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Envy crumpled against the gate clenching his hands to try and stop shaking but he had started sobbing and that made the tremors worse, he would have fallen to the ground if not for the arms that came to wrap around his waist and shoulders. He started sobbing harder then, but was turned around so his face was against a shoulder and his arms were trapped against a chest, he tried to push away but the arms around him were stronger. One of them came up to his face touching his cheek gently.

"No please!" he choked on a sob and the hand went back down and the arms held on tighter, and after what felt like forever his sobs died down and again the voice whispered in his ear.

"I'm sorry, will you ever forgive me?" he breathed, that voice that beautiful wonderful voice breathed in his ear and Envy felt more tears slide down his face as he looked up at the golden eyes, they didn't seem so cold anymore, but they weren't as warm as they had been.

"Why should you have ever needed me to in the first place?" he asked back barely above a whisper and the gold eyes narrowed in guilt. Another moment of silence and Envy broke it this time.

"Why did you leave?" he asked even quieter than before, and Ed looked away for a moment then looked back down, he brought up a hand to start caressing Envy's cheek, the other one firmly at his waist.

"I thought you'd be better off, I'm sorry. I was wrong," he said his eyes again narrowed only this time in pain. Envy's mouth pressed into a hard line as he looked at Ed, he was different, very different but only in the sense that something was amiss. Like something was gone.

"Ed...what did you give up to give me my freedom?" he asked truly dreading the answer, and Ed stared at him with those cold eyes for a moment before answering.

"My humanity," he answered with indifference and Envy's eyes widened. He was truly shocked, his humanity? That meant he had given up almost everything except his soul. He gasped in hurt and guilt and pain and then he grew angry, he tried to break free of Ed's hold but it turned out that Ed was a lot stronger than him now so he settled for yelling.

"You idiot! Why would you do something so stupid and reckless?" he shouted and Ed sighed, then Envy was shoved against the gate Ed's body pressed against his.

"Because in all but the physical sense it was human transmutation, and for that loss I gained more knowledge from the gate which I used to bring back Al's body, as well as my leg." he said and he pushed that leg in between Envy's who stopped struggling for the moment.

"But your research...your circles, they were so could have asked me...I would have told you. Why didn't you ask me for help?" he asked, almost blown away by the audacity of it all.

"Because I couldn't trust you," he said simply and Envy felt torn again, though this time instead of crying he got angry, after all of that, he couldn't be trusted? Envy freed one of his hands and prepared it to make contact with Ed's face, but Ed caught it and pinned it to the gate.

"Let me finish," he said and Envy still bristling with anger didn't move anymore, "I couldn't trust you or anyone else with that task because it was mine alone, to bring back Al's body was my responsibility and I wasn't going to ask anyone for help and drag them into my problems," he said and Envy could understand that but still...

"And I was one of your problems, you took care of me too," he said and he didn't even see it coming, one second he was looking at Ed's chest the next he was looking at the other side of the yard his cheek stinging. Ed had smacked him, right across the face.

"Don't you ever say that again, I may no longer be humane and the 'People's Alchemist' but I sure as hell still have a heart and I sure as hell still love you, you idiot so don't ever let me hear you say shit like that again," he snapped furiously and Envy looked back to the furious golden eyes in shock.

" do?" he whispered in disbelief and Ed's face melted from fury to pained sadness, at the knowledge that Envy had thought he was no longer loved.

"Of course I do," he said quietly and his face was closer, his eyes half lidded and his lips touched down briefly before he plunged right in.

Envy started to cry as he surrendered himself to the kisses, they were fast and urgent but they tasted better than anything ever before, one of his arms clutched at Ed's black jacket pulling him closer so he was fully pinned to the gate deepening the kiss, so he could fully taste the mouth on his. Then something occurred to him and he pushed back.

"Ed...we can't..." he said breathlessly, Ed wasn't about to stop kissing him until Envy placed his hand over the others mouth.

"We can't," he whispered and Ed looked at him in confusion.

"Why not?" he asked frowning, he didn't see anything wrong with continuing where they'd left off, actually he'd like to pick up where they'd last stopped precisely, with Envy moaning under him.

"Don't tell me you haven't realized..." Envy muttered and Ed raised an eyebrow, "You can't see any resemblance? Between you and I?" he asked and Ed shrugged.

"Well sure, but I thought that was because of the fact that I turned you human," he said and Envy rolled his eyes.

"Don't be so full of yourself. Didn't you hear what the old man called me earlier?" and Ed thought about it for a moment and his eyebrow quirked in confusion.

