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Bella POV

We arrived at the hospital in just enough time before Alice was sent into the delivery room.

"Alice!" I breathed a sigh of relief as I opened the hospital room door. Rose and Emmett were waiting outside in the waiting area, so only Jasper was in the room with Alice.

"Bella!" Alice squealed when she saw me come through the doors. "I'm so glad you got here in time!"

"Me too!" I smiled as I went over and sat down next to her. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm doing okay." Alice sighed as she squeezed her eyes slightly. She grabbed another piece of ice and popped it into her mouth.

"Just think…pretty soon you'll have not one but two bouncing bundles of joys in your arms." Emmett boomed as he walked through the door.

Alice gave him a look and then breathed in a sharp breath. "Jasper!" Alice huffed.

Jasper went pale and the nurse came in.

"All of you need to leave! There are too many people in here!" The nurse told all of us and then hurried over to Alice. "Alice, it looks like you are ready, so we are going to move you into delivery okay?"

Alice nodded, grunting a little.

"Good luck Alice!" I kissed her on the forehead quickly and then Edward, Emmett and I walked out of the room and made our way back to the waiting area.

"So…how was the tour?" Emmett asked as we were walking back to the waiting room.

"It was great." I smiled up at Edward and he pulled me to his side. "What did you do today Emmett?" I asked looking up at him.

I guess that was the wrong question to ask because he came to a halt.

"What did I do today?" He echoed my question, his eyes growing dark.

Edward and I stopped, turning around, looking at him in confusion.

"You want to know what I did today Bella? Okay, well, I will tell you what I did today. I had to look for wedding cakes! Now, we all know how much I love cake!" Emmett began what I could see to be a very long rant.

Edward and I slowly nodded our heads in response, not knowing and afraid of where this may be headed. Due to the fact that this was concerning Emmett, this rant could go anywhere.

"So…what's the problem here may you ask? Why am I annoyed exactly? Well let me tell you Isabella Marie Swan why I AM ANNOYED!" Emmett's voice rose to full volume. He seemed to get enough grip on himself to lower his voice before continuing. "At a cake store it is one's job to sell cakes. Now, at said cake store you may design said cake. Now this may seem fun! Oh hey! I get to design my own cake! Now being a cake lover and all this was my initial reaction when Rose told me we were going to a cake shop to design our cake for our wedding. Well, let me tell you this Ms. Swan. I was in for a surprise when we got to the cake shop. When one says they would like to design a cake at said cake shop, it not as simple as bad bing bada boom. You see, in said cake shop, they offer different kinds of cakes to choose from…"

Emmett trailed off holding up his hand up at me, seeing that I was about to cut in and speak. I was going to try to calm him down a little but then decided that it may be wiser to let him go on, so I stopped and let him continue.

"Let me elaborate a little more." Emmett huffed and nodded his head. "See, as I was saying, they have various styles of cakes to choose from. They have small cakes, they have big cakes, they have medium sized cakes, they have jumbo cakes, they have doubled layered cakes, they have triple layered cakes and they have many more FUCKING layered cakes. Now…" Emmett let out a shaky laugh, "once you pick out the size of said cake, you must choose the flavor of the cake! DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT! Now, once you have gotten past these two steps," Emmett trailed off for a second and then continued, "…are you ready for this? YOU NEED TO CHOOSE THE DESIGN FOR YOUR CAKE! Oh yes! Let's not even go there!"

I felt Edward's chest vibrating next to me and I looked up and saw him pursing his lips together to contain his laughter. I looked down afraid his laughter would cause me to burst out laughing.

"Emmett what color frosting? Emmett what color flowers? Emmett cream cheese or whipped frosting?" Emmett quoted Rosalie and shuttered a little. "Those are only three of the thousands of questions Rosalie asked me in the store." He shook his head and then stopped and looked at me. "Now…DO YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUSE ISABELLA?" Emmett asked.

I stared at him and couldn't respond for fear of my whole body breaking out into hysterical laughter.

"Do you know what it is like…" Emmett sad slowly after a mintue, "… to wait hours to find the right wedding cake? I mean its cake! DO YOU THINK I WILL REMEMBER THE FUCKING SIZE OF THE FLOWER ON THE CAKE OR IF THE CAKE HAD TWO OR THREE LAYERS OF FROSTING ON IT?!" Emmett ended with a huff. "THANK GOD ALICE WENT INTO LABOR OR I PROMISE YOU I WOULD STILL BE IN THE CAKE SHOP AT THIS VERY INSTANT!"

