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Damned heart. The rapid beating inside his chest gave him a rotten feeling at the pit of his stomach. Dr. Briefs, who had helped him into his tuxedo, had smiled and commented about how it was good to be nervous on the wedding day. Nervousness had nothing to do with his current heart state: embarrassment was the culprit. He had not quite understood the magnitude to which his woman had decided to hold the wedding. Several hundred guests were crammed into the ballroom area, the noise from their errant chatter reaching his ears in the main house quite easily. A many pieced orchestra warmed up their instruments, colorful decorations hung to and fro. And he was to be in the center of all of it. He was a prince, damn it all, not a peacock. At least he had been reassured the ceremony would be quick and painless, and there would be mountains of good food at the reception. None of which, of course, meant a great deal to him at the present.

He was very glad he had set his foot down about his outfit, for he had seen many examples of what passed for fashionable on the guests and threw up a little in his mouth. It was dearly hoped his woman's outfit was respectable. He did not want the image of her in a silly state to be burned into his memory for the rest of eternity.

After he finished fretting over the tightness of the devilish garment about his throat—the damned "bowtie"—he took a deep breath and informed the event coordinator that he was ready to get this over with. Everyone hushed a little when he entered the ballroom, watching him take his place in front of the man who would be performing the marriage ceremony. They hushed even more when he turned to face the crowd. To his left were the two Earthlings, his "groomsmen" as they were called. And then he waited.


She wanted to pass out. Or scream. Or something to get rid of the gnawing at her stomach. In less than an hour, she would be married to Vegeta, the Prince of All Saiyans, a ruthless warrior who had killed countless people without mercy. The man who had fathered her wonderful child, the man she loved. She took in a deep breath and released it slowly. No more freaking out, she told herself.

Her bridesmaids finished adjusting her veil and her train, and were now waiting around patiently for the ceremony to begin. It had been her feeling that letting Vegeta be the one to determine the start of the ceremony would be much better than rushing an already tense man into something he may or may not be ready for. That, and he liked to be in control. She did as well, but she also could not destroy a planet. So, with that knowledge, she took a drink of water and waited for the event coordinator to come and get her. She did not have to wait long.

Before she knew it, she was being handed an extravagant bouquet and was watching her bridesmaids walk into the ballroom, knowing all eyes were now waiting her presence. She began having a minor panic attack. What if Vegeta decided not to go through with this? What if she was standing up there, professing her heart in front of everyone, and he rejected her? What if she entered the ballroom and he was not there? These questions increased her heart rate greatly, and she was breathing quickly as she walked through the doors. And then she found she had nothing to worry about.


The music began and all eyes looked toward the doors, including his. "Bridesmaids" came into the ballroom first, taking their sweet time walking up the aisle and situating themselves opposite him. And then she entered. A short veil obscured her face, but a few stray curls escaped the gauzy material. Her shoulders lay bare, the dress corseted and strapless, with a huge skirt billowing from her waist. He tried to breathe a sigh of relief at knowing she was dressed appropriately, but he found he could not breathe at all. The doctor was at her side, arm linked with hers, but he barely noticed. He barely noticed much of anything after the doctor pulled her veil back to reveal her face.

She handed the large bouquet in her hands to one of her "bridesmaids" and stood next to him, turning to face the minister. The minister began speaking, but he heard little of it. The only time he moved or understood anything was when Bulma turned to him. The vows! This was what he was so nervous about. Damned ritual. He had been given the traditional vows to read over, and had thoroughly disliked much of what they had to say. When he told the woman about his dislike, she had suggested writing their own vows. At first, it had seemed like a good idea. But now, he was not so sure.

"I know we've had our differences, still have many to this day, but one thing I know for sure is that I love you." Her voice was a bit shaky, as though she too were nervous about speaking to him and in front of an audience. "I promise to take care of you in sickness and in health. I promise to give you your space when you need it. And I promise to be on your side when no one else is." He waited for more, but there was none. Simple, to the point, and over. Now it was his turn.


She waited for him to speak. She hoped he would speak. If he let her bare her heart to him in front of the crowd for nothing, she was going to kill him.

"You have made promises to me…I will try to be civil to your family and friends. I will try to be a good father to our son. I will try to be a good husband to you. But, the only thing I can promise with all certainty is this: I will protect you and our family from danger and anyone who tries to harm you. You will be safe as long as I am around." His cheeks were tinged pink, but her line of sight was blurred with the tears that welled up in her eyes. For all his toughness, he truly cared.

The minister spoke then. "Very well. If anyone has just cause why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace." Speak now and die, she thought. Fortunately, not a sound was heard. "By the powers vested in me by West City, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The sounds of cheering and applause were drowned out by the pure warmth she felt as Vegeta cupped her chin and gave her the most loving kiss she had ever received.


The reception had been very entertaining. Krillin and Yamcha had taken turns telling stories about Bulma when she was just a teenager, turning her face red with embarrassment and anger. He had to smile when she threatened to beat the pair with her heeled footwear. If she had been a Saiyan, she would have been a great warrior. That thought dampened his mood a bit. His family was dead, his old family at least. His father would have approved of his mate, and he knew his mother would be ecstatic. Though they had been weak, he believed he would have been happier today if they were still alive. He would stay alive and keep his mate alive so they would see their son grow up, fall in love, and get married. They would see the warrior he would become, and they would be proud. He would be proud.

