Title: I Can Accept That
Chapter: One-Shot
Characters/Pairings: Ziva, Tony
Spoilers/Warning: PG-13
Summary: Random, short tag written for episode 7x7, Endgame... Tony doesn't want to have to kill Ziva. Ziva agrees.
Disclaimer: NCIS and all it's characters belong to CBS and Donald Bellsario.
Author's Note: So random it hurts. lol. This story was written in about 20 minutes while watching NCIS:LA.

"I don't want to have to kill you."

Ziva's right eyebrow slowly arches as she watches her partner fidget in front of her desk. Tony looks like a guilty child that has just been sent to the principal's office and usually Ziva would laugh at his childish nervousness but the sincerity in his eyes tells her his randomness may not be quite so random this time. She pushes back in her chair and says, "That makes two of us."

Tony sighs and swoops downward, his arms folded in front of him on top of Ziva's desk. "I don't want you to go crazy in ten years and make me shoot you in my living room."

It should be impossible, but Ziva's eyebrow somehow manages to drift even farther upwards. "Your living room?"

Tony nods solemnly.

"Why the living room?"

"You're missing the point Zee-vah," Tony huffs, exasperated.

"And what point would that be?"

"That I don't want to have to kill you!"

"That makes two of us!" Ziva yells back at Tony as he pushes off the desk and begins pacing back and forth in front of her again. He runs his hand through his hair in frustration and Ziva has to literally stop herself from rolling her eyes.

"Promise me something," Tony says, eyeing her severely. "Promise me that you'll never go crazy and start murdering the people that taught you how to kill me eighteen different ways with a paperclip and then make me shoot you in my living room."

"Tony," Ziva looks at him as if he's just grown another head, "there are so many things wrong with that request that I don't even know where to begin."

"It's just…" Tony stares at her. "I couldn't help but notice a few similarities between you and Kai."

"We are both trained killers, yes, but that's where the similarities end," Ziva says gently. She feels likes she's talking down a scared, petulant child and it's slightly surreal. "Kai was a solitary creature all her life. She never worked with a partner and she never had a real family."

"You really count your terrorist brother and emotionally absent father as a real family?" Tony scoffs. He notices the way her eyebrows narrow menacingly and takes a frightened step backwards. "Er. Not that… Um."

"I was actually referring to you," Ziva hisses.

"Moi?" Tony eeps, eyes growing wide.

"And McGee and Gibbs," Ziva amends, the cold look in her eyes softening. She shrugs and says simply, "The team."

Tony smiles hesitantly. "So I won't have to kill you in my living room?"

"No Tony." Ziva shakes her head, smiling. "Kai did not have a family. I do."

Tony eyes her for a moment until he's decided her answer is good enough and nods curtly. "I can accept that."