Hey everyone! I'm new on this site, so this is my first story :). Be nice!

This is a short one-shot about Takumi and Akira, one of the cutest couples I've ever seen!!

Hope you enjoy!

Drawing: A girl sat on her bedroom floor by the foot of her bed. She was quite content in her spot, with her sketchbook leaning against her legs as she drew with her artistic hands.

The preteen didn't really ever notice what she was drawing, she usually just drew whatever she happened to be daydreaming about at that moment, it wasn't until she heard the voice of her friend that she noticed what- no, who- she was drawing.

"Why are you sitting in the corner?" her cheerful friend questioned. He then proceeded to jump onto the bed behind her and lied on his stomach. As soon as he was within sight of the girl's sketchpad however, the raven-haired girl hastily slammed it shut.

Her friend, unfortunately, noticed this rapid movement and it stirred his curiosity. "Why'd you close it?" he asked his friend, "You hiding something?" he teasingly added.

The girl below him felt her cheeks turn hot as she turned around to face her friend "No!" she said, a little to quickly to be believable.

The boy lying on his stomach chuckled. "Come on, let me see it!" he insisted, holding his hand out for the girl's drawing book.

"No," the brown-eyed girl said flatly.



"Please?" the purple-eyed teen asked again, this time taking a piece of the drawing pad in his fingertips.

"No!" the teen girl firmly stated, whilst trying to pull the book out of the young man's grasp.

"Pretty, pretty please?" the guy asked again, pulling it closer to himself.

"NO!" the young woman said, but it was too late. The boy had successfully taken the book out of his friend's hands and was starting to flip through it.

The teenage boy's face became very surprised as he turned his face towards his friend, who was currently looking very embarrassed and rather enraged.

The girl snatched the drawing pad out of her friend's fingertips and once she had it in her arms, she held it protectively to her chest. "I said no!" she said, her face as red as a tomato.

The boy was still a little too shocked to say much, the only words he could get out was "Why me?"

The girl sitting across from him slowly lowered her book until it was loosely hugged around her stomach. She stared down at her shoes, "Because," she started to say, then sighed. "I guess there's no point in hiding it now. It's because I… I kinda, really…. Umm… sorta… tiny uhh, crush…."

The girl had no need to finish her sentence though. For before she could even sort out her words to form an understandable sentence, the boy sitting before her lifted her head up to meet his eyes, and then slowly leaned in closer to his "friend". The young woman started to do the same, and as she did, the book in her arms fell open as it hit the ground.

Every single sheet had a drawing of the friend who she was currently kissing

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Oh, and it seemed like it was longer when I first typed it, but I guess it looks a lot shorter on the site.