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What is love? An Idea? Could true love really exist? I believed in it once, had it slapped me in the face.

I'm done with love. Never again will I love anyone. Never. No matter who I meet, no matter what I do. I will live forever, and forever I will live alone.

Of course I will give my body to some, but my heart is never to be taken again.

I thought I was in love once, but the man whom I "loved" betrayed me, and for what? Yo show off in front of his friends, that's what. He killed me. He is dead. Love Killed me. Love will never again grab ahold of me. There is no love, there never was. Only a stupid, shallow, human soul looking for a reason to believe in anything. I am no longer stupid, I know more about the cruel world then most.. I am no longer vain, but only because there is nolonger any need to be. And I shall never again be human.

I have found the reason to believe. not really. i have found that there is no reason. no reason to live, besides for the reason to reproduce, chasse a hopeless happiness , and die.

All of those reasons have been stolen from me. I will never bare child, for I am frozen in a flawless beauty. I no longer chase happiness, for it no longer exists to me. I can no longer end my pitiful existance on this pitiful planet, for I am immortal. I am something that was never meant to exist. Is it a desease, a temperary disorder? No, I am forever cursed to take soul after soul after soul.

My name is