It seemed now that Emmett had finished his rant. The hallway was silent again for a few moments and then Edward barked out a laugh next to me.

"So your day has been good so far Emmett?" Edward asked, teasing his brother as Emmett stormed past us back to the waiting room.

Emmett flipped Edward off as we took out seats down next to Rosalie.

"Alice is going into labor." I told Rose trying to keep my composure afraid, I would burst out laughing over Emmett's rant about cake like Edward.

"Oh I can't wait to see what she has! I can't wait till I have children! Oh they are so cute! I hope I have twins too." Rose gushed to me and I saw Emmett give Edward an "are you kidding me?" look and I tried to contain another giggle.

I wasn't sure how Edward felt about children. I mean, sure I would love to have one child but it wasn't something that ever really came up and if it had it had never been anything conclusive.

"Ugh, how long have we been waiting?" Emmett asked.

"It's been three minutes Emmett." Edward rolled his eyes.

"I need a drink." Emmett got up and left.

"So Bella! You need to tell me everything you did on your tour!" Rose turned to me after Emmett left.

"Let's go for a walk Rose, get out of this waiting room." I told her standing up.

"Okay." Rose got up.

"We'll be back soon Edward." I smiled and we walked out.

"Okay." Edward smiled and then grabbed a magazine.

"Rose, there's something I need to tell you." I told her as we walked out.

"What? Oh my god! Did he do it? OH MY GOD! Where is it?" Rose asked grabbing my left hand and flipping it around.

"Who do what?" I asked confused, noticing her hand freeze in mine at my confusion.

"What?" Rose looked confused and then something swept over her face. "Oh. Nothing." Rose said quickly. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the boys." I said confused, "what are you talking about?" I asked my eyes narrowing as she bit her lip and looked away.

"Oh nothing. What about the boys?" Rose asked finally turning back to me.

I hesitated for a second and then sighed. I relayed the message Alice had given me about "the usual" bet about who could get engaged first.

"THEY. DID. NOT!" Rose yelled.

"Alice made Jasper confess." I told Rose who did not really surprised.


"Rose, it's me you're talking too. You're going to have to talk to Alice. I'm sure she has already got something planned." I rolled my eyes.

"They are idiots! Who do they think they are? Making a bet on who could get engaged first?"

"Well it was obvious on who was going to lose, I mean come on. It's Edward we are talking about here. Think about how long it took for us to get together. It will be another five years before we actually get engaged." I sighed.

"It'll happen for you Bells. Trust me." Rose smiled and hugged me.

"Thanks Rose." I smiled back and hugged her.

"Ugh okay I need to get the boys out of my mind before I do something that I regret. Distract me…tell me about the tour now!" Rose squealed, sitting me down on a bench in the hallway.

"Okay." I smiled and told her about the tour, the whole time thinking about what she said about the engagement and hoping that her words were true.

Edward POV

"EDWARD!" Emmett yelled running back into the waiting room where I was seated.

"Emmett!" I looked up at him alarmed. "Are you okay?" He looked like he was about to faint.

"Edward, I just- I just-." Emmett couldn't seem to find the right words and I grabbed him as he swayed a little. I lead him over to a chair and sat down next to him.

"What is it Emmett?" I asked starting to get concerned. His face was a horrible shade of white.

"Oh Edward! Our lives are over as we know it!" Emmett exclaimed.

"Whoa! Weren't you supposed to go get a drink? That is hardly a death sentence."

"Edward! I heard Bella and Rosalie's conversation!" Emmett breathed.

"And?" I asked confused.

"THEY KNOW!" Emmett squeaked.

"Know what?" I asked as I felt my heart starting to beat a little faster.

"About the bet!" Emmett breathed, looking me straight in the eye. "They know about "the usual" bet we made about who could get engaged first."

"Oh." I froze in my chair.

"Yeah! And then-! Oh God!" Emmett yelled, shivering about the image in his mind.

"What?" I asked nervous. What could be already worse then this?

Emmett's face got all red. "Okay, so when I heard this I turned around and ran into the nearest room because they were walking by. I obviously did not want them to know I had been eavesdropping so without thinking I ran into a room." Emmett gulped.

"Yeah? And…?" I asked not knowing where this was heading.

