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"Bella please, I've had three of the other workers look over this and no one can figure out what happened," my co-worker Alice pleaded into the phone.

"This man said he would be back within the hour and he wanted it taken care of before he came back. Bella you know he is a frequent customer; if the boss catches word of this you know I'll be fired! Do you honestly want to have to deal with Tanya and Lauren on your own?" Oh, she knows that was a hard blow; I couldn't take those horrible bitches by myself.

"Alice, I have no one to watch Aiden; today is the babysitter's only day off." I explain to her.

I wouldn't mind helping Alice out, I'm pretty sure I already know how to fix the problem; but my son is my first priority.

"Bring him with you; it probably won't take you that long anyway, and you know how much I love seeing him. Please Bella, you know I wouldn't resort to this if it wasn't an emergency; Please!" she begged.

"Fine Alice, we will be there as soon as possible. You owe me!" I tell her before hanging up.

"Aiden! We need to go to mommy's work for a little while, can you get your shoes on for me." I shout to my son.

"Okay momma!" he yells back, and I can hear his little feet running down the hall towards his room.

A few minutes later my little boy appears at my feet. "Ready momma!" he exclaims.

"Okay baby, let's go!" I tell him while scooping him into my arms and make my way out to my car.

My son Aiden was quite the surprise to everyone when I found out I was expecting; but he is the greatest gift ever granted to me.

The only thing that I know of his father is that he has Aiden's hair and eyes, and if I remembered correctly he told me his name was Edward and someone had called him Eddie.

It was one of those college one-night stands that I'll remember for the rest of my life. I probably would have always remembered it even if it didn't bring me my son.

Since I don't know the man, I figured the least I could do in his honor - for giving me such a great child - was to give him part of his son's name; hence, Aiden Edward Swan.

One of my only regrets is that I barely remember what he looked like. I don't even know if I was to ever see him, if I would know it was him or not. Although my son's hair and eyes are rather noticeable features, so I might see the similarities.

I was at a party at the end of my senior year in college. I wasn't much for drinking but my friends dragged me anyway.

I sat on a couch off in a corner by myself; I really wasn't one to enjoy parties. I was sitting there reading on my IPhone, looking like I was busy texting so no one would bother me.

After awhile I felt another presence near me, I remember hoping it wasn't some creep of a guy trying to get in my pants.

He looked up when he felt my eyes on him and smiled and introduced himself. "Hope you don't mind me hiding out over here with you, I really don't want to be here and this seems like the safest place." He had told me.

We talked for awhile, and he seemed like a really decent guy and we were having a great time.

Then some whore came strutting around the corner and screeched out, "Oooooh Eddiiieeee, there you are!" the voice made us both cringe.

I leaned over, "Girlfriend you're avoiding?" I asked nonchalantly when really I was kind of hurt; I thought he was a good guy.

"My god NO; in her dreams maybe! She was in one class with me last semester, we were partnered up for a project and the delusional witch has been stalking me ever since!" he explained.

"Oh then you wouldn't mind me staking claim on you and making her nasally voice go far, far away?" I ask cocking my head to the side.

"Please, please do! Claim away, beautiful." He says opening his arms wide. I giggle and climb into his arms, resting my head on his shoulder.

The shrieking-banshee had finally made it through the crowd of people and over to us. When she sees me on his lap she narrows her eyes and puts her hands on her hips…ooh intimidating, psh.

"Play along," he whispers into my hair. I nod slightly so he knows I heard, but I'm having my own fun…he can play along.

"Eddie! What. The. Hell!" she shrieks and stomps her high-heel clad foot like a toddler not getting her way.

"Uh, Jackie is it? Wait no Jenifer?" he asks; faining ignorance.

"It's Jessica; you know that! Now why is this whore on my man!?" She yells; clearly getting angry.

I decide to play my role but really piss her off too, and hopefully get her to permanently leave him alone.

I turn to Edward while slipping my grandmother's diamond ring that I've worn since I inherited it on to my left hand. "Edward, she just called me a whore! That's ridiculous don't you think?"

I turn back to her when I see him nod. "Considering I'm his fiancée, and you are some cheaply-dressed skank who seems to delude herself into thinking my man is hers." I say calmly, watching her mouth fall open in shock; and feel his silent laughter under me.

"Wha-what! No, I've never even seen you with him and you have no ring you're lying!" she stutters out, grasping for a way to find what I'm saying not true.

I hold up my ring, "Oh, really? And as far as the never seeing me with him, maybe it's because you only see him during class when your harassing him." I explain, tilting my head to the side in a condescending way.

"You want to leave baby?" Edward says while nuzzling into my neck and rubbing my arms in a soothing manner; I nod. Who could pass that up right?

"Now if you could excuse us, um Janet was it? I'm going to be taking my fiancée home for the night," I say getting up and holding my hand out to Edward.

As we walk by her I lean in towards her and whisper, "that is most definitely a benefit of being with him, he's completely faithful, loves me, and can rock my world in the bedroom." I tell her winking at the last part, and then walk away.

I can hear her having a fit behind us and yelling, "it's Jessica!" towards me.

Edward wraps an arm around my waist and leads me in the direction of the door. When we get outside the house we both burst into laughter.

"Oh my god, after that I might just ask you to marry me; it was so priceless," he gets out between guffaws.

"Jeez, at least take me on a date first!" I tell him laughing and wink at him. I turn to walk towards my car and wave goodbye to him, expecting that was the end of it.

