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There was a dull thud as he finally fell to the ground; it was cold, getting ready for the coming snow. His breathing was haggard and he hated the sound of himself being weak, he tried to get up futilely. His body gave another reaction and blood spurted on the ground next to his head as he fell back down, he gave a cry in pain as he fought back.

"God dammit!" he choked out. Why…? Why had he opened his big fat mouth? He didn't really mean it when he said he was going to kill the pipsqueak just because she had pissed him off. And she should have known that! She had been with him his entire life human and homunculus alike! So why had she gone and done that…? He probably never would know…not anymore. Now that he was almost lost…. But he was going to fight as hard as he could to defy her, he hated that she was his 'Master' he only ever called her that with a sneer considering the will she held over him was feeble at best, but still. He hated the pipsqueak with all of his being…but he hated her more so just to get back at her he was going to make sure that shrimp stayed the hell away. As long as he had control he would do it…the only question was how long would he last?

He saw a snowflake drift down in front of his eyes right before he gave another cough and blood splattered the ground once more before he lost the fight against consciousness.

"That bastard…him and his stupid speeches, and his stupid perverseness and him in general, I hate him!" Edward Elric stomped away from Central Headquarters once again with a grudge towards his superior officer, Roy Mustang who had decidedly started making innuendos about his date last night. Ed gave another angry cry of frustration as he started on his way back to his hotel room, not really bothering to pay attention to the route he took, he was so caught up in his thoughts he didn't notice when it started to snow and he wouldn't have noticed the prone body in the alley he was walking down if he hadn't tripped over it.

"Aaahg! What the hell?!" he looked back to see what he had tripped on and was shocked to see a the figure of someone laying face down on the ground, their long very dark colored hair splayed every which way, their legs and were straight like the person had just fallen down with out trying to stop themselves. Ed didn't envy (sorry couldn't help myself! .) how cold this person was, with their non-existent shoes and a black belly shirt no sleeves and a black piece of cloth wrapped around their hips. Their hands, with black fingerless loves, were up by a young looking face which had blood dripping from the mouth.

"Shit…" Ed said as he crawled closer to the figure, as he got closer his eyes widened in recognition.

"Holy shit! Envy?!" He gasped, he rolled the homunculus over and his eyes widened again as he saw the blood around the body, "What the hell happened?" Ed asked the non responding male.

Ed was totally blown away, what on earth could do this to a homunculus, probably the most powerful one of the bunch, what could make him bleed at that? Homunculus didn't really bleed like this, because of their regenerative abilities they couldn't. Ed was half tempted to just leave the homunculus there, but he was slightly curious as to what could have made Envy fall flat on his face, and…he didn't like the sight of him on the ground so…broken. Ed didn't care he was hurt not at all, in fact he was amused by it…but he didn't like people being hurt…even if they weren't really people.

Ed grabbed Envy by the arm and waist and sat him up to lean him against the alley wall. He could see some blood smeared on the homunculus's stomach…he had been laying in it after all.

"Hey…" Ed tapped Envy's cheek, he didn't receive a response so he smacked him. Even that didn't wake him up, Ed frowned then grabbed some of the snow on the ground and threw it at Envy's face, needless to say, it didn't work. The guy was out. Ed was thinking of other forms of gentle reconscious solutions when he heard a cough, he looked up and saw Envy had woken on his own, the homunculus's violet eyes were clouded slightly as he looked up and saw Ed.

"Chibi…" he muttered then his eyes cleared and widened he tried backing away from the alchemist and was stopped by the wall. "What the fuck are you doing here?! Get the hell away from me!" he yelled his voice cracking slightly.

"Woah! Just calm down! I found your sorry ass on the ground and thought I should help!" Ed yelled back Envy kept trying to get away as he continued to yell.

"Well stop trying! I don't need any help! Least of all from you!" Envy screeched he looked terrified. This had not been what he'd been thinking. And having him so close might make things harder. It might try to fight harder to get out with him this close.

"Fine…don't know why I was worried in the first place," Ed stood up and turned around; he would have kept going if Envy hadn't kicked him in the back of the leg.

Envy felt relief wash through him as the runt started walking away, but the relief was a bad idea, it took that as a chance to start clawing it's way back into his mind at that moment, making the homunculus lash out and hit Ed's leg in a spasm. He gave a strangled yell as he clutched onto his head and fought back with everything he had still thrashing around as more blood spilled from his mouth. It was trying to eat him alive!

