Alright, starting a new story. First off this story is going to be seriously AU for both the Harry potter series and the dark knight series. It is a crossover between the two with a joker/Hermione paring. This story was inspired by the Lithium series on you tube by xxtingxx

This person did an amazing job mixing the two together and telling a wonderful story. I hope I can do the videos justice with my stories and I hope you all like them.

What I plan to do is focus on each video one at a time and make one story for each video.

Here is the stories summary:

Hermione granger is the brightest witch of her age. Because of her success and outstanding talents in school she is one of the students selected to attend a special social party put together by many different magical "scholarship" type companies. These events are thrown once year and only the students who excel the most are invited to attend. At the party they meet and speak with different people who run companies and magical colleges that are interested in having said student work for them or attend their school.

The joker decides he wants to crash the party and there Hermione and joker meet for the first time. Despite the danger everyone is in the joker manages to make her laugh. The two quickly become obsessed with one another and Hermione is forced to choose between being with the joker and remaining on the side of the light with her friends.

Will she choose the side of light? Or will she choose the side of darkness and chaos?