The scene changes to the hospital Malcolm comes into the waiting room everybody jumps up

Lois walks over to Malcolm "So"

Malcolm looks at her "It was a false alarm the doctor said it was just kicking her water didn't even break the doctor said it will probley be at least another week"

Lois smiles "Well we'll be here"

Coral walks over "So no baby"

Malcolm bends down "Not yet"

The next Friday Malcolm and Emily are laying in there bed

All of a sudden Malcolm wakes up to something wet "What is that ?" he says tiredly

Emily is breathing heavy "It's me"

Malcolm starts to get confused "What ?"

Emily looks over at him "My water just broke"

Malcolm gets concerned rolls over and looks at her "Are you sure ?"

Emily looks at him "Yes I'm pretty sure"

Malcolm starts to panic "Oh my gosh we have to go" Jumps out of bed "Where's the baby bag ?"

Emily looks at him from the bed "It's in the closet next to the suit case"

Malcolm opens up the closet and grabs the bag "Ok now where's my cell phone and my keys" he runs out the door

Emily looks at the doorway "Malcolm !!"

Malcolm runs back in the room "Yea"

Emily manages to smile at him "Aren't you forgetting something ?"

Malcolm looks at her "What ?" Emily looks at him and points to her stomach "Oh sorry" he runs over and helps her get up

The scene changes to the Wilkerson's house Everything is dark the phone rings and Dewy stumbles out of his and Jamie's room "I got it" he walks into the living room and turns on the light then walks over and picks up the phone "hello"

Malcolm realizes that it's Dewy on the other end "Dewy"

Dewy rubs his eyes "Yea" realizing it's Malcolm the rest of the family starts to come stand at the living room entrance

Malcolm looks around panicking "Emily's having the baby"

Dewy is still pretty out of it "When ?"

Malcolm can tell by his voice he's not fully awake "Now"

Dewy looks at the family that is standing in the doorframe "Ok well be there" he hangs up the phone

Lois walks over to him "What's going on ?"

Dewy looks at her "Emily's having the baby"

Lois looks at him "Oh my gosh we have to get to the hospital Dewy call Francis and Piama and then Reese and we'll be getting ready" she hurry's the family back towards the bedrooms as Dewy picks back up the phone

The scene changes to the hospital the Wilkerson's run off the elevator and over to the elevator the receptionist looks up "Can I help you"

Lois steps up to the desk "Yes what room is Emily Wilkerson in she's having a baby"

The receptionist looks through the computer "She's in room 206"

They go over and get on the elevator the scene flips around to them walking into Emily's room Emily's parents and Christy are already there

Malcolm looks up from where he's helping Emily "Hey"

Lois walks over to Emily "How you feeling sweetheart ?"

Emily looks up at her "I've been better"

Coral pokes her head over the end of the bed "No baby yet"

Emily smiles at her "not yet"

Christy walks over to Emily "You know in my Health class it says a woman can be in labor up to a week"

Dewy looks at her "Yea I've heard about that to"

Emily looks at Christy then at Dewy "A week" She looks at Malcolm "A week"

Malcolm looks at her "I'm sure you won't be in labor a week" he pauses "I hope"

Emily gives him a look

Lois looks at Hal "Why don't you take the kids back out into the waiting room we'll let you know when she has the baby"

Emily's mom looks at her husband "Honey why don't you and Christy do the same ?"

Christy, Mr. Thompson, Hal and the kids walk out the door

The scene switch's to the waiting room Lois helps Malcolm threw the door he's holding an ice pack to his head "Now take it easy" helps him over to a chair

Christy looks over "What happened ?"

Lois smiles "Well Emily started to push and when he saw the head he passed out"

Malcolm try's to get up "I've got to get back in there"

Lois push's him back down "No you sit right here"

Right then a doctor comes walking threw the door and over to them "Excuse me folks are you Emily Wilkerson's family"

Malcolm looks up at him "Yea I'm her husband"

The Doctor grins "Well Mr. Wilkerson would you like to come meet your daughters"

Malcolm looks at him "Don't you mean daughter"

The Doctor smiles at him "No I mean daughters their twins"

Malcolm smiles "Twins"

Lois motions them to get up "Well come on lets go see my granddaughters"

The scene changes to Malcolm sitting on the hospital bed with Emily they're each holding a baby

Piama and Francis walk over

Piama looks at them "So have you though of any names"

Emily smiles at Malcolm "Well I think for this one" smiles at the baby she's holding "We're going to go with Sarah Louise Sarah after my mom" she smiles up at Lois "And Louise after you Lois"

Malcolm smiles at Emily and then down at the baby he's holding "And I think we're going to go with Samantha Lee just cause Emily thinks it's a pretty name"

Lois smiles "I think it's a beautiful name"

Christy walks over "Can I hold one ?"

Emily smiles up at her "Sure you want to go to Aunt Christy Sarah go on" she hands her to Christy

Dewy looks at them "So how do we tell them apart ?"

Malcolm gives Dewy a look "Don't be stupid Dewy" he looks at Emily "How do we tell them apart ?"

Dewy over hears him and laughs "And I'm the stupid one"

Malcolm gives him a look Coral walks over "We can put a sticky note on one of them like my teacher did with our class turtles"

Emily smiles at her "As good of an idea as that is I don't think so but Sarah dose have a birth mark on her shoulder that Samantha doesn't and right now Samantha has lighter hair then Sarah so that will help us"

Malcolm smiles up at his mom and dad "Samantha do you want to go to grandma and grandpa" he passes her to Dewy and then he passes her to Francis who passes her to Lois

They all start talking as the scene fades