His mood had lightened once the food had been served. It was difficult to remain dignified while gorging on the plentiful bounty in front of his, but he tried his best. After food had been served, a few more speeches were given, all about Bulma, and then there was dancing. He sneered at the thought of having all eyes upon him as he danced with his mate, but the dance did not last long and the eyes went about their own business. Finally, as the event drew to a close, he was led outside by his woman. Waiting for them was a helicopter.

"Ready for the honeymoon?" she asked sweetly.

He crossed his arms. "You know, I could fly us anywhere much faster than this contraption." She gave him a small laugh.

"Yes, but then my hair would be a giant mess and my beautiful dress would be crinkled." He sighed and handed her into the helicopter.

The flight lasted only a few hours, during which time neither spoke more than a few words. They landed on a small island devoid of human life. "My father owns this island. We used to come here on family vacations when I was little, but now I think it's better used as our vacation spot."

"I only agreed to two days, woman. Try to keep me away from my training any longer than that, and I will leave you here by yourself." She approached him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Two days is all I need. Now, be a good husband and carry me across the sand into the building." He obliged. Most other days, he might have refused, but tonight he would refuse her nothing.

The building lay nestled within the palm trees. He crossed the sand easily and used the touchpad to open the door, holding his mate effortlessly in one arm. They crossed the threshold, and he immediately sought the bedroom. It was difficult to choose between them, as there were so many.

"The one at the top of the stairs," the woman whispered. Ah, she was just as eager as he. Excellent. He took the steps two at a time and entered the master bedroom. He laid his mate on the edge of the bed, and took a seat beside her. The blankets were soft and inviting. His fingers smoothed over the crook of her neck and gently nudged her lips closer to his. "Vegeta...I have a question." Why did she possess the most abominable timing?

He growled impatiently. "What is it?"

"Well, is there something that I, I mean, you know, that we have to do in order to become real mates?" She clenched her lips together shyly. He raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, certainly." He moved his lips against her ear and whispered gently. "But we have done that many times." He laughed and took the light swat she delivered to his arm. "Woman, I am not sure what you think constitutes taking a mate for a Saiyan, but you effectively became my mate when you bore my child and I began living with you. I just did not know that until recently. Now, any more questions, or may we enjoy our wedding night?" She shook her head.

One hand deftly worked its way through her hair and removed the pins keeping the veil in place, letting it fall from her curls to the floor. The other hand wrapped itself around the back of her neck and pulled her lips to his. He wasted little time delving within. Their lips moved in time, their tongues gliding sensuously over each other. He felt a hand caress the back of his neck; it grew tighter with each stroke. Continuing to ravage her mouth, he semi-consciously explored her back and began undoing the many hooks that kept her bosom caged. Her hand pulled his head closer to hers, melting their mouths together in a liquid warmth.

His hand finally managed to undo all the hooks and stroked the smooth skin of her back. It explored underneath the last hook, testing the soft flesh of her lower back. He pulled his mouth from hers and pulled her to her feet. With a gentle nudge, the garment fell to the floor. The instant erection floored him. Skimpy white lace decorated her breasts and her mound, the lower blue curls eagerly poking out. Her bright pink nipples, erect and begging to be touched, nearly sprung forth from the small bit of fabric enclosing them.

A finger pulled the bra down, fully exposing the sumptuous breasts. He bent down and took one in his mouth, his arousal growing at her moans of approval. Her fingers moved quickly to unclothe him. The only time she needed his help was when he had to bend over and throw off his shoes and socks. Now he was fully naked and she was wearing too many clothes. He unhooked the bra and pulled the panties from her without objection, and then laid her across the bed, he atop her. He covered her mouth once again, one hand taking turns fondling each nipple and the other playing with the soft curls of her mound. She played as well.

Her slender hands stroked his erect organ, even being so bold as to tease his testicles. He grunted in pleasure and entered her slit with two fingers, causing her to scream. She was so very wet and ready for him, and that knowledge made his grunts and groans even more intense as she caressed his length. He moved his fingers slowly, drawing out her pleasure, not allowing her the release she desired. But, then again, she was doing the same. Finally, she had had enough.

"Vegeta, please," she breathed. He removed his fingers, admiring the slickness of them, and positioned himself between her thighs. One hand on her lower back, the other to the side of her head, he plunged himself within her. Now they were both screaming. She bucked her hips with each thrust, bringing her hot core up to meet him. The wetness enveloped his length and sent sensations through each nerve ending. He struggled to keep a steady rhythm. Her legs wrapped around his buttocks and crushed his hips against hers, driving him deeper inside her. He sped up his rhythm and felt her hands tighten against his back: there would be scratch marks there in the morning. Suddenly, she screamed louder than she had been and he felt his length being swallowed by her contractions. He stilled himself as she rode her climax, and quickly thrust once she was done, finding his release easily and spilling inside her.

Both breathed heavily as they separated. He looked over at his mate, who in turn looked back at him. "You know, if sex is this great when we're happy, I can't imagine how amazing our make-up sex is going to be." He smirked and caged her head with his arms.

He gazed at her for a moment and took in her wonderful eyes. This was his mate. Nothing would ever keep them apart again. "You will just have to make me angry and find out."

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