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Extras: "Talking", 'Thinking', "Kyuubi/Koko talking", "Naruto/Ibiki talking to Bijuu", 'Mental link between other Jinjuriki'.

The Bijuu are Humans when the Jinjuriki meet with them, but can turn into their demon for when necessary.

Age: Naruto 16

Ibiki 25

Pairing: Ibiki Morino/Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze (I know seems like a weird pairing, but I like this pairing, just adds to my unending weirdness/uniqueness!!!)

Summary: Morino Ibiki, or the first examiner, is nothing special right?? NOT! He has a secret, like many others, Ibiki is a Jinjuriki! He happens to be the vessel of another nine tailed beast, the Kokono no Kuma (Nine tailed bear). He knows what Naruto goes through and wants nothing more then to help him, but he doesn't know what he can do. He keeps an eye on Naruto as much as he can and one days saves him from the villager latest threat. What will spring up from there??

Title: More then one


Morning rose over the hills, the sunrise was a bloody crimson. Anyone who knew what went on before the moon left its post knew that the sunrise signaled that blood was split that night. Everyone knew, they knew too well, for it was they who made the blood touch the streets of their village, their home. It happened numerous times before, sometimes daily. They mainly harmed on of the villages occupants, a boy by the name of Uzumaki, Naruto. Naruto loved the village despite how the villagers treated him. He didn't care about his own well being, he lived with it all his life anyway. He was currently just arriving back to his so called "home". It was nothing more then a run down apartment that should have been destroyed long ago. No hot water or clean space in the whole interior. Namely it was horrible such and it had what looked like rats and termites. The walls were a sickly yellow as was the ceiling, the floor was patchy with rotten floor boards. He didn't care anyway, just as long he had some place to go and heal.

'At least I'm home' Naruto said to himself. He pulled himself up from the floor, his legs were broken in a few places, but it wasn't the worst thing that happen, he was luck that there was a fire nearby or something else would of happen. He leaned against the walls, ignoring some holes that got patched up a little since the last mob raid of his home, and found his way to his bed. His bed wasn't much, just a normal singular size twin. The only problem was that it was too small for him, his feet dangled off the end nearly a foot, but he didn't complain, it was comfy and supported him. He didn't bother clicking on the light when he entered just closed the blinds and pulled the comforter over him and fell into a restful sleep, healing quickly thanks to something inside him that was placed in him at birth. A Bijuu by the name of Kyuubi no Kitsune or the nine tailed fox. The demon made sure he was healed and protected as best as he could, but the demon couldn't protect him from everything, mainly when there was a group and he wanted to rip everyone apart for harming his kit, Naruto, he wouldn't because of Naruto and then there was the verbal abuse and also emotional break downs that happened rarely, but still happened. He wasn't a miracle worker, but he did what he could, he just wished that someone would keep his kit safe when he was helpless. He couldn't stand seeing Naruto sad, and he knew better then everyone else that his soul was on the verge of completely sealing itself from the world. He hoped someone would save him soon.

"Someone please save him" Kyuubi prayed within his cell.

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