Title: Morning

Pairing: Rex Godwin/Jack Atlus

Prompt: 015 In Between

Rating: T

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Rex Godwin/Jack Atlus

Summary: Jack overdoes it.

I can't get sick.

Jack's nose disagreed as a sneeze slipped through his fingers. He stifled the noise as much as he could so as not to attract unwise attention.

It was partially his fault. He had pushing himself much too hard on the training field. Even at home, he couldn't relax. The reason that he could not relax would go unmentioned. At least no one called him "selfish" or "spoiled" anymore.

With a groan, Jack slid in between the sheets. Hopefully, he would feel better in the morning.

He didn't. He felt worse.

Rex would not be happy.