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The Bijuu are Humans when the Jinjuriki meet with them, but can turn into their demon for when necessary.

Age: Naruto 16

Ibiki 25

Summary: Morino Ibiki, or the first examiner, is nothing special right?? NOT! He has a secret, like many others, Ibiki is a Jinjuriki! He happens to be the vessel of another nine tailed beast, the Kokono no Kuma (Nine tailed bear). He knows what Naruto goes through and wants nothing more then to help him, but he doesn't know what he can do. He keeps an eye on Naruto as much as he can and one days saves him from the villager latest threat. What will spring up from there??

Title: More then one

Chapter 5: To the darkness we find


He stood on the hill, watching the moon fall over the horizon and the sun staring to replace it at his back. He sighed and watched the people start packing up for the day to head forward.

'Only one more day...and we will be there' He thought and he jumped down the hill to land beside Tsunade. She looked at him with hopeful eyes. He looked at her and smiled lightly, making her smile.

"We have about a day or two to get to where he is....and from what Gaara and I felt last night he's doing something benefactress everyone here and anyone who will come to it in the future....he's building something just don't know what yet" He said. Tsunade nodded and smiled, making Jiraiya smile as well.

'That's my Grandson(1)' Jiraiya thought as he walked over to the leading group to head out for the day.


Gaara stood near the trees where it was thick, hiding some people who were important to Naruto, who he thinks is else where.

"You have to be kept hidden for a little while longer till we get to his destination understand?" He asked the people in the trees.

"Yeah, yeah I understand....can't wait to see the Gaki it's been what....five years since we saw him last?" Asked a gruff voice in the trees. A flash from a sword moved across the field as it hit the person's back.

"It has been a while...I wonder if he will be shocked since he helped us last...." said a feminine voice beside the next one, though it was muffled by a mask.

"Heh that gaki must be great now since we saw him....he help us a light righ da- I mean sempai un(2)?"asked another person who was getting agitated from waiting around a lot.

"Yes can't wait to see him....surprising he helped us all in one way or another though he hated us in the beginning as did we to him...., but some how we came to terms and it sort of killed me to see him sad after something happened to us...." Said another person who had pink eyes and a flash of green through the trees. Gaara blinked and thought to Shukaku.

"Shu are they going to be idiots for a while? Or is every Bijuu and Jinjuriki as hyper as they are?"

"Hell if I know Gaara I haven't talked to them in a few centuries so I wouldn't know what they acted like now a days....though that one is creeping me out"

"Thanks Shu"

"Anytime Gaara" Gaara broke the link and thought about how stupid Shukaku was if he didn't know sarcasm that well....though it was sort of his fault for not using it that much. He motioned for the people in the trees to head out to the thicker parts and head to the sides as he made his way up to where the leading group was.


He whipped some dirt off his forehead as he hammered some more nails into the side of walls, putting seals on them and adding chakra into them so they wouldn't break. He then sent out a few Clones to the nearby village to buy some more supplies as well as furniture and what not to fill up the place. He smiled at his work as he quickly made hace to finish his project. It made him happy that this went quickly, thanks to Kyuubi for adding more chakra to him so he could make more clones to do more work. He moved somethings around and pulled out some scrolls so he could do some moving. He smiled as he remembered something from back when he went traveling on his own without Jiraiya for about two out of the three years. He smiled at the memory of meeting someone who was also a Jinjuriki like Gaara and him.

-Flashback year 1 1/2-

Naruto stared at the huge city that seemed to be very prosperous and successful despite the hard times that the lands were facing. Naruto was currently looking for a master to teach him the art of Ice release, Jiraiya told him that he needed to find some Masters of different elements besides his own affinity so he was trying to find someone who knew more about it then Jiraiya did. Sighing he found it a lost cause because he didn't know where on the five elemental countries to find this person, besides the Country of Snow, but he didn't want to disturb Princess Kazahana Koyuki when they were still trying to build their country back up from her uncle's horrible reign. He sighed again then he noticed something wasn't right as there were slight mummers from everywhere that lead to a forgotten alleyway. He decided to check it when people went away from it. They stared at him like he was stupid or what, but he didn't care. Something called out to him as he walked to the darkening alley.

He smelt dirt, filth, dried blood that overwhelmed his heighten senses, rotten food and the smell of sadness and tears that seem to be thick that he was able to taste them. He walked a little farther and saw a small figure huddled between some trash barrels that held most of the stench, but the little figure held the blood and the sadness. He walked up a little more.

"Kyuu?" Naruto called out in his mindscape.

"What is it kit?" he got a reply.

"Something about this small child me only this one is more closer to us in demon family talk....what do I do?" he asked his to-san for help. This was the first time meeting someone like this that had the same sent as him and disturbed him.