"AAAAARG!" Envy cried out again and Ed came to his side completely startled trying to stop him from thrashing around and hurting himself more.

"H-hey! What's wrong?!" Ed asked trying to get a steady grip on Envy's arms. But the homunculus either couldn't hear Ed or really didn't want to be touched by him because the thrashing became more violent until he stopped altogether and lay on the ground panting heavily.

"Shit...what the hell is wrong?" Ed asked in complete bewilderment looking at the panting male.

"None of your fucking business..." Envy tried to snarl but couldn't work up the hate over his panting. "Fuck..." he whispered to himself Ed frowned and looked slightly worried.

" you need some-" Ed started and was interrupted by a bloody cough.

"No." Envy said and started to stand up but fell down only to be caught by the alchemist.

"You may not want help but you do need it," Ed said as he arranged Envy into an easy way to help walk, with one of Envy's arms over his shoulder and one of Ed's arms around Envy's waist. Ed started dragging the homunculus along, then the thought crossed his mind that he didn't know where to take him, he frowned then resolved he might as well just take him back to his hotel room. There weren't many hospitals that made accommodations to the immortal.

Envy was about to make another objection but was overcome with another bloody coughing fit which he responded with a few choice swear words. Ed couldn't help but laugh thinking he'd probably use the same words if he were in this situation. That made Envy scowl but he didn't say anything and just used the smaller boy as support. They made it to Ed's hotel room, lucky it was on the first floor and the concierge was too busy reading to notice the two boys as they entered the front lobby. When they reached the room Ed set Envy on the bed. Envy couldn't help but relax into the comforts of the mattress instead of the hard cold ground he'd been on for who knew how many hours. He glared at Ed who was busying himself in the bathroom. Ed came out and was about to wipe blood from Envy's face but thought better of it and just handed the frowning homunculus the wet cloth. Envy took it and wiped his face before handing it back.

"Don't think this changes anything...I still hate you," He said glaring at Ed with his violet eyes.

"Wouldn't dream of it...nightmare...maybe." Ed said as he turned and went back into the bathroom.

After several hours Ed and Envy were both pissed and hating each other more than usual, after Envy had tried to leave several times insisting he was fine and after having another 'attack' as Ed had started to call them, and every time Ed would force him to the bed and threaten to tie him down, Envy would scoff but had stayed anyway. He didn't know why either, it had been centuries since the last time he'd been sick, when he was don't go there moron. He told himself, he looked at Ed with a frown, the boy had taken off his red coat and was sitting at the desk in the room reading several books at once, and he'd look up and glance at Envy only to be greeted with a glare before looking back down.

"What the hell are you reading?" Envy asked out of shear boredom, Ed looked up at him with a raised eyebrow before picking up the book and coming over to the bed to drop the book on Envy's knees, Envy picked up the book and smirked.

"Oh right, I forgot. You want to get your baby brother's body back," he snickered, "Good luck trying to find out how with this shit," he dangled the book between two of his fingers. Ed grabbed the book back.

"Oh are you saying that you know a better way to do it?" Ed asked sarcastically, and Envy gave him a grin that he hadn't expected. That grin told him that Envy did know of a better way to do it. Ed frowned, then again that was to be expected, he groused. Envy had been alive for over four hundred years, he knew much more about Alchemy than Ed ever could, even if Ed were to study his whole life, which he nearly had, he still wouldn't even scratch the surface of what Envy knew. Ed scowled before turning around and sitting back at the table. Envy raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"What? No interrogation? 'tell me how to get my brother back!'" Envy said putting on a high pitched voice and laughed at the face Ed made in response.

"I do NOT sound like that," he said with a small growl. Envy laughed harder.

"Right, right and I'm a lover not a fighter," Envy snickered, and Ed rolled his eyes

"That was a stupid analogy," Ed said, Envy smirked.

"Okay then maybe…you don't sound like that as often as you're top," Envy grinned at Ed, then started laughing hysterically at the look on the boy's face.

"And what the hell does that mean?" Ed asked grumpily.

"Oh seriously? Could it be the Fullmetal Alchemist is still a virgin?!" and he burst into another bout of raucous laughter when Ed blushed.

"I've been a little busy thanks! I don't have time for that!" Ed replied defensively, and he said it truthfully, he didn't need to think about that stuff because his drive to get his brother's body back was much stronger than his nearly nonexistent sex drive.

