This story will chronicle Seth's transformation from boy to wolf to man. Little Sethy Boo will grow up before our very eyes. Thought it would be fun.

Chapter 1: A New Wolf Rises

"Definitely an Eight."

"Ahh, I don't know man," Embry said turning his head to the side in deep concentration, "I was going to go for seven."

"Seven," Quil scoffed like the idea was completely ridiculous, "do you see that ass? She gets an eight just for that!"

I clasped my hands over my ears before my head exploded. "OH MY GOD," I growled, "do you hear yourselves? We are supposed to be working!"

Quil turned around to gape at me, completely confused. "We are working," Embry barked, not bothering to take his eyes off the girl or the asset Quil had just drew his attention to.

"No," I explained getting annoyed, "you two told Sam we we're going to the beach for surveillance because you smelled something weird down here."

"I said I smelled something interesting," Quil answered rolling his eyes, "and everyone with a penis knows that is code word for going to scope out the honeys."

He looked at me like I was a complete idiot for not realizing the obvious. Another girl walked by and Embry elbowed Quil in the ribs. He quickly turned around and gave her a once over. He gave her an approving nod and leaned forward. "Imprint," he grunted squinting his eyes in concentration, "Impriiiiiint."

I'd had enough of this, there was only so much stupid I could handle in one sitting. I stood up only to find myself being pulled back by the hem of my shorts. "Don't even think about it kid," Embry warned with his eyes still locked on the girl.

I grunted and crossed my arms.


Just because they were older and bigger than me they thought they could boss me around. If I really thought about it and followed the chain of command, technically they were my bosses. Stupid werewolf crap. Fate and destiny were great and all but anyone who thought those two should be in a position of authority were obviously missing a few marbles.

A group of girls walked by and giggled as Quil and Embry threw big shitty grins their way. "Time to strike," Embry stated getting up and Quil was quickly behind him.

I didn't bother moving. "Hey ladies," Quil yelled, "who ordered some hot boys? Because I think your delivery has officially arrived."

They caused my head to hurt, I could feel brain cells slipping away by the second. I had only officially been a werewolf for a week. Seven whole fur exploding from every inch of my body every ten minutes days. To say it had been rough would be the understatement of the century. I thought back to that first night after the bonfire when I learned all our legends were true and I was the new main attraction. Unfortunately for me that wasn't even the worse part. There would always be my little chat with Quil. Of all the people Sam could have chosen to show me the ropes he picked Horny McDumbshit. I would never forget that conversation and I would never forgive Quil for it either.

~Five Days Ago~

I trotted out into the woods still trying to adjust to walking on four legs. This wolf shit was weird.

"Alright kid," Quil stated in complete seriousness, "I'm going to teach you how to be a wolf. Lets start with Lesson number one: your new and ever changing body."

I slowly nodded as the pit in my stomach grew. My body, or rather the new excess of my body, had been a nagging concern for me for the past four months.

"Good news is you are about to hit puberty head on. That hair between your legs isn't fur, so don't come asking me about weird shit like that. You're going to be getting bigger….every where. Don't freak out about it, you and all future girlfriends will be thanking your genetics later. Bad news is you're young, you're new and you're volatile. So no matter how enthused little Seth gets, you keep it in your pants until you learn to control your phasing. I'll let you know when that is, got it?"

I nodded again feeling really stupid about the fur between my legs thing. How the hell was I supposed to know? Plus how the hell did he know I was going to ask him that?

"Lesson number two," he stated interrupting my thoughts, "when we are in wolf form we can read each others thoughts."

A raging fear swept through me along with a couple pounds of embarrassment. Someone's inner thoughts were supposed to be private, how else could you convince other people to think you're cool? Damn, this really sucks!

"Yes it does, but its important during battle so you've just got to fucking deal with it little bro. You are going to have to get used to all of us knowing all your shit. Like that time you got your jollies off in the backseat of your mom's minivan to the thought of Rachel Black in that bikini."

My mouth dropped open and I was utterly horrified.

"Don't worry about it kid," he smiled, "We've all had that thought…well except for Jake. Lucky for you Paul hasn't seen that one yet. So, I'd suggest trying to guard your thoughts a little better. That or you will learn about lesson number three: how quickly our bodies heal the hard way. Like I did."




How do you guard your thoughts? There is tons of crap I don't want these guys knowing. Suddenly a thought started ripping through my mind. I was twelve and I tried on Leah's thong just to see what it felt like. I just didn't understand how girls could wear those things and it not ride up their ass all day. If it did ride up their ass, did that mean they liked it?

"Holy shit, Seth," Quil grimaced and I realized what I had just done.

I hated being a fucking werewolf.


"Next lesson please," I quickly stated before I could dig myself any deeper.

"Hey guys," another voice chirped in my head.

It was my sister. She'd just phased but I couldn't see her yet. "Sam told me Quil was giving you some pointers, thought I would stop by and make sure he was actually helping you," she stated gruffly as if she had no faith in Quil at all.

She was completely right. Quil eyed me and I mentally kicked myself again.

"Sorry," I thought at him but he just grinned.

"So, Leah my sweet little dumpling cake."

"Quil," she growled and I knew she was getting closer, "what did I tell you about your little nicknames?"

He ignored her completely. "Tell me about this hot pink leather thong you have," his head jerked toward me and smiled.

Sure enough the memory instantly filled my head again. Even though I knew that was exactly what he wanted, I just couldn't help it. How do you stop your mind from doing something it had gotten completely used to over the last fifteen years.


Oh shit.

Quil busted out laughing and I heard Leah coming through the bushes. I ran for it. I ran for it like a bat out of hell, or a little brother running from his mutant bitch of a big sister. Leah's fast though. Too fast. Quil had been right. I learned how quickly my body could heal from a broken femur the hard way.

~Back to Present Day~

Quil and Embry were now fully engrossed in conversation with the group of girls. There was lots of giggling coming from their direction anyway. It was about time Quil learned that Seth Clearwater, though he may be the new wolf in town, was still a damn wolf and wouldn't be taking shit from him.

I got up and walked toward the group of girls wearing my innocent face. "Aw, who is this," they squeaked as I approached, "is this your little brother?"

"Something like that," Embry said concerned, "you need something kid?"

"Nope," I smiled and they quickly turned their attention back to the girls.

"So, how about that number?" Quil asked.

"Sure, let me get my cell."

"Wow, Quil," I beamed at him, "I guess you were right. Girls really don't care about your herpes."

Everyone went completely silent except for Embry who coughed up a half laugh before catching himself.

"Herpes?" The girl asked.

I looked at Quil, shocked. "You didn't tell her? I thought after that last chick you promised to tell them before hand?"

"Umm," the girl stuttered as she began to back up, "I just remembered I have a boyfriend. You boys probably shouldn't be hanging around us."

With a couple of disgusted glares thrown Quil's way they were gone. Embry and I both let out bursts of laughter. I felt Embry's arm around my shoulder. "Good one kid, but I'd suggest you get the hell out of here."

"Why," I asked still giggling at my own brilliancy.

About that time I noticed the ripples going down Quil's arms. Shit. I turned and ran for it again. My clothes ripped as I phased mid stride just on the other side of the tree line. This time I made it a half of a mile before Quil caught me.

I was becoming very well versed in that damn lesson number three.