"Just go to the child for now Kit then go on from there" Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded and walked forward, letting his chakra emit off him to the child in a comforting manner. The child stiffened then relaxed and looked up at Naruto. He was met with sad white eyes, eyes that was colorless that Hyuuga's had color in theirs'. The child still had movement in the white eyes. Naruto thought that the child was blind for a moment, then thought against it since he knew that it could be part of a bloodlimit like the Hyuuga clan.

"W-who's there?" Asked a small female voice. Naruto went back to his earlier thought and knew that the now discovered girl was blind. He grew angry at the treatment of this girl.

"Hello there I'm Naruto what's your name?" He introduced himself. The girl leaned her head sideways, locating the voice. She then turned back and moved forward a little.

"I-I'm called Da" The girl said. Naruto smiled at this as it seemed to fit her.

"Gentle huh? Well Da what's going on here?" He asked her. Da sniffed lightly, sort of breaking Naruto's heart.

"Th-the villagers here don't like me....they're always mean to me, just because I have no family and the fact that my friend inside me scares them, though she never hurt them!" Da said quickly. Naruto knew right away what it was.

"You're a Jinjuriki right?" Naruto asked.

"That's what they call me at times" She said. Naruto chuckled lightly at this and went forward.

"Well Da....I know how you feel"

"R-really? What do you mean by that Naru?" She said, already settling for friendly terms with him, sort of knowing that he wasn't lying and was kind hearted, someone who wouldn't hurt her.

"For one I'm a Jinjuriki as well" Da gasped at this, her eyes widening at this. Naruto smiled again at this and went forward, getting closer to her.

"And secondly I had a similar childhood as you did because of my friend inside me, though I call him my To-san because he's a father I never had" Naruto said. Da tilted her head as if talking to someone. She then smiled and stood up, her little feet cut up from rocks and broken bottles. Naruto was getting a little angry at the people here for do this to a small, innocent, blind girl who never harmed anyone.

"Naru....who's your To-san? My friend wants to know" She asked. She was no taller then about 4'3" and seemed to be around 7 years old. Naruto smiled as she put her hands up, looking for walls for her to keep a hold on. He grabbed her small cold hands, she was so malnourished.

"My To-san's name is Kyuubi no Kitsune"

"KYUUBI?!" She exclaimed happily and a light while aura of chakra engulfed her.

"Yes Kyuubi"

"My friend says that he's her cousin"

"What's her name?"

"Her names Mui no Ookami(3)" She said. Naruto heard Kyuubi cry out in happiness and then chuckle.

"That is my cousin!" He roared loudly and happily. He smiled and let Da trace her hands over his face, lightly running over his features, like creating a picture in her mind.

"I'm keeping your face in my mind, so no matter where I am I'll be able to pick you out of no where!" Da said as if reading his mind and smiled. Naruto was happy and picked her up. She squeaked and held on tight. He smiled and pulled her close so he wouldn't drop her. Then he walked out of the alley way with a new family member.

-End of Flashback-

To say that the people were scared and shocked was an understatement. They demanded to know why he went back there and brought her out with a smile on his face. He told them who he was and then told them that he was taking her with him. He knew where she would be safe from people and the country wasn't that far away. Sure he didn't find a teacher in that time, but he found a piece family. When he got to Kiri he stopped by Tazuna's home and got nearly tackled to the ground. From there on it went up for Da and she was adopted into the family, she immediately got along with Inari and Tsunami went crazy over her, happy to have another girl in the family. He saw that smiled on Da's face towards him saying 'Thank you the whole world Naru for my new life'.

He loved that Memory more then most since he was able to change someones life like a few others he did. He then set back to work after he saw that his clones were coming back.

-Ruin Village-

The village grew worse as they lost more and more alliances as they found out about Naruto. They didn't know how big Naruto had an impact on their lives, now it was too late as they slowly declined in numbers. People left mainly, but many more died before they had the chance to make that choice. Sakura stood on the monument, on Tsunade's head. She didn't understand it at all. Life was great since Sasuke returned then it went down hill all in one night. She sighed and looked up at the sky. It was darkening every night. Each night it got darker then the last Sakura noted. She didn't know why, but it was tied to Naruto it was all she knew. It all happened because he left.

'How SELFISH!' she screamed in her mind. She thought Naruto needed to help the village since the village gave him so much. It steamed her too much and she knew that the only way that the village would get back to the way it was if she dragged him back, kicking and screaming and have him do everything in his power to give back to the village he left behind. Running to the front of the village he grabbed her pack and ran out, hopping that she could find them sooner rather then later. With her mind set she went off faster the she had ever before.


He stood on cluster of trees, tracking the group that went after Naruto. He lost their trail for a while, but as he stood there he noticed movement beyond the tree lines out of the farthest group of trees. Letting his eyes look farther he saw it was the group and smiled and ran off to get to them.

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