A/N: I don't normally write things so short, but I had to give a RP example for my application to play Robin on the YD proboards and thought I may aswell upload it here so it didn't go to waste!
[I got accepted for Robin by the way ^_^]

Robin does some exploring...

Being able to enter the crypt was one of the most exciting parts of coming to Vlad's house, Robin thought. Not only was it a rare occurrence that they had the chance to be down there, but it was an experience like no other.

To be in a vampires lair, it was like a dream come true. Almost like being a vampire himself.


That night, while Vlad was in the toilet during one of their sleepovers, Robin had snuck down to the crypt in search of anything that might be of interest to him. He was sure Vlad wasn't telling him everything he knew about vampires. So he wanted to find out al he could himself.

Approaching the dusty coffins, his heart gave a thrill of fear as the lid lifted a crack, then stopped. It wasn't late enough for The Count to be in bed yet was it?

Robin rummaged around in the corner of the room, flicking through dusty leather bound volumes from centuries ago, on any subject imaginable. He found a particularly interesting one on vampire folk lore, and began to thumb through the pages.

A cold sensation reached the back of his neck and Robin stood perfectly stiff and as still as he was able.

Softly he felt two cool fingers stroke the base of his neck, and the sound of laboured breathing; out of habit he was sure.

The touch was now more than fingers; an entire stone cold body was pressed up against the back of his, and with a chill running through his heart, Robin was slowly turned around by said figure.

"Come down to bring me my dinner, boy?"

The spine tingling voice shook his whole being as he looked up into the piercing eyes of Vlad's father and watched in horror and awe as his fangs grew in length and grazed his neck softly…