-The Graveyard, The Beginning of the End-

It was very quiet, not a sound penetrated the suffocating silence. A mist was curling around the graves as the sun slowly started to rise. The sun sparkled against the harsh, white snow covering the ground in a velvety blanket of white. The miracle of the dawn was ignored by the only two beings in sight. Both were silent, holding hands, watching a line of graves. Both were indistinguishable, hidden in the depths of cloaks, one purple, one green. The one in purple was holding a small bouquet of white roses limply by their side in one pale, delicate hand. It was the same color as the snow, while the other was a richer, tanner color.

The one in purple suddenly had the bouquet separated in their hands. Compared to the one in green, the being in purple seemed too fluid, too smooth to be real. Their movements were so quick and graceful as they gently placed a rose on each grave in the line. Then they stepped back and the one in green took their hand again. The sun rose further, but no light penetrated the thick cloaks. "They are not gone forever." An accented voice said softly, almost from another time.

"It hurts just the same, Tom." said a decidedly female voice from under the purple cloak. The voice matched their movements, soft and fluid, yet with a tint of sadness and sorrow beneath. The one in green named Tom squeezed her hand. "The one's we love are never truly gone, Cecily." Tom said to her, and for a moment, they only watched the graves as if the expected the deceased to suddenly appear from the earth. Cecily's hands started to tremble, but Tom did nothing, only squeezed tighter.

"It's only a matter of time." Cecily said, and Tom glanced at her.

"What do you mean?" He asked, and she sighed.

"It's only a matter of time before either I want them back, or they want to be back themselves. But I can't play that game forever. I know you feel just as much loss as I do, but I can't bear the waiting, the uncertainty. The fact that I carry their dead spirits with me all the time doesn't exactly help. I can't do it." Cecily ended in a whisper.

Tom said nothing, but stiffened until he was too still to be humanly possible. Suddenly, a new voice joined the duo, coming from nowhere at all. "Cecily, Tom is right. The one's we love are never truly gone." A beautiful willowy voice said calmly, and Cecily sighed again, and silence reigned.

"Am I strong enough for forever?" She asked rhetorically to the nearest grave after awhile. "Can I carry this curse until the end of time?"

"Yes, yes you are, Cecily. And I'll be there every step of the way." Tom said almost instantly, taking both of her hands.

"Can you remember the last time we were all together, happy together? It was at our first wedding." She seemed to only speak to the graves, not to the man next to her, but he put an arm around her as she did so. "That was so long ago," she whispered, and Tom tightened his grip.

"It won't be so hard the next time. We will have seen them age before. Thanks to you, they got to live the lives the deserved. Besides, everyone had their lives to live. You went to school, I got a job, Harry and Ginny married…Cecily, wait!" He called. She had shook her head and walked swiftly down the line of graves awhile, away from Tom, until she reached another stretch of graves. Cecily reached into her cloak, pulling out red roses this time. It didn't seem like she had walked, rather floated too fast for normalcy across the hard snow.

"The red is only fitting for you all, seeing as it is your trademark. That's how I used to find you in large crowds, by your hair." She laughed softly as Tom caught up. He took the roses from her and gave a rose to each grave, 9 in all. They stood in silence once more, ignoring the chilly air that swirled around them. The sun finally came fully over the horizon and made the snow look like a faceted diamond, prisms of light reflecting onto every surface.

"It started with a graveyard, and now it ends with one. It's ironic." Cecily said finally, glancing up and down the line of graves. Red and white roses stood out against the snow. Tom moved around to face her, putting his hands on her shoulders. "It hasn't ended, Cecily. It never will, I promise." He swore, and then took her left hand in his. Two rings sparkled in the bright sun, one on her pointer and one on her ring finger. Tom bent his head and kissed the newest looking ring, although its design seemed to be from another time. The gold one was tarnished and worn, while the one with the light blue stone seemed to glow with its own light. Tom then took Cecily's hand and led her away from the long line of graves. They made no noise as they moved through the snow, and as quickly as they had come, they vanished.

I want to thank everyone for putting up with my first Harry Potter Fan-fiction. Your reviews helped immensely, and I'm proud of how this story turned out. I don't think I will make a sequel. Any story that drags on and on following characters lives are really rather boring, and I don't want this story to go down that road. I hope you all enjoyed it!!