I'm sorry for the crappy summary. It sounded better in my head, but I can't put it down in words. This is a suspense story. Follow Amu as she tries to get her memory back.

You'll find out how she lost her memory, what her friends try to do to get her memory back, and what some will do now that she doesn't have a memory of them.

Ikuto also is caught up in her struggle. Find out if she remembers him or if he is lost completely in her past.

Just as a note, none of these things have happened to me yet. So the feelings in this story are completely made up. Unless I lose my memory in the writing process, but I hope not.


I had never really thought deeply about things; until now.

I guess that everyone is different, and they feel different, so I don't know what this would feel like for someone else.

But I can tell you what it felt like for me.

Waking up.

For me, waking up is like resurfacing in a lake.

You can see the surface getting closer, maybe getting lighter, the blackness receding; you can feel the pressure change, and you can will it closer, and eventually, you might get there. Some people do; some don't.

Luckily I did, though I don't know if I wanted to.

Before the first sign came, nothing mattered. Time didn't pass. There was nothing to mark it. Just the blackness.

Then the pictures started.

Nothing much at first. It was like watching them on an old movie screen. Just blurry flashes of color and something on the edge.

Then, they began to form. This is how I knew time passed, because the pictures moved. I began to see faces, some familiar and some not. Some sweet and some annoying. Others I didn't know what to make of.

There was my parents and my little sister. I could always recognize them. They had been part of my life for too long. Cemented in my brain in every corner. There were too many memories to wipe out.

Others were not so lucky. I began to see faces that seemed like they should be familiar, but they weren't. It was like fleeting thoughts or ideas. You almost remember them, then they slip away. Even though I couldn't feel, they made me remember anger, annoyance, infatuation, and sorrow.

Gladness and happiness. There was a lot of that, so I guess that I had been happy before.

Other signs began to appear. Like the darkness. It was getting lighter.

Not in the sense that you start seeing light, but there is the presence of light.

If you watched the dark, you couldn't notice anything. But if you take notice of the dark, then notice again a while later, you can see the minute difference.

From my time spent in the dark, I could see the difference. Time seemed to go faster when the light began to take over faster.

I began to hear whispers when I was floating in the darkness. Before, it had been silence and the flashing pictures. Now, there were voices.

They weren't from the pictures; they weren't even words. I could only hear the presence of the voices more than anything. They were there, and they kept me company. I wished that I could reply, but I had no control over myself. I could only float there in the lightening darkness and listen.

I don't know how long I floated in the eternal darkness, which was now on the verge of dark grey, listening to the voices and watching the flashes. Nothing changed.

Until one day…

In a rush…

I woke up.