"I went into a delivery room." Emmett stated.

"OH GOD!" I looked at Emmett horrified.

"IT GETS WORSE!" Emmett exclaimed. "It was the room that Alice was in! She was in mid- labor!" Emmett looked so sick I thought he was going to faint.

My mouth gaped open at this.

"…And I saw EVERYTHING!" Emmett literally looked like he was going to cry.

There was a stunned silence for a second and then I couldn't help it, I began hysterically laughing once again.

"DUDE IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Emmett yelled punching me in the arm to shut me up. "Alice screamed and Jasper looked like he could've ripped me to shreds. I ran out as fast as I possibly could."

I suppressed another laugh.

"OH GOD EDWARD! I thought looking at cakes was bad! NOW the girls know about the bet which means I have an angry Rosalie ready to pounce on me. God only knows what her revenge will be. To top it all off, I also have an angry Alice who will most likely rip my head off once she gets out of labor." Emmett shook his head and then smacked himself on the forehead muttering, "stupid, stupid, stupid," with each smack.

I just looked at my brother in disbelief.

"Whoa Em, you look terrible!" Bella said as her and Rose walked back into the room. Both the girls took in Emmett's hunched over frame.

"What, did you see a ghost?" Rose asked, laughing, sitting down across from us.

I barked a laugh. "No, he saw a little more than that."

They both looked confused and Emmett groaned.

"What are you talking about?" Rose asked.

I told the girls how Emmett walked into the delivery room Alice was in and they looked like they were half amused and half annoyed at Emmett's current predicament.

Rosalie of course, let her anger overcome her slight amusement though.

"WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU GO INTO A DELIEVERY ROOM, NEVERMIND ALICE'S?" Rose leaned over slapped him on his already red head from being slapped by himself minutes before.

Emmett looked at me for help to answer the question but I was scared too answer.

"Edward." Bella raised an eyebrow, waiting for a response.

"He heard you talking so he ran into the nearest room he could find so that you wouldn't see him eavesdropping on your conversation." I confessed to Bella.

"Whipped." Emmett muttered as I told the girls this.

"Wait…what exactly did you hear?" Rose asked slowly.

"Um…" Emmett trailed off, not knowing what to say, but his hesitation gave away the answer to her question.

"THEY KNOW!" Rose exclaimed, turning around to face Bella.

"They know what?" Bella asked confused at Rose's exclamation.

"They know we know!" Rose told her.

"What do we know?" Bella asked Rose, still not catching on.

"Yeah…what do you know that we know?" Emmett asked.

"Oh you know that we know what you know you did!" Rose's eyes flashed.

"Well so what if we know that you know what we already knew that you knew that you know knew know knew…!" Emmett shot back and we all looked at him confused.

"Oh!" Bella suddenly understood what Rose was getting at and they both crossed their arms over their chest.

"Oh, we know." Bella said and they both glared at us.

Emmett looked at me and I just shook me head.

"And we are not going to let you get away with it either!" Rose told us standing up.

"Come on! Edward lost and Jasper totally forgot about the bet until I brought it up again that day we were playing basketball! Why bring it up again?" Emmett asked trying to calm the girls down.

"You're kidding right?" Rose shook, and then took a moment to restrain herself. "Love isn't just something to bet on you idiots! It means something and if you can't take that seriously then you can take this ring back Emmet Cullen!" Rose stormed out of the room as she threw her engagement ring at Emmett's head.

There was a stunned silence for a second as I saw my brother look down at the ring that he caught in his hand in shock.

"Rose!" Emmett exclaimed quickly, jumping out of his chair and following her out of the waiting room.

With them gone, that left Bella and I alone in the waiting room.

I sat there, unsure of how to proceed.

Bella got up quietly and sat down next to me.

I looked down at her, trying to read her face, not knowing her thoughts.

I took a huge breath and then spoke. "Bella you have to believe me! We made that bet when I was still dating Victoria. It has nothing to do with you. It was never a contest when I asked you to have dinner with me that night. I honestly could have cared less about the bet! I asked you out because of YOU and not to win that stupid bet that we made! It was just something stupid, it doesn't mean anything and it certainly does not reflect my feelings that I have for you because you are the-" I tried to finish speaking but Bella cut me off.

