"Just like old times, eh, boys?" Danny marvelled. He walked up behind the couch. Bobbi was sitting on one side. Swampy - no, Sherman - was on the other. And they wouldn't so much as look at each other. Danny put his arms around his two best friends. "C'mon, you two. You haven't seen each other in years. Can't you at least try to be civil?" Neither one replied. Danny sighed heavily. "Whatever. I'll just go then. Maybe I'll see you in a few more years."

He slammed the door behind him. Bobbi sighed.

"Maybe he's right," he mumbled. "What are we doing? We used to be best friends."

"Sometimes people change," Sherman replied softly.

"Well, you haven't changed one bit," Bobbi chuckled. The corner of Sherman's mouth twitched.

"Neither have you. Let's go catch up with Danny. I see a night of bar-hopping in our immediate future." He took Bobbi's hand and pulled him to the door.

"Just like old times, eh?"

A/n moar love handel. yus? yus. This one's not so much BobbixSherman or anything, but I still think it's kind of cute. I love Love Handel so much. xD