"Yeah yeah...ah well...that was almost worth it..."Envy snickered, but stopped abruptly to cough up some more blood, "I take it back," he said before he went into another thrashing episode, only this one was different, it was more violent as one of his hands grabbed a hold of the bed post and tore it cleanly off of the frame while the other hand was clutching onto the sheets only not breaking anything. Ed thought it looked odd, like there were two people fighting for control of the body, Envy was crying out louder than before and more blood was coming from his mouth dripping to land on the clean white sheets.

"AAAARGH!" He screamed, "GET OUT!" and Ed didn't think Envy was talking to him, Envy's back arched then his eyes rolled in to the back of his head and then he fell limply to the bed. Ed moved over to him cautiously, he looked down at the boy on the bed, every once in a while his body would shiver in a tremor, and his hand would fist up then relax. Ed noticed there was sweat rolling down the boys scrunched up face along with the blood from his mouth. Ed went to the bathroom and wet another washcloth, he tentively ran it across Envy's forehead receiving no reaction he continued to wipe at his forehead then started wiping the blood away from the homunculus's mouth, as he wiped it from his lips he wondered what it would be like to kiss them. Hold on he did NOT just think that, Ed shook his head. Stupid perverse bastards getting stupid perverted ideas in his head. He finished wiping away the blood before going back to the bathroom to clean the cloth out. After that done he sat back at his desk and continued to read, but he found he couldn't concentrate because every time Envy twitched Ed looked up at him, eventually Ed gave up and went over to the bed. He placed a hand on Envy's forehead for lack of anything else to do, and his eyes widened. Envy was freezing. Ed knew that homunculi were usually pretty cold originally; Ed always thought it was a sick pun. Homunculi didn't have feelings so they didn't have the 'fire' humans did, so they were colder. He'd found it amusing anyway. But he knew it wasn't good for them to be this cold. Ed rubbed his did one go about making something warmer? His first thought was fire, but he didn't need to burn down the hotel, or call the Colonel and have him burn down the hotel. His second thought made him blush: body heat that would mean Ed would have to supply that. Well there goes that one. The last thought was water, he could fill the tub with some warm water and just dump the homunculus in, the only problem with that was Ed couldn't carry Envy, and even though the boy looked like a stick he certainly didn't weight the same as one Ed found that out as he supported him on the way to the hotel. Ed racked his head for more options...and came up with: zilch. He knew that if he stayed this cold the homunculus had the likelihood of turning into an ice sculpture. Ed groaned, he really didn't want to do this the old fashioned way. He gave a shudder when he knew that if Envy didn't get better he'd be stuck with him forever. Ed groaned again, not really thinking how unlikely the scenario really was, as he moved to grab a blanket. He stood next to the bed then climbed in and wrapped the blanket around Envy before getting behind him so Envy's back was against his chest to transfer as much heat as possible, Ed put some of the blanket around his automail; that didn't need to turn to ice either.

Ed had been in the bed for nearly an hour when he felt he could die of boredom again, he should have grabbed a book, but he didn't want to get up he was rather comfortable. Wait a second he was not comfortable! He had a half dead homunculus against his chest, it didn't matter that said homunculus was rather good looking, for a palm tree, or that he was now starting to warm up Ed. It was not comfortable.

As this was running through Ed's brain he didn't notice the violet eyes flutter open and look around the room, he didn't see the crease in the forehead as the mind in the body he was holding which was wondering where the hell he was. He didn't see the frown that was the result of the realization he wasn't there, but he did feel the body stiffen as it felt the warmth from his back.

"Pipsqueak," the voice said roughly, "what the fuck are you doing?" it said and Ed moved quickly away sitting at the edge of the bed, as Envy looked at him with a combination of shock and wonder

" cold...and I couldn' I had to use...body heat...and..." Ed chose that moment t blush as the realization hit of how intimate that had been, Envy would have found that highly amusing had it not been for the fact that he was warm...just as Ed said he'd been there for. Envy didn't know why but he felt like thanking the boy.

"Tha-" he stopped himself but it's not like it mattered, "Thanks..." he muttered. And Ed looked away blushing.

"Forget it, I just didn't want you freezing my sheets...not like it matters...there's already blood everywhere..." he heaved a sigh. "Nothing like being blamed for murder when you're doing the opposite." He gave a little laugh then turned away to shuffle the notes and books on his desk. Envy tried to think of something to talk about and relieve the awkward tension.

"Hey…where is your tin can baby brother?" Envy asked curiously, he rarely saw one without the other, if not in the same room in the same building at least. Ed looked up and around half expecting to find the suit of armor.