She laughed. "Edward, I believe you. I know that you love me. I know that you didn't date me just so you could eventually win the bet and I know that you wouldn't just ask me to marry you to win a bet. You are much too smart for that. I know you would never do anything intentionally to hurt me. It was just a stupid thing that your brothers did. It's okay." She kissed me and I kissed her back relieved. "I love you so much Edward. Next time you can tell me okay? I really don't care. I know what your true intentions are. We've been over this a million times. You don't have to remind me." She smiled and looked up at me.

"I love you so much Bella and I am so sorry about all of this." I told her. "Oh and I will keep reminding you of my feelings for you. You deserve to be told everyday how much I love you and how beautiful you are. You are my Bella and nothing will ever change that." I looked Bella in the eyes and her cheeks flushed a deep red. She took my hand and I felt the familiar spark course through out hands and up my arm. I leaned down and kissed her.

When we finally broke apart she leaned her head on my shoulder. "I love you too Edward. So much. But just because this was a silly and meaningless bet doesn't mean I am not going to get back at you." Bella teased, looking up at me and kissed my neck quickly.

''I deserve it." I told her, turning to face her while leaning my forehead to hers. "Why do I let my brothers talk me into these things?" I whispered as I kissed her nose.

Bella laughed. "Because you love them and you do what all guys do." She smiled and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

I groaned. "Bella, that was way to short." I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her closer to me so that her lips were a mere inch from mine.

Her beautiful brown eyes stared deeply into mine.

After a second, I crashed my lips down to hers, forgetting about everything else going on around us at that moment.

Bella POV

About one hour later, Jasper came out into the waiting room and told us that Alice had had her babies.

I squealed and jumped out of Edwards lap, which I had somehow found myself sitting on.

Jasper had informed us that Alice had had a boy and a girl.

Edward and I walked into Alice's room and saw two little beautiful babies in her arms.

"AWWWW! LOOK AT THE BABIES!" Emmett exclaimed coming into the room ten second after us. Rose and Emmett were holding hands and Rose had here engagement ring on her finger again so everything seemed to be all right between them again.

"SHUT UP!" We all told him at the same tine.

"Whoops." Emmett sighed sitting down in the corner of the room. He pulled out a couple Twinkies from his pocket and scattered them across the table.

Emmett was having a rough day.

"Aw Alice they're so cute! What are their names? Have you decided yet?" I asked sitting down next to her.

"Well this little guys name is Connor…" Alice smiled and turned her head to the little girl in her other arm," and her name is Hannah…." Alice sighed looking down lovingly at her children. " I CANNOT WAIT to go shopping!" Alice smiled looking up at me.

"They are beautiful Ali." I smiled, kissing each of them softly on their foreheads.

Alice's eyes welled up with tears. "Oh! I already love them so much! Say hi to your Auntie Bella guys." Alice nearly sang.

Alice then seemed to remember something and whipped her head around and stared down Emmett in the corner.

Emmett froze, his mouth open because he was midway into shoving a Twinkie into his mouth.

Emmett smiled nervously and held out the Twinkie at Alice. "Twinkie?" Emmett asked cautiously.

"I'll deal with you later." Alice hissed and then went back to focusing on her babies.

I stood up and told Alice I was going to leave and let her get her rest. Besides, I saw Rosalie on the other side of the bed just itching to come where I was and look at the babies.

"Oh of course Bella! You must be so tired as well! You must've had a long flight and then to top it all off, wait here for another 3 hours!" Alice smiled. "I love you so much Bells. Thank you so much for coming! Now go home and get your beauty rest!"

"I'll be back tomorrow!" I promised Alice. "You did wonderful Alice. I'm so happy for you. You are going to be the best mom."

Alice's eyes welled up again and she smiled. "Oh Bella! Stop you're going to make me cry!"

I laughed and squeezed her arm. Edward and I said bye to everyone else and then left.

We found the car quickly and got into Edward's Volvo, which he had driven from the airport the hospital.

I hadn't realized how tired I had been until I sat down in Edward's car.

"I can't wait to go home and sleep." I muttered as Edward pulled out into the road.

"Go to sleep Bella." Edward smiled. "I will wake you up when we get back to your apartment."

"Don't leave Edward." I sighed as my eyes slowly drooped shut.

"I won't." Edward told me.

"Promise?" I sighed, grabbing his hand.

"Promise." He said, squeezing my hand back.

The last thing I remembered was Edward carrying me upstairs into my apartment and laying me onto my bed before I once again sunk into unconsciousness.

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