"William but that could be an alias..." he stopped talking when Envy shook his head.

"My name as a human was William Van Hohenheim, Ed I'm your older brother," Envy said and Ed froze in shock. Then he sat there for a moment his mouth moving a little as he thought then finally he shrugged.

"Who cares?" he said and Envy blinked, he was shocked but he also wasn't, why would Ed care if they were committing a crime and an unforgivable act, a sin, if he had no humanity which included morals and ethics? And besides it just didn't feel right if one of them wasn't sinful. (that was soo sarcasm)

"Well obviously you don't, but the rest of the world might," Envy said and the look Ed gave him was so reminiscent of the old Ed, Envy had to laugh.

"Screw them, I've never cared what everyone else thought, why should I start now?" he said and before Envy could respond his lips were otherwise occupied.

A half an hour later Ed and Envy were on the couch, Ed would not let go of Envy, and he sat glaring at Hohenheim who was frowning, Al seemed resigned to whatever it was that followed. Finally Ed snorted.

"You know I really don't give a damn either way," Ed said his eyes narrowing further at the man who sighed.

"I know, but Incest? Please can't you at least think it over if not for me, for Al," He said and Ed scoffed while Al groaned.

"Do not bring me into this, I have dealt with it before so it doesn't really matter, and for your information, I already knew," Al said from behind the couch and Ed looked back at him with mild surprise. Al shrugged.

"We talked a lot while you slept brother, I kinda figured things out for myself," Al said then Envy looked over at him a little surprised himself, had they realyl talked that much? Must have, he shrugged and smiled at Al before he gave the younger boy some scrutiny.

"You know you don't look like I thought you would, I expected more of a baby face," he grinned and Al rolled his eyes.

"Yeah yeah, and I'll have you know, I grew out of it," he said with a nod, and Envy laughed then grinned cheekily at Al who scoffed and pushed his face away with a blush.

"But still incest?" Hohenheim asked like he hadn't known about it at all in the first place, which in fact he had, and Envy sighed fidgeting a little bit in Ed's hold.

"It didn't seem to bother you before," Envy said and Hohenheim sighed, he sat back further in his recliner.

"Well that's because I didn't think you would continue it, but then you two show up and..." he sighed again and brought a hand down his face.

"Speaking of...why are you two here?" Envy asked and both of them paled Ed looked at the wall while Al looked like he might pass out.

"Um...a couple of days ago...we got a visit from teacher..." Al began and Envy understood, she beat the shit out of them and they didn't want it happening again.

"She said I was an idiot and if I didn't get my ass to you she would be disowning me," Ed mumbled and Envy blinked.

"She would," he replied and Ed looked up, his face didn't show it but he was, surprised. Then something must have occurred to him.

"How do you know teacher so well?" he asked and Envy looked at him almost tentatively before replying.

"She was the one who found me," he said quietly and then he felt himself being pulled closer to Ed, he figured that was the best apology he'd get while they were still in the presence of their father. Not that he needed another, it was nice to get though.

"I'm sorry Envy, when I found out what brother did, we got into a fight," Al said and Envy raised an eyebrow, they got in a fight because of him? Wow.

"I still have bruises too," Ed said barely audible, Envy smiled.

"I, of course, beat him down," Al said a little cockily and Ed snorted.

"Is this before or after you were turned into a walking trashcan?" Ed asked, sounding very serious, and Envy gasped then glared at Ed.

"You didn't," he said and Al gave a humorless laugh.

"Oh yes he did," Al said and Envy looked back at Ed who shrugged, but Envy started swatting at him.

"How dare you turn your little brother into a trashcan!" he said accentuating each word with a swat, Ed grabbed Envy's hands and looked at him with mild amusement.

"How else was I supposed to get him to cooperate?" he asked and Envy huffed but made no move to take his hands back.

"I'm not even going to wonder how this ended, all I know is Al is in his body, and we will leave it at that," Envy said shrugging, throwing his hands up and giving Ed the chance to grab him around the middle and pull him onto his lap.

"You are incorrigible," Envy told him and one side of Ed's mouth quirked, the closest he'd get to actually smiling.

"What can I say? You bring out the best in me," he whispered in Envy's ear who turned bright red at the innuendo, he started swatting at him again.

"Well I'm not going to say 'I told you so' brother, because I know you'd just get indignant and start pouting again, so I'll just say I'm glad you aren't scaring the children anymore," Al said happily from behind them, Ed's eyes narrowed at his little brother.

