~*~Don't want to let it lay me down this time~*~

'Pull the trigger!' He shouted in his mind 'For Hermione! For every person this man has ever killed! Come on Ronald! Pull the damn trigger!'


A few more seconds ticked by before finally Ron spoke. "I-I can't do it" he whispered with a defeated tone. "I can't kill you." Joker opened his eyes and made a 'tsking' noise. "That's to bad Ronnikins. You loose the game. Now you'll be the one to die." Ron slumped back against the bed. He lost. Now the Joker would kill him.

He looked up at the ceiling as Joker walked out of the room. 'Im sorry Hermione' was his last thought as the room engulfed in flames.

-In the hall at the same time-

Joker reached into the pocket of the nurse's outfit and pulled out a small detonator. As he pushed the button, he said "Kaboom"

Ronald's room bursts into flames and fire, debris, and other objects fly into the hallway as the explosives placed in his room go off. The Joker laughs madly as he walks down the hall and away from the burning room.

It was a dark day at Hogwarts. The décor in the great hall was black. A tense silence had spread all across the school as students filed into the hall and they all sat down at their tables. Some students were crying others were silent and said nothing. Some out of respect for the loss of a fellow student others out of depression. Even the Slytherin's were silent out of respect. However, that was more due to the fact that a muggle had killed a fellow wizard, and a pure blood at that.

Harry and Hermione sat next to each other at the table. Hermione was openly crying. Harry shook with sadness and anger. Dumbledore for once instead of his loud colorful robes work dull black robes. He walked up to the podium to address the students of the school. Behind him, even some of the teachers were crying. "Everyone please rise,"

The students did as told. Many of them bowed their heads. "Today…we acknowledge…a truly terrible loss…"

After the ceremony in the great hall, Dumbledore told all the students that he had canceled all classes for the day and that grief counseling would be available for those that felt that needed it. Harry and Hermione were on their way back to the Gryffindor common room. "Harry" Hermione started feebly. "Why?" She did not speak. "Why couldn't you just listen to us? For once Hermione! Why couldn't you just listen to someone other than yourself?"

"You're blaming me?" Hermione asked shocked and hurt, though she knew herself that she was to blame for what had transpired it hurt even more when her friend actually said it aloud. "Im blaming both of you!" Harry yelled as he turned to face her. "If you had just stayed away from him like any sane normal person none of this would have even happened. If you didn't curse Ron he wouldn't have been in the hospital to begin with!" Hermione let out a chocked sob as more tears fell down her face. She could not deny anything Harry said no matter how much she wanted to. The truth of his words cut her deep. Harry turned away from her. "Im going to kill him," Hermione's eyes widened in shock. 'NO!' "Please just listen!" Harry ignored her and continued up the steps.

Hermione collapsed onto the steps crying. She felt as if her world was falling down around her. For some reason she held the delusion that, she could somehow have both Joker and her friends. That she could be the Joker's girl while at the same time remaining part of the golden trio. She knew now that was impossible. She should have known it from the start. Now Ron was dead, her best friend killed by the man she loved. Now, her other best friend was going to kill the man she loved and she did not know how to feel. She did not know whom she wanted to win.

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