She didn't need the fresh wound. Alice attacked the opened section of his gnawed neck.

"Keep on eye on her Carlisle so she doesn't kill Jasper. This time I don't want the newborn to kill their prey."

"Yes, Emmett."

Mocking Carlisle he replied, "Yes, Emmett. Fucking pathetic! See why I need you, Edward? The simplest task of, 'Give the new vampire his love for his first feed,' doesn't connect with my made help. Rosalie, your positive that there's nothing you can do? Can't we behead her or something?"


"Guillotine her?"

"Emmett, if you did, her head would find her. I swear there's nothing that will kill either of them but starvation."

"Agh! There is a solution then..."

I saw the wheels in his mind begin to turn and had to say something, "Emmett, why does she have to die? Why can't we live our lives with you? The knowledge that you hold, the lifestyle, you can teach us, the way to operate around humans, all of this is valuable guidance."

Playing to his needs of leadership I prayed to gods that didn't exist he wouldn't see the lie.

"Hmm, interesting proposal, Edward. I'm not as sadistic as you might think. Oh, I have my days, and today is one of them. I suppose I want her dead because you are damaged by her presence yet you did concoct this plan to keep her alive. That means that your underhanded skills of control are functioning."

I squeezed Bella's hand. This might work.

I looked over and saw a dazed Alice and Jasper sitting on the floor. They were staring at one another in wonder. Like babies, the newborn vampires, Alice and Jasper, were mimicking the others motions slow and deliberate, as though it was their first sight in a mirror.

"Yes Edward, most newborns are stunned by the wonder of the new life. Maybe it's because you have my blood and Bella's, both of which are dead bloods, that you are already quick witted and functioning. Oh, what a day!"

His sudden giddiness caught me by surprise.

Bella asked, "What about Jacob?"

Emmett and I both replied at the same time, "What about him?"

"Well, we don't want that blood to go to waste do we?"

Peeling laughter made the walls of the small apartment shake.

Emmett replied, "No, no we don't, Bella. Rosalie, can you please bring back that dead blood bag so we all can have a few sips before we leave? And as for you Bella, I see why Edward likes you. For now my only option is to say, welcome to my family."

He walked away from us to Jasper and Alice.

I turned to her and we stared in the same wonder at one another, as Jasper and Alice had moments ago. I pulled her into my arms and our bodies meshed.

In a small voice she whispered, "I'm hungry."

"We'll go to and swim with the jellyfish. You can have all the rum filled blood you want."

Pulling away from my chest she smiled, "You remember our first conversation?"

"Of course! No passports are required, not that I think that will be a problem now."

Burying her head back into my neck she giggled, "I love you Edward."

"I love you too, Bella," and no words have ever been more permanent or true.

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