Dear readers,

It has been a pleasure to write for DC/MK fandom. Kaito and Aoko has been nothing but fun to write - their friendship-turned-relationship is so dynamic it's almost like penning a play. The magician and his confidante take on such a life of their own it was hard not to sit back and just let the words - their lives - flow across the pages. I have to thank all the readers who stuck by me and reviewed my story. Even though it might be only a brief afterthought, the reviews were wonderful gestures that gave me support to keep writing and prodded me during my blank periods. Thank you. Really.

With that said, I have to apologize for my unfinished stories. For those for you who might be wondering, I haven't abandoned my stories. I'm still working on them. Unfortunately, I would have to apologize in advance for a further delay on the updates. Due to exams and life in general, I probably won't be get to posting updates until the middle of May.

However, the next chapter of "You're An Idiot, Now Kiss Me" is 80% done. I will probably get to posting it sometime next week. ^^

Happy Reading~