And Baby Makes Four ??

Malcolm is sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and papers scattered everywhere it had been about nine months since Emily had gave him the big news that she was pregnant and he had been a nervous wreck for nine months between wondering if he was going to be a good father, If the kid would like him or not and the big one how they where going to afford it there where so many things going threw his mind it had became so bad that he had trouble sleeping at night

Emily walks out of a dark kitchen into view with which looks to be all the food that was in the fridge "Hey honey"

Malcolm looks up from where he's looking at a paper "Hey sweetie what are you doing up ?"

Emily sits down "Oh I felt like a little snack"

Malcolm looks over at the pile of food "A little snack"

Emily gives him a look "Hey I'm eating for two right now" she rubs her stomach

Malcolm laughs at her "Are you sure there's not more then one in there you've been eating an awful lot"

Emily smiles at him "As far as I know there's not why do you want two"

Malcolm looks at her "If there is were in big trouble"

Emily scoots over to him and looks at the paper he's looking at "What do you mean ?"

Malcolm looks at some bills "I don't know if where going to be able to afford one much less two"

Emily gives him a semi-sad look

Malcolm smiles at her and pulls her closer "That's not saying that I wouldn't love them both it's just"

Emily cut's him off "I know what you mean"

Malcolm smiles over at her as she puts her head on his head

Emily looks at him "So what are you doing up ?"

Malcolm looks at her "Oh looking through all our bills and receipts trying to figure out how were going to survive after the baby" looks at her "Or baby's are born"

Emily grins at him " Well you are an accountant I'm sure you'll figure something out" She looks curisolly at him "Now is that the only reason you've been up you've been having trouble sleeping all week I'm getting worried about you"

Malcolm looks at her "Not really do you think the kid will like me"

Emily rolls her eyes and looks at him "We talked about this almost two years ago when we found out your mom was pregnant with Jackson and now he loves you"

Malcolm looks at her "I guess your right he is a cute little guy isn't he"

Emily smiles at him "Yes he is and you're a wonderful big brother"

Malcolm looks back at her "Do you think that I'll make a good father"

Emily looks at him "I'm sure you will make a wonderful father" she kisses him on the cheek

Malcolm laughs to himself "Do you think I worry to much ?"

Emily giggles "I know you worry to much but I'd be worried if you didn't now what do you say we go to bed and try to get some sleep"

Malcolm smiles at her "Sounds good to me"

They get up and walk out of the room turning off the light behind them