Chapter 1: Death

Death. One word meant something else to each person you asked. Some feared it. Others longed for it. Then, there were the ignorant who had no idea what the word meant to them at all. It was these people I either envied or hated; I couldn't tell. To not know what death was, to me, seamed like a blessing. Never having to feel the pain and sorrow that followed it. But to be ignorant, in my position, was not something I wanted nor needed to be blessed with. Those people who did not care for death, those were the ones I hated. Either because they had never experienced its losses, or because they killed for a living. It was like these that I was fighting now. Death. Just the thought of it saddens and sickens me to no end. As of this very moment, I was sick of Death.

In the beginning, I was young and eager to explore the region known as Northrend. I had heard many tales from travelers of the hideous monsters, gorgeous scenery, and magnificent treasures that awaited any who sought them out. Northrend. That was a place, I had decided, that I wanted to go see.

My wish was granted shortly after. Being a druid skilled in healing, I was sought out and told to report to a small camp in Icecrown. After months of travel, I had finally made it to my destination. I was to report to the medical clinic in the small camp I was stationed in. At first, it wasn't so bad. But after a span of time, things got worse and worse. More came for me to heal every day, and many were beyond my help. I did what I could do for them, but many of them were taken. At the time, we just buried the dead behind camp, but soon found this was an extremely unwise decision.

A raid was issued on our small camp. The scourge seemed to come out of no where. One minute there was peace, the next chaos. The risen of Arthas' army slaughtered any they came across. Unfortunately, they soon discovered our makeshift graveyard, and all the buried became the thing they had died trying to destroy. Only a handful of people survived that day, me included. That was my first real taste of death, and I hated it.

We were relocated to another camp just like the one before, only a bit bigger. Months past, and it seemed no progress was made on our part at all. In reality, it seemed as if we were losing this war. Hundreds were killed each day, and I began to wonder when we would run out of troops, but it seemed as if we had an endless supply. So did they. For every one we killed, they seemed to gain ten more. To my dismay and the dismay of a few other healers, the clinic was becoming fairly crowded. Not with the dead, no, but with healers themselves. It was decided that a few of the more experienced healers, such as myself, would go out into the field of battle and heal the wounded there. I cursed my luck.

That's where we were now, and would probably be until this war ended, or we were either killed. Every day I was sent out into battle, and everyday I came back with minor scratches. I was lucky. The other's weren't. With more healers supplied to the battle front, we seemed to be holding them off fine. That is, until the Scourge realized if they took the healers out, the rest would be easy picking. Ironically, it reminded me of a time where the Alliance had figured out by killing the healers, we could win in the battle of Warsong I was also involved in, by accident I might add. That was years ago, though. So, one by one I watch my healer comrades fall in battle. With each one down, it felt as if a bigger burden was being thrown on my shoulders, and I furiously tried to keep as many alive as I could.

It had been two years since all of this happened, and I was still in this frozen wasteland, fighting in vein. I don't know how I have managed this far, but by Elune's hand I have found strength. I continue to fight, hopping, willing, that someday this charade will come to an end and there will finally be peace.

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