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Akatsuki are plaguing the Hidden Leaf with a series of attacks in frenzied attempts to capture Naruto. Konoha is holding strong, but many ninja are dying, and Tsunade is resorting to desperate measures.

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Chapter 1

Tsunade-sama, the hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, rubbed her tired eyes. The fierce battle with the Akatsuki, the most recent of many, had jarred Konoha to its very core. The village was still holding up, of course, but for how long?

She lifted her head as her keen ears detected muffled footsteps from behind the wooden door of her office. "Come in." She watched as the two appointed guards in her office shifted their positions so they were standing nearer to the door, but out of sight. Their kunai were held at an angle, ready to act at a moment's notice.

The door opened. A spiky blonde head protruded from the outside, followed with a tired looking face. Tsunade felt a slight pang. Even happy-go-lucky Naruto couldn't remain the imbecile he was under these extreme circumstances. Sakura followed close behind, and then Kakashi.

"I've called you three together for an important meeting." Tsunade stated, gesturing for her guards to exit. They hesitated. "Go!" she snapped impatiently. "I'm sure that Kakashi and his students are trustworthy." "Y-yes, Tsunade-sama!" They scrambled for the door. Tsunade was not in a good mood these days, and it wasn't a good idea to provoke her while she was this tired.

"The situation's getting bad." Tsunade stated. "Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi. I don't think Konoha can hold off the Akatsuki for much longer. No matter how many times we fend them off, they just keep coming back. Even with our most skilled ninja tracking them down, there is little hope. They're determined to get to you, Naruto. I can't think of any solution, except…"

"NO!" Sakura pounded her fist onto Tsunade's desk, not caring how this would provoke her. "Tsunade-sama, with all due respect, you can't surrender Naruto to them! You just can't!" "Can't? Who says I can't? I can do anything I want." Tsunade growled. "But lucky for you, I have another way. There's a jutsu that may help." Naruto's eyes shone. "So there's a way out of this?" "Yes. This jutsu was originally thought of by none other than Orochimaru himself." There was a pause. Naruto opened his mouth to say something, but Tsunade shook her head. "Please wait until I'm done. This jutsu has the power to transport two people at a time- only two- into a different world."

"So I can get out of here! Konoha is SAVED!" Naruto shouted, punching the air. "YEAH! BELIEVE IT!" "Naruto!" Tsunade's eyes narrowed. Sakura edged away as a vein began bulging on her forehead. "There are some downfalls. Firstly, the limit of the amount of people you can send." "How's that a problem?!" Naruto's loud voice cut her off once again. "SHUT IT!" Sakura punched his head. Hard. A loud thwack accompanied it, sending Naruto sprawling, paralyzed, on the carpeted floor.

""Don't worry, Tsunade-sama." Sakura said hastily. "He's just paralyzed… I think."

"This is NO time for foolishness!" Tsunade growled, pounding her fist down on the polished wooden desk, causing it to crack slightly. "Get him off the floor. Now."

Sakura reluctantly helped Naruto upright, who gingerly rubbed the egg-sized lump that protruded from his messy blonde hair.

"As I was saying," Tsunade-sama growled, interrupting Naruto before he even opened his mouth, "There are several downfalls to this jutsu. First of all, I can't send you with Kakashi, Naruto."

"What? Why?" Naruto's frowned, and then accused, "You said that two people could go at a time!" "I was amending to that when you interrupted me!" Tsunade countered, clenching her fist. This idiotic ninja was driving her over the edge. Literally.

"There is absolutely no reasoning behind this- or, at least, none that we know of." Tsunade paused, and then continued. "During our experiments we used several rats. The fully grown rats failed to disappear. But the younger ones did so. Only two at a time."

"Our theory is that the mass of the chakra inside a fully-grown ninja's body is much greater than that of a younger ninja. The chakra, according to studies, is amassed over time."

"But Tsunade-sama," Sakura interrupted, appearing rather agitated, "if this is true, then the jutsu wouldn't work on Naruto, would it? The amount of chakra he possesses due to the jinchuuriki far surpasses that of Kakashi or Kurenai or maybe even you, Tsunade-sama, with all due respect."

"This same theory presented itself to the ANBU upon discovering the new jutsu. Naruto, you may not know this, but we have a small… sample of your chakra." "My CHAKRA? How the hell did you get my CHAKRA?" "When I say a sample, I mean a very small sample. Microscopic. Literally." Tsunade held up a seemingly empty glass vial. "We used it on a young rat. It was transported immediately. Our investigators believe that because this… evil chakra is somewhat sealed, it doesn't count towards your total amount of chakra. As long as you keep it under control in the transporting process, you should be fine."

"When did you discover this?" Sakura asked, amazed and intrigued. "I mean, even in all my studies, I've never read even a single entry that claims a different world might exist."

"We discovered Orochimaru's old papers two months ago. He hid them well." Tsunade sighed. "And we finished experimenting just last month."

"Then why haven't you sent Naruto already?" Sakura asked. Tsunade watched as her pale green eyes flashed with anger, which Tsunade understood. People were dying, and Tsunade had had the solution for almost a month. "Because. The amount of chakra used to transport even a rat is extreme. It took five people. Naruto needs a hundred ninja alone to even get him to the new world. Not to mention you, Sakura."

"I'm going, too?" Sakura's eyes widened. "Yes, Sakura. The transportation is scheduled to be in five minutes. Kakashi, you'll be with me outside of the circle."

"Remember, you two, remain anonymous. I will get you back from this 'new world' when we are fully ready to hide you. You shouldn't have to remain in hiding for more than three months."

Naruto and Sakura exchanged a glance, then looked back at Tsunade. "Hai, Tsunade-sama."


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