Prologue: Never Again

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"Hey Cyclops!"

Her small, helpless hands ball into fists.

"How are you, huh? As blind as usual?"

There are laughs.

She doesn't want to turn around.

She knows the horrifying sight she will face if she does.

Silence replies the older boys' insults.

This agitates the leader.

"Oh, so you're deaf now, huh? Or are you mute, Cyclops?"

Silence again.

She hates this part of the day.

"No wonder your parents abandoned you."

"He's such a wimp."

"So dumb, wearing earrings like a girl."

"He is a girl, you idiot."

They laugh.

The leader silences their snickering.

He grins evilly.

When did little boys get so malicious?

"You're just a pathetic fool aren't you? You are!"

When the redheaded little boy doesn't answer, the leader's eyes narrow, and he frowns.

"Answer me, you dumbass!"

The redhead doesn't budge and continues to stare at the words in the thick book in his hands.

He turns a page.

"Why, you!"

A fist lands against the redhead's cheek.

Still, he does not move.

He lies there on the ground, left cheek reddening, swelling.

The leader grabs him by the shirt.

"Hey Cyclops! I wanna see your right eye!"

He begins to tug at the white bandages around the redhead's right eye.

She knows what's behind the bandages.

She can't take it anymore.

She spins around, eyes watering.

"Stop it!" she shrieks.

The bullies face her.

"What was that, you bitch?"

"Oi, oi, oi."

Everyone turns, facing the newcomer.

The leader's eyes goggle.

"R-Run! It's-it's-!"

His voice trembles.

She doesn't get to hear his name. But she already knows who it is.

It's always him.


"What's happened this time?"

The sixteen year-old kneels down in front of the redhead, who has a hand to his swollen cheek.

She is quick to explain.

Tyki will go and teach those assholes a lesson!

"They called him Cyclops! And they said bad things to him! Punish them, Tyki-nii!"


He continues to inspect the redhead's swollen cheek.

"Does it hurt?"

The redhead shakes his head.

"Okay. You're brave-"

"Stop talking to me like I'm a little kid."

The hiss is furious, agitated.

The little boy rises, stalking off irritably, his book in hand.

She gapes at him.

Tyki smiles sadly.

"He's anti-social isn't he?"

"He's so rude!"

Tyki looks at her.

"The bullies made him that way, Lenalee."

Her mouth curves downwards into a frown.

"I hate them."

Tyki stands up.

Patting her on the head, he says, "Don't worry. One day, Lavi will understand that he needs to stand up for himself. He'll have friends to help him along the way."

She looks up at the older boy sadly.

"But he has no friends."

Tyki smiles.

"Then, I'm counting on you to be."

Her violet eyes widen.

"When the time comes and he needs a friend, I'm counting on you to protect him, okay?"

Her mouth is still wide open in awe.

Hearing this, it snaps shut, a determined look crossing her features.

She nods.

"Just don't do anything rash, alright?"



"I'd like to be your friend."


"I'm serious."

"Wha- Why…?"

He flinches as she presses the wet gauze to the bruise on his stomach.

The skin has broken.


She places the soiled gauze on the table, picks up a clean piece and soaks it in antiseptic.

She touches it to his cheek softly.

"Because I've been watching you for a long time."


She looks up, staring him straight in the eye.

"I think you need a friend."



"Why didn't you just walk away?"

"…I don't like to run away."

"Then stand up for yourself. Fight back! Be a man!"

"I don't like fighting either…"

"If you can't fight, at most walk away! It's one or the other!"

The redheaded boy shrugged.

Her expression softened.

"When I say stand up for yourself, I meant make a statement so smartass that their brains can't process the information. You're way smarter than they are!"

"… Do you really think I'm that smart?"

"Yeah. I do."

She flicks his forehead.


He flinches.

"You are, you know."

And she plasters his cheek.

And plasters his heart at the same time.



"Shut up."

"Please don't get into any more fights."

He's had enough.

He lashes out at her.

This submissive boy can't take it anymore.

"I-If you're only going to snap at me, why don't you just shut up?! I mean, it never even is my fault, and you always nag at me! Who are you, my mom?! Whose side are you on?!"

"Okay… I'm sorry…"

She continues to dab at a deep gash near his collarbone.

The touch is soft, light as a feather.

"Look, Lenalee. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

She doesn't look up.

"It's fine."

She soaks a piece of gauze in antiseptic before pressing it to his shoulder for the thousandth time before securing it down with medicinal tape.

"I have an idea."

He looks up, confused by her sudden determined tone.

"Do you want the teasing to stop?"

He's astonished.

"'Course' I do."

"Do you wanna fit in?"

"You know I do."

She looks up, resolve burning in the depths of her amethyst orbs.

"Then, Lavi, be prepared. I'm going to change you. Never again will you be teased."

He has yet to recover from the shock of that day.

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