Chapter 1

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Bella POV

"Alice where are we going?" Rosalie and I asked annoyed.

"Shh! Relax we are almost there." Alice responded. Alice and Rosalie are my best friends in the world. Alice was a famous fashion designer whereas Rosalie was a famous supermodel. We have been best friends ever since we met in high school.


"Bella are you sure you don't want me to drive you to school? It is only a couple of miles away." My mother Renee said.

"Mom, I'm fine. The bus isn't so bad." I said, lying through my teeth. The bus was horrible. Imagine the worst bus ride you can think of and then make it two times worse. Trust me, if you stepped onto my bus you would walk right off. But, my mom always worked too hard. Taking the bus was just a thing that I felt I had to do to make her less stressed.

"Alright Bella. I'll see you when you get home." My mother said kissing me.

"Ok, bye mom!" I said quickly then walked out the door. My walk to the bus stop was short. I just had to walk to the end of my street. When I got there, there were two girls I have never seen before. They must be new to the school.

I walked up to them and got a better view of them. One girl had short spiky hair and dressed really fashionable. The other girl had long blonde hair and looked like she should be on a runway. The spiky haired girl turned towards me and said," Hi I'm Alice and this is my friend Rosalie. We just moved here. Who are you?"

"Hi." I said shyly. "I'm Bella."

"Oh my gosh! I love your name! Would you want to sit with us on the bus?" The girl named Alice asked.

"Um…sure. It's better then sitting alone or getting spitballs in my hair." I laughed.

They laughed too. "The bus is that bad huh?" The girl named Rosalie said.

"You don't know the half of it." I sighed.

*End Flashback*

Ahh, those were some fun times.

"Bella! The paparazzi are following us again!" Rosalie complained, pulling me out of my reverie." If you weren't so god damn famous, maybe they would stop following us and leave us alone."

"If you guys are famous also, why is it always my fault?" I accused.

"Um… let's see, because you have another #1 album out and you are the most famous singer in the world!" Alice said rolling her eyes like she made this speech everyday.

"That's not the only reason." I said blushing. " You guys throw things out of proportion. The paparazzi are following you guys too not just me. I am not that popular.

'If you aren't so popular then why do people try to break into your apartment sometimes?" Rosalie asked.

"I am not the luckiest person. It would be my luck to get ambushed by paparazzi on a daily basis or get my apartment broken into."

"Bella you have got to be kidding me. Luck? Bella you are the luckiest person alive. A fantastic singing career and you have just about every guy practically kneeling at your feet. Yeah, that's so unlucky." Alice said.

"Ok, I see your point but you guys always make things seem so much bigger than what it really is." I shot back.

"You are so humble Bella. You don't look at yourself clearly." Rosalie accused.

"Why are we at a restaurant?" I said changing the subject when I noticed we pulled up to a fancy restaurant that made me feel underdressed.

" I have some news I would like to share with you guys." Alice said mischievously, as we walked into the restaurant. As we walked in a few people started whispering but we ignored them because we were so used to it by now. After all we were always the most talked about friendship circle on the web and magazines. The host looked over at us and did a double take. He then nearly sprinted to us and looking at me only said," Table for three?"

"Actually, I believe someone else has already gotten us a table thanks." Alice cut in and then steered us away towards the dining area. "See, Bella, every boy kneeling at your feet." She giggled.

"Shut up!" I laughed.

We walked into a noisy eating area. It was brightly lit with a lot of waiters and waitresses walking around. Alice brought us to the back of the room, where it was a little less quiet and only a few tables occupied. A group of boys looked over at us but we pretended not to notice. Alice brought us to our seats and then I realized we weren't eating alone.

"Hi Jazz." Alice said.

"Hello Alice." He said kissing her. "Hello Bella. Hello Rosalie."

"Hello." Jasper has been Alice's boyfriend for almost two years now. They met when Jasper was working for Rosalie. He was her bodyguard until he met Alice then he switched to her. Rosalie, let's just say wasn't to happy with Jasper, but Rosalie got over it when she realized how happy Jasper made Alice.

"So no offense Jasper but why are you here?" Rosalie asked.

"I wanted to be here when Alice told you guys the news." He replied.

"Alright so… what's the news?" I asked.

"Let's order first." Alice said quickly, pushing us into the booth. As we started to sit down the waitress ran over to us at top speed. You would think she was running from a wild bear. "Would you like anything to drink?" She asked. We all ordered coke from her and then she went to retrieve it.

"Do you guys know what you want?" Alice asked us after a minute of us looking at our menus.

"Yeah, I think so." I said.

"Yes." Rosalie said. As she said that the waitress suddenly appeared again with our drinks and asked us what we wanted. We all ordered and turned towards Alice and Jasper.

"Okay! What's the news?" I asked.

Alice hesitated and looked like she wasn't sure how to begin. Finally after a minute she said." Okay…well…um…well JasperandIaregettingmarried." Alice mumbled.

"What?" Rosalie asked

"Were getting married!" Alice said excitedly.

Rosalie and me screamed and then jumped over from our side of the booth to Alice and Jasper and started hugging them and jumping up and down.

"Guys! Let's sit down." Rosalie laughed. " Everyone is staring."

It was true. All the waiters and waitresses and even some costumers were sticking their heads in our direction trying to figure out what was going on. After everything settled back down, the waitress brought our food. We each had some of our food and I could tell Rosalie couldn't hold it in anymore and asked, " Okay when, where and how?" We looked at them and waited for someone to say something. But before they did I noticed Alice had an engagement ring on her finger. I couldn't believe I didn't notice it before. I was too preoccupied into where we were going.