I hear his footsteps running after me, and then he grabs my arm. "Hey, I thought when I asked if you wanted to leave it meant with me;" he tells me as he pouts out his lower lip.

"Oh I didn't think you were serious," I tell him blushing and wondering about the things I could do to that lip.

"I'm serious. You're not like other girls, I really like you." He tells me honestly.

"Okay, come on then my car is this way; we can go to my apartment." I reply and turn to start walking again.

"Hey," he says again and pulls me back and I stumble into his chest; I look up at him to find him smiling down at me. He reaches a hand up to my face and gently pulls my face to his and kisses me. All I can say is: Best. Kiss. Ever!

He pulls away smiling, "Okay, now show me to this apartment of yours; and please tell me you don't have roommates." He says chuckling.

"Nope, just you and me." I say blushing.

"Good, I like the sound of that;" he whispers into my hair as he wraps an arm around me.

Well, I think we all know what happened that night at me apartment. Then the next morning when I woke up and he was gone. When I looked at the clock I was almost late for class so I got ready faster than normal and left for class. I never seen him the remainder of my last semester; then I found out about Aiden.

I snap out of my memory as I pull my green Toyota Prius into the employee parking at the airport. I get out and take Aiden out of his booster seat and set him on his feet while I grab my purse.

"Okay Aid, you need to be good for momma while we are at her work okay?" I try to explain to my four year old.

I scoop him up into my arms as we enter the busy airport. The last thing I could handle would be to lose him in the mess of people.

As I round the corner to go down the corridor to get to the ticket counter I look for the homeless man that takes refuge in one of the alcoves as of recently. He doesn't cause any trouble, so no one bothers him. He seems like a good man always polite, but he never looks up and always hides in the dark corridor.

As I we get closer to him the area with the eateries come into view, which means we are close to the counter. I'm hoping Aiden didn't see the food places, and wouldn't put up a fight; we were running close on time as it is.

"Momma look!" Aiden exclaims, obviously upset over something.

I look up and realize there are a few teenage boys bothering the homeless man. I don't want my son seeing these actions, and besides this man does not deserve this, I'm sure things are hard enough for him. I hold Aiden tighter in my arms and hurry over to them.

"Hey, why don't you go catch your flight and leave him the hell alone!" I say to them as I unnoticeably take my pepper spray out of my purse.

"Leave us be lady, this isn't any of your business." One of the guys snaps back at me over his shoulder ready to swing his fist at the poor man in front of us.

"Well I'm going to make it my damn business," I say bringing my pepper spray into view.

"- and if you don't leave NOW I will use this," I say shaking it.

"- and considering I already called security I'm sure they wouldn't mind helping you scrub it from your eyes! Now I suggest you LEAVE NOW!" I say raising my voice.

The guy in front of me who had snapped at me started to stutter then turned to his friends. They all nodded at him and they took off down the corridor.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and turned to the man in front of me. "Sir, are you alright? Did they hurt you?" He doesn't look up, only shakes his head that he is fine in response.

Before I can say anything else I feel Aiden pull on my shirt. "What's a matter baby?" I ask him.

"Momma can you let me down a minute." He asks in a shy voice as he wiggles out on my arms and to the floor.

I watch as he walks over to the man, "Hi mister, I'm Aiden! What's your name?" he says placing a hand on the man's arm.

Watching my son's kindness warms my heart; moments like those make me thrilled that I have done an okay job raising him.

For the first time since I had seen the man here at the airport, he looks up from the floor. A small smile plays on his face, "Hi Aiden; I'm Edward."

There is something about the man that is familiar, but I don't know where I have seen him before.

"Edward is my middle name!" Aiden explains excitedly. "It's after my daddy," he says sounding sad this time.

"Hi Edward it's nice to meet you, I'm Bella Swan, and you've already met my son." I say smiling and reach my hand out for him to shake, hoping that me being nice will cheer Aiden up.

"It's very nice to meet you Mrs. Swan." He replies quietly.

"Miss, and please call me Bella;" I correct him; he smiles at that.

"Momma I'm hungry, can we go to burga king?" he asks. His pronouncing of Burger King makes me and Edward chuckle, "Sure baby, but momma has to do something for work first okay?"

"Aww but I wanna fren fry! Pleaseee momma!" he begs. Then he forced his face to pout - the same pout his father made the night he was conceived; they both almost always got what they wanted from it.

Edward chuckles even more when he sees the 'aww not the pouty face' look on my face in reaction to my son's pout.

I stand strong and reply, "It won't take too long at mommy's work sweetie; you can visit with Alice while I fix the problem. Then we will go to Burger King." I tell him, hoping he will give in.

"It was very nice to meet you Edward, but we have to hurry to the ticket desk so I can make sure my friend doesn't get fired." I tell him with a laugh. "Say goodbye to your new friend Aid." I tell me son.

Aiden walks over and gives Edward a hug. "Bye Edward!" he says sounding sad to leave him.

"Bye Aiden, be good for your mom." Edward tells him with a smile. "It was nice meeting you Bella, thank you again." He tells me.

"Not a problem, people need to learn to act their age and respect people. I'm sorry you had to deal with them. It was nice meeting you, bye Edward. Maybe I'll see you on my way to work sometime." I tell him with one last look over my shoulder and a wave as Aiden and I make our way down the corridor to a very impatient and stressed out Alice.

"Oh thank god; you're finally here!" Alice shrieked as we came into view.


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