"Truly Alphonse, your wit and cleverness astound even me," he said and Al laughed lightly before smirking at his brother almost evilly. A look Envy never wanted to see on the younger Elric's face again.

"What?" Envy asked trying to stop the two from staring each other down, he really didn't like seeing the brothers like this, they were too close for anything else to happen.

"Let's just say, brother's attitude, while he's away from you...could use some...well it's just damnable isn't it?" Al asked and Ed scoffed, Envy gave him a look.

"You just swore," he looked at Al with wide eyes and Al gave a mumble of agreement before he shrugged the sat on the armrest of the couch.

"It's better than Brother, honestly," he said and Envy let an eyebrow quirk. "Every other word, is either fuck or shit," he said then gave his brother a look who shrugged.

Envy sighed then closed his eyes and leaned his head against Ed's shoulder, he could feel his heart beat and was very glad to. His hands were grasped loosely in the other boys, one arm around his waist while he sat in his lap. Hohenheim sighed.

"Well I guess there really isn't much I can do." he mumbled and stood up stretching Ed smirked in triumph, not nearly as endearing as his smile though.

"Glad to see you finally learned some sense you old bastard," he said and Envy heard Al sigh Envy opened his eyes to see Ed glaring in a somewhat triumphant way towards their father. Who sighed then proclaimed in an exhausted way that he was going to bed. Al followed soon after taking the extra room next to Envy's.

Ed and Envy stayed on the couch, Envy still in the blonds lap, they were quiet until Envy looked at Ed who was watching him very intently, his gold eyes following his every move. Then he raised a hand and Envy flinched without meaning to, Ed's eyes went cloudy.

"I'm so sorry...for what I did to you, I thought...that you wanted to leave because you didn't love me anymore, that day when you asked, and I guess I was trying to protect myself. But I was cruel in the way that I tricked you. I don't think I deserve you any more." he finished, his eyes showing the first bit of real solid emotion since Envy had looked at him. Envy took the hand that had made him flinch and set it on his cheek closing his eyes just so he could feel it.

"I know I should be angry, and I know that after something like that I should never want to see you again, but the gate gave me no choice but to love you, and I still do, and all I want is to never be separated from you again," He replied and opened his eyes to see Ed looking at him again searching his own amber eyes for something.

"I love you too, and I never want to stop loving you," He whispered before he pulled Envy close to him, then gently brought their lips together. The kiss was sweet and tender, a token of how much they'd missed each other.

But then their bodies also reminded them how long it had been, and Ed turned Envy so the other blond was straddling him. Their lips still together, Ed's tongue taking Envy's mouth like it hadn't in over a year, Envy's arms came up to rest around Ed's neck. Ed's hands went under Envy's white shirt, making the older boy shiver from the cold metal and pleasure, Ed's hands roamed over Envy's back and chest, making the boy break away to throw his head back with a breathy moan.

"Sh-shit! I forgot...I'd never been with anyone before..." he said breathily, and Ed's eyes widened as he looked at his lovers human form.

"So...basically you're a virgin?" he asked and Envy heard the smirk in his voice but he nodded any way. "Well I don't think I'll take you tonight, I want to save it for sometime special," he whispered pulling Envy closer again and whispering in his ear. This time Envy shivered from the words, they somehow went straight to his groin. Ed smirked and slowly he undid the former homunculus' trousers, freeing the half hard member before doing the same to his own. They brushed and Envy flushed as he moaned.

"Oh my god..." he breathed then Ed bucked his hips and Envy had to stop himself from crying out. His own hips bucked back and then they set the pace, slow at first, Envy's head rested on Ed's shoulder, he gasped and panted as his hips worked, Ed's hands rested on his lovers hips as he groaned and kissed Envy's neck, and then the pace picked up becoming erratic, Envy clutched to the front of Ed's shirt as he panted and moaned into his shoulder then he cried out as he came, the sensations so new to his virgin body and it felt so different so real compared to as a homunculus. Ed came a bit after, then wrapped his arms around the thinner blond holding him close.

"I love you," he whispered into Envy's ear, words that he'd been wanting to hear for such a long time, it made tears come to his eyes, he clutched harder to Ed's clothes pulling them even closer as he started to sob. Things weren't the same as they had been and Envy doubted they ever would be again, but he was grateful; for what he had and he'd trade nothing for it.

"Thank you," he sobbed into Ed's shoulder so glad to be in those arms again, to have been touched by him again, to have made love with him again, so glad to be with him again. After all he was the one who owned him, Edward Elric was forever the master of his heart.


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