Double Bubble Toil and Trouble

Magnus was right. The strange mixture he had given him worked almost instantly. His fever broke within the hour. His cough went away, his throat soothed, his headache faded to nothing. His strength took longer to build, but not his stubborn will. That came back very quickly.

"I'm fine, Clary, I just want to get out of this damn bed." He said. She shook her head, hands on his shoulders pushing him back down.

"No you're not. Not until you're better. I'm not taking any chances with this virus, okay? You're staying right here," She said firmly. He sighed, agitated. He folded his arms over his bare chest. She half smiled at him. "Stop pouting."

"I'm bored," He said, justifying his pouting.

"Well, you're gonna have to stay bored for a little while longer." She retorted, sitting down next to him. He looked at her, his face unreadable, and pushed her hair behind her ear.

"Thank you," He said quietly. "For what you did. For being there. For, for helping me," She knew how uncomfortable he was talking about this, but she let him keep going. "I don't think I would have been able to get through that without you," He was talking so quietly she could barely hear him. "I love you, Clary. And now…now you know how much I need you." He gently pulled her toward him, kissing her softly.

She touched his face and his neck, feeling the scars there.

"You still bored?" She whispered. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her on top of him. She smiled, heart pounding at the look he was giving her.

"I can get un-bored really fast." He said wryly.

"I don't think un-bored is a word." She retorted. He kissed her deeply, taking her off guard. She gasped, almost literally melting into him, fingers tangled in his gold curls.

"Don't change the subject." He whispered before kissing her again.

"You sure you're, um, up to it?" Clary asked, sounding a little embarrassed.

"I'm always up to it. You'd probably have to kill me for me to not be up to it." He grinned.

"Don't hurt yourself, then." She said, returning the smile. He rolled on top of her, smile fading. He stroked her cheek, hands calloused but somehow soft and gentle.

"I love you, Clary. I love you more than anything."

"I love you too." Clary said, hardly breathing.

He kissed her again, and she could still feel the pain he had inside him, awful memories that might never surface. But she wouldn't push. She wouldn't ask. She would be there. Always.

Magnus and Alec were, once again, trying to kiss. But it was a little hard when they heard the, uh, noises down the hall.

Magnus sighed and pulled away, agitated. "It's always something." He grumbled.

"Maybe it's a sign that we should just try later." Alec suggested. Magnus looked at him.

"Maybe…" He said. He looked at Alec again, his eyes lighting up with a sudden recognition.

"I cannot believe I didn't think of this earlier." He grabbed Alec's hand and snapped his fingers.

Alec blinked, that's all. And one moment he was in his room. The next, on the couch in Magnus's loft. He looked around in disbelief, blue eyes wide.

"How did you do that?" He asked. Magnus smirked and wagged his finger back and forth.

"A magician never reveals his secrets, Alexander," He said. "Now," He pulled Alec's body flush with his own, smiling when the Shadowhunter turned a light shade of pink. "Where were we trying to get to?"

Alec lunged at him, knocking him on his back, lips attacking his. Magnus smiled and laughed in his throat.

"Eager, are we?" He asked. Alec blushed but he kissed him again, sliding over him. They looked at each other for a moment.

"Finally." Alec said. Magnus grinned broadly.

"Yes, finally."


--Ahh, well all is well in the Institute. I know it was short guys, sorry. Thank you for reading!--