To all of my readers: I haven't forgotten any of my other stories, but this is one that I can't ignore. I've put it in the crossover category only because there are a lot of different themes in this story, and you'll notice a few familiar OC's and other characters that I've used. I know that this is random but I hope you still enjoy it.

Princess Peach: A True Story

My name is Victoria Sandora. You don't know who I am or what I fight for, that's because according to all of you, me, my friends, my fight, my world, none of the above even exists. We are silent heroes, fighting a battle to bring the humans of this world, your world, to freedom. But I'm not going to waste time explaining my life's story. You wouldn't understand, and I'm not here to talk about myself. The person I'm here to talk about is someone you know very well, or at least, you think you do. This person has been given the reputation of things such as: dumb bimbo, helpless damsel in distress, and slut. In rare cases she has been viewed as all of the above. Yes, the person I'm here to talk about is none other than the Mushroom Kingdom's own royal figure, Princess Peach Toadstool, and let me tell you, the rumors are no match for the real thing.

The real Princess Peach, how can I describe her? She was everything a princess should be. She was a figure of courage, sincerity, and grace. She was intelligent, kind hearted, unselfish, shy and soft spoken, the kind of person you couldn't help but love on sight. But beside all of that she was in pain. She was fragile, sad, her eyes were the eyes of someone who had seen too much, and when she spoke, she almost sounded like she was sighing in sadness with every word. But while she was hurting she never complained, instead she continually put others before herself. She was scared, but she always moved forward towards the future. She was beautiful in so many ways, both outside and inside.

I'm here to set the facts straight. I want to go past the videogames, past the fiction, past the rumors, and show who the real Princess Peach was. The Princess Peach that to this day, as I write this biography, I'm still proud to call my best friend.