"I...I don't know..." Ed said and he grew worried, he looked out the window, the snow was coming down steadily. Al had gone to the library earlier and hadn't come back, Ed realized as more worry rooted it's self in the pit of his stomach. He didn't want Al to freeze either; Ed inhaled then grabbed his red jacket and threw it on.

"I'm going to look for my brother, don't go anywhere or I'll tie you to the bed and make you want to cry for mercy," Ed said as he slammed the door behind him ignoring the shocked look of the homunculus and then the laughter that followed him, it wasn't until later did he realize how dirty that had been.

Envy was flipping trough one of the books on the desk and glancing out of the window from time to time, he was getting bored, so he looked down at the arrays the runt was drawing he looked them over and muttered about the shrimp being smarter than he thought. When Ed came back nearly an hour and a half later covered in snow and shivering like crazy.

"I'm guessing you didn't find him," Envy said trying not to sound too jovial. Edward glared at him and then shook himself to get the snow off.

" hair is soaked..." he mumbled to himself as he let it out of its braid then squeegeed it all over the floor.

"Nice..." Envy commented and Ed ignored him. Ed took off his jacket and shirt since they were both completely soaked through and through them over the shower head to let them drip dry, he could have used alchemy, true, but he just wasn't feeling up to it. He walked back into the room, and Ed saw Envy was looking at him and his bare chest with a raised eyebrow.

"W-what?" Ed asked and Envy raised his eyebrow further before turning around.

"Nothing," he said and Ed looked down trying to see if there was something on him, nothing that he was aware of, he was kind of cold though and then he was hit in the face with a blanket.

"What...?" He said as he took the blanket off of his head, Envy was looking out of the window with a frown, not indicating it was him who had thrown the blanket. But Ed knew it had to have been, since no one else was in the room. Ed shrugged then wrapped the blanket around his shoulders then sat back at the table.

Envy noticed the shivers that racked the younger boy's small body; he also heard the sniffles and sneezes that Ed was trying to hide for some reason. Envy figured it was habit; Ed probably tried to hide sicknesses from his little brother constantly. God that boy was so stupidly selfless. Envy rolled his eyes.

"You're going to catch a cold if you don't warm up soon..." Envy said dryly. Ed looked back at him with a frown with a frown.

"You care..?" he asked with a cynical eyebrow raise.

"Not particularly, I'm just going to enjoy the reaction of your little brother when you're a pile of snot and mucus on that desk," Envy replied happily with a shrug. Ed's frown deepened.

"Well then what do you suggest I do...?" Ed asked sarcastically. Envy chuckled.

"I could always drop you into a tub of hot water," he grinned and Ed gave him a look.

"No thanks," Ed said with a light touch of disgust. He turned around when he heard Envy's laughter.

"We could...always...cuddle!" Envy said between bouts of laughter, Ed scowled; he didn't like that Envy was laughing about it. And what came out of his mouth next made him want to kill himself.

"Good, cause I gave you some body heat that way, I want it back." Ed said defensively, he was satisfied to see that this shut Envy up.

"You must be joking," He said not amused, Ed frowned, was he wishing for death? He must be, especially with his next moves. Ed gave Envy a look of determination and sat on the bed.

"Does it look like I am?" he said stubbornly, he was extremely surprised when he felt the warmth behind him.

"I'm not that warm you know...I don't know how much help I'll be..."Envy said softly from behind him. Ed turned his head to see Envy looking away from him.

"It's fine you're warmer than me right now..." Ed said embarrassedly, he heard a grunt from Envy, he assumed that was agreement. They sat there awkwardly for a while before Ed opened his mouth again.

"...why...?" he asked quietly. Envy looked at the blonde in front of him for a moment before answering.

"I don't like being in peoples this makes us even," he said equally as quiet.

"Ah..." Ed said in understanding. He didn't know when but eventually he fell asleep and in Envy's arms no less. If he'd been awake he'd probably have been blushing furiously, Envy thought. He grinned at the imagery of that pink hue under that beautiful blonde hair- wait beautiful? Oh no...nononono. It was Not beautiful, soft maybe, shiny and clean but not-.

Envy gave a frustrated groan, he really must have been sick for him to be thinking THAT about EDWARD ELRIC. One he wasn't capable of those kinds of feelings and two it was Edward Elric!

Unfortunately for Envy those thoughts were cut off by the arrival of the younger Elric. Alphonse stared at the homunculus who had tried to kill him and the brother who was in said homunculus's arms. He looked on totally over come by shock.