" Alice! Your ring is beautiful! I cannot believe I didn't notice it before."

Rosalie gasped. " That is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen." It was a silver band that had a 1-carat diamond in the middle with two smaller diamonds, one on each side. After that there were even smaller diamonds down the side. It was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.

"Thanks! I know I love it!" Alice squealed. " I just about tackled Jasper when I saw it."

"Just about?" Jasper smiled.

"Very funny." Alice said sarcastically.

"Guys! Hello! Back on schedule. What about the proposal?" Rosalie asked.

"Why don't you tell them? You are better then telling stories than I am." Jasper said looking at Alice.

"Alright. What do you want to know?" Alice asked.

Rosalie and I sighed. " When, how, where." We said together then laughed.

"Alright lets see. Well. Jasper called me yesterday and asked me if I wanted to go out with him. Obviously I said yes. So when he picked me up, I asked where we were going. He wouldn't tell me and I was getting annoyed because you know how I love to be in on everything." Alice laughed.

"Yes we do." I said.

"So anyway." Alice continued. " He parked along the beach and brought me to where a picnic basket was set up. As you probably guessed I was so excited and practically dragged him over to the blanket."

"Pushed." Jasper coughed.

Alice ignored him and went on, " We ate mostly in silence. Jasper was very quiet. He would answer my questions but would say nothing else. I asked him what was wrong but he said nothing, you know boys, always hate to tell you their emotions." Alice chuckled playfully ruffling Jaspers hair.

"Hey!" He whined.

"So then…" Alice continued ignoring him again. " After we sat in silence, he handed me a beautiful seashell and told me to open it. You can guess what I found in there." Alice laughed again.

"The ring." I said.

"Yup, and then I turned to him and asked him what it was for and then he asked me to marry him." She squeaked.

"Ahh! That's so romantic." I said.

"Then she tackled me to the ground and –" Jasper said but was quickly cut off by Rosalie.

"That's enough!" Rosalie said holding up a hand. " Need to know only thanks!"

We all laughed and Alice blushed which made us laugh harder.

"Bella! Those boys over there are staring at you." Alice said quickly after we all settled down trying to prove her point.

"Ugh! Why can't they go put their heads into a toilet? That way they can get a good view of their annoying faces." I said really irritated. This was the third time today! This was the one thing I hated about being a singer. You never knew who liked you for the famous you or the real you.

"Bella, it looks like one of them is coming over here." Rosalie said snorting.

I turned and saw a boy with sandy hair coming this way. The expression on his face said I could get any girl I want. Ugh! My patience was running on thin ice. I am so sick of this. I mean, I love meeting fans and all, but I hated when they tried to be all cool.

He approached my table, not even paying attention to any of my friends. "Hey sweet thing. How about you and me catch a burger or something?"

"I'm already eating." I said. My friends all coughed trying to hide their laughter.

"Oh, well how about tomorrow?" He asked, not pleased with my response.

"No thanks." I said.

"Well baby, they always come back to me so, here's my number." He pulled out of his pocket a piece of paper and flicked it over to me. " Just in case." He winked. " The name is James by the way."

"Ah, thanks?" I said.

"No problem, sweetheart." He said and walked away towards his snickering friends.

I looked over to my friends and their faces were bright red. "Oh just laugh!" I sighed. They burst out laughing and I had to laugh along with them. That was the most pathetic pick up line I have ever heard.

"Now that is something you don't see everyday." Jasper laughed.

"Oh, it happens everyday." I said. "But it's not just me. It happens to Alice and Rosalie too."

"What!" Jasper said turning towards Alice. " Alice! Why didn't you tell me?"

"I never thought too." Alice said.

"Jasper don't worry. Alice doesn't even pay them any attention what so ever. She just keeps walking, pretending like they aren't even there." I said.

"Oh, ok. But I still don't like the idea of you getting asked out everyday." Jasper said slightly stressed.

"Jazz, don't worry. You are the only one for me. I'll even kick them if I have to." Alice said.

We all laughed. "She would to." Rosalie said.

Jasper smiled. "I know." He then kissed Alice. "Oh I almost forgot to tell you Rosalie. I know how you hate your body guard, so my brother Emmett who works as a bodyguard for my other brother Edward said he would be glad to help you out when you need it."

"Oh my god! You don't mean Edward Cullen?" Rosalie asked.

"Yes? Why?" He asked.

"I can't believe he is your brother! He is the best singer in the world!" Rosalie said. " But not as good as Bella." She put in quickly.

" I hear that everyday!" He chuckled. " But we are getting off topic here. So do you want Emmett to help?"

"Oh, sure. I could use some back up." She said.

"Okay I'll give him your number and have him contact you." Jasper said.

Rosalie nodded. After that, we talked about random things, like the current news and what rumors were swirling around about us now.

I looked at my watch. It said 9:00 pm. Wow.

"Guys I have to run. It's 9:00 and I have a concert tomorrow." I explained standing up.

"Okay. I'll drive you home." Alice said. Then her eyes lit up. " Bella, can me and Rose crash at your place, because we have to come over tomorrow and get ready for your concert too."

"Sure, that'll be fun." I said smiling.

"How about I pick you guys up in Alice's limo tomorrow with Emmett and we can drive you to the concert?" Jasper asked.

"Oh! That would be great. Thanks so much Jasper!" I said.

"No problem."

"Alright. Bye Jazz. See you tomorrow." Alice said and gave Jasper a hug and a kiss and then said she would go get the car.

Rosalie and I said goodbye to Jasper and followed Alice out the door. In the corner of my eye I saw James trying to pick up another girl. As I walked out the same sentence kept running through my head. Will I ever find someone who would love me for me?

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