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Heroes Come In All Forms
Chapter 2: Wicked Lies

Slums, Haven City
Bqsjm (pronounced: Bachs-jum) 8, 303 BN (April 8, 303 AM – After Mar)

Sable looked around when they dropped down out of the fortress. "This place looks familiar."

"Maybe it'll help you remember," Jak said.

Now outside of the oppressive atmosphere of their personal Hell, both were more relaxed. This, though, was a bit of a misnomer. Relaxation implies the loosening of muscles, and an inner peace. Neither could claim inner peace anymore and both were as wound up as springs, ready to fight for their lives at a moment's notice. However, there was a little relaxation in the sense that they now felt freer to speak and could breathe the polluted, but free, air of the city.

"We need to find some place to get Sable some clothes," Daxter said. He had come prepared to break Jak out of the prison, but hadn't been prepared to break out an amnesic prisoner with shorter ears than normal.

"There's an old man and a boy over there," Sable said. "Chances are the old man would not try anything when he must protect the child."

Jak agreed and Daxter rolled his eyes and said, "Do you always look for the tactical advantage of everything?"

"I'm surprised you know what that means," Sable said.

The old man saw them coming, "Hello, strangers. My name is Kor. May I help…"

Jak backed the old man up with his confrontational attitude, "You look like a reasonably smart man. I want information! Where the Hell am I?"

Daxter jumped down from his usual perch on Jak's shoulder and approached the kid, "Aaah… sorry! He's new to the whole conversation thing." The kid seemed interested in meeting Daxter and smiled, but remained silent.

"Well," Kor said, dusting his blue robes off from where Jak had grabbed him, "my angry young friend, you are a 'guest' of his 'majesty' Baron Praxis, the ruler of 'glorious' Haven City." Kor gestured around at the city, which did not look glorious at all, in fact, Haven looked just the opposite.

"We were just 'guests' in the good Baron's prison," Sable growled. Sable had rather pointed teeth and somewhat elongated canines. They were not vampiric long, but slightly longer than his other teeth.

"Inside a cell or inside the city… walls surround us both," Kor said, trying to placate the two. "We are all his prisoners."

"Great, we trade one prison for another," Sable growled.

Armored footsteps alert them to company. "Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'd move on if I were you," Kor said. At the end of the alleyway a group of Krimzon Guard soldiers seemed to be heading towards them. Kor attempted to move the kid to either get him away or to hide him.

"By order of his eminence, the Grand Protector of Haven City, Baron Praxis, everyone in this section is hereby under arrest for suspicion of harboring underground fugitives," the guard says. Kor and the kid froze; there was no way they could run away from this. "Surrender and die!"

Daxter approached the lead guard, "Aah, excuse me, sir, don't you mean surrender, OR die?"

"Not in this city!" Kor states, wide eyed. "Protect us from these guards, and I'll introduce you to someone who could help you!"

Sable and Jak both narrow their eyes and gain devilish smirks.

Dark Eco was probably the most dangerous substance ever to exist, at least on Persuria. A drop of the substance, which wasn't actually a liquid, but more of a plasma, could kill a child. Of course, it was highly unpredictable, too. Falling into Dark Eco could change a person. The experiments Praxis performed did not use pure dark eco, but electrified Dark Eco mixed with a small amount of Metal Head Blood.

This caused the demonic entity known as Dark Jak to appear when he came across enough Dark Eco. This was due to his ability to channel Eco through his body, whether it is Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Light, or Dark. When Dark Jak transformed it caused Sable to gain a power increase. This was due to his affinity for it and his magic.

Even though Sable had forgotten his ability to perform magic, magic had not forgotten Sable and responded similar to accidental magic during times of high anger.

Sable jumped the nearest guard, grabbing the guard's head and slamming him on the ground. On Tau'ri the attack would have been called an implant DDT. Sable heard a sickening crack and knew this guard was out of the fight, permanently.

Jak rushed the other guard, going for a low punch which hit the guard right in the groin, before jumping up and doing a spinning kick which snapped the guard's neck. It was at this point that Jak lost control of his darker half.

Sable felt the Dark Eco pulse through his veins and brought down the guard transport hover using a combination of unconscious magic and Dark Eco. Guards poured out of the transport and right into Dark Jak's fists and legs. Every time Dark Jak hit something shocks of Dark Eco electricity poured from his arms and legs.

The guards yelled, "Shoot that thing! Shoot it! Shoot it!"

Sable jumped on some guards, body slamming them to the ground and ripping their necks open using a combination of fingers and the sharp rocks that littered the ground of the alleyway. Blood poured across the alley and Dark Eco electricity zapped everything in sight.

Both lost track of the number of guards they took out, but when it was over and Jak managed to get the darkness back under the surface, they could tell it was a lot. Body parts were no longer attached to the guards they came from. The ground was stained red with blood. Scorch marks littered the walls and some of the bodies from the Dark Eco shocks. Somehow, though, they and Daxter had remained unscathed.

"That was cool! Do it again!" Daxter said, jumping off of Jak's shoulder.

"Something's happening to me…" Jak growled, trying to regain control of his own body. "Something he did… I can't… control it." He relaxed a little as the Dark Eco sank back into the background.

"Very impressive," Kor said, coming back over.

"Ehh, you okay Jak?" Daxter asked. Sable glanced at the blond, but determined he was okay, despite his heavy breathing.

"What you just did was very brave. This child is important," Kor said, giving his thanks and gesturing to the child.

"This kid? He looks kinda… scruffy," Daxter said walking over to the blond kid. Sable wondered briefly, looking at the kid, whether he was somehow Jak's illegitimate son. The kid couldn't be any older than three and was only distinguishable by the green tint to his blond hair and the odd symbol that hung from a leather thong around his neck.

A guard in a hover vehicle descends from the upper hover zone and says over a loud speaker, "You are in a restricted zone. Move along." He takes off, though, without bothering to see if the group obeyed his orders.

Sable was amazed, "Okay, so the guard sees a bunch of bodies and two people covered in blood and just lets us go?"

"I think this city is having a lot of problems," Jak agreed.

"Thank you for your help," Kor cut in, "but I must get this boy to safety."

"Hey! What about us?" Daxter asked, annoyed. Kor had promised to take them to a person who could help them.

"There is an underground group raging war against Baron Praxis. Its leader, the Shadow, could use fighters like you!" Kor said moving away. "Find a dead-end alley near the city wall. Ask for Torn. He can help you."

The group looked at each other. "What are the chances that this Torn guy will just let us join?"

"Nil," Sable said.

"First we have to find our way there," Jak said, looking around the unfamiliar city.

"I think it's safe to assume we're in the slums," Sable said.

"We are, I've had two years to familiarize myself with this city," Daxter said. "Just a moment," he climbed up the wall of one of the buildings and looked around. Sable and Jak leaned against the wall, waiting. A minute later, Daxter slid down a pipe and jumped back on Jak's shoulder. "The city wall is in that direction," Daxter pointed towards their right, "and there looks to be a dead-end alley over there, too."

"Then let's go," Jak said.

"Problem," Sable said.

Jak stopped moving and turned around, "What?"

"I don't think we can just go walking around looking like we just came out of a blood bath," Sable said.

Jak agreed and looked around, "It would be best if we could find some clothes for you."

Sable spotted an upscale gentleman walking towards a parked hover vehicle and approached. A sharp knife hand to the back of the neck and the man was out cold. Sable quickly removed the clothing the man wore and put it on. It consisted of a black tunic and black leggings in a similar style to Jak's with a pair of black boots.

"I think you just took down the city's undertaker," Daxter said.

"We'll make it up to him," Sable said.

"How?" Daxter asked, sarcastically.

"We'll give him more business," Sable said, with a sadistic smile.

"Screw vicious, you're sadistic," Daxter said, cowering a little behind Jak's head. Jak rolled his eyes at the pair.

"This solves one problem, but the blood?"

"Hmm," Sable said. He spotted a water pipe nearby and walked over to it. Another knife hand, this time done vertically, and the pipe burst allowing clean water to flood the street and spray all of the dark haired former experiment.

They washed off the blood as best they could and left the alley, not caring that they were dripping wet, at least they were drying quickly.

The main street was bustling, hover vehicles zipped over head, people waddled and walked around, and lights lit the town brightly.

"I'm glad someone has their priorities in order," Sable said, shaking his head.

"Praxis is an ass," Jak agreed.

The people were living in hovels that looked to lack adequate safety measures, yet, the Baron lit signs of his rein and had loud speakers shout propaganda.

"Let's go meet Torn," Daxter said.