AN: The Bean Titans Adventures continues on!

I would like to take the time to mention that there will be a filler story following after this part of BTA and before the next one. I have 20 parts of BTA in stock at this time, and until I get to the last one, I'm going to be pretty busy… not to mention school and all that jazz.

As usual, nonetheless, you guys are free to browse through the stories I have already created and provided for you.

[The text in Italic format are the thoughts/feelings of the characters, flash-backs or certain actions (also in bold).]


~BTA Part 3: Canyon's Trial~

Chapter 1 — Prologue

It has been two weeks after the Legendary 12 had returned to their world from Spira, bringing Floppity back. She had been doing better, as she soon joined the rest of the Legendary 12 in adjusting to their newfound Legendary strengths. At the same time, they wanted to find a way so that all of the Bean Titans could discover and hone their hidden powers. It would take a while, but it is necessary just in case a problem should arise when the Legendary 12 are not there to deal with it.

Over this time, Canyon had felt that he needed to know something important—something that had happened in his past, before he joined the Titans. Remembering that he had not seen his parents in a long time, Canyon thought that it was time to see them again, to talk about his concern. It was more of a painful vibe, attacking his mind, worsening at every living breath of life.


I know, kinda short...

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