On the twelfth floor of the hotel room L sat in front of a computer screen and watched the footage from the secretary camera placed outside. He munched away on donuts as he reviewed the footage, then perked up when he fond something interesting.

L licked a bit of cream off his lip and hit the rewind button, popped an eclair in his mouth, then paused the scene for the camera placed outside the hotel room. On another screen he pulled up the elevator footage from earlier, pulled out a donut with delicious strawberry frosting from the box, which he took his time gnawing on, and ran quickly through the photo-play on monitor. He gulped down the remainder of his donut and motioned over to the elderly British man who was serving tea to the Japanese men sitting rather uncomfortably a little ways away, "Watari..."

Watari set down the tea pot, excused himself gentlemanly, and turned to walk to L. Naturally this peaked the interest of the group of guests, but L just ignored them. L pulled up the current footage of the kid getting chewed out by what looked like his (impatient) father in the lobby, he looked up at Watari (who was standing over him) and said calmly, "Don't let this child leave this hotel"

Watari nodded, and walked out the door. By this point Matsuda was blatantly leaning over the edge of the coach so that he could get a better view of what was going on. Mogi took the back of his shirt and, as Matsuda looked surprised, firmly pulled him back into his seat.

Yagami coughed pointedly into his hand and L kind of looked at him by looking upside down over his shoulder, another donut now in his mouth. Yagami looked sternly at L, "Excuse me, but could you please tell us what just happened?"

L spun around in his chair, without ever taking his eyes off of Yagami, until he sat facing him. L took a bite of his donut and rested on his knees as he examined the rather uncomfortable old detective. He chewed on his donut for a bit then took it out of his mouth and waved away the question, "It's not really anything you need to worry about"


Ran, Mouri, and Conan were about to leave the door when the man whom Conan recognized as "the elderly English man from the donut shop" approached them. The man walked up to Mouri, "Excuse me, are you detective Kogoro Mouri?

There you go, chapter, uh, 11? Writers blocks still bad but I was able to think of something for this story :p I'm sorry about it's lateness. My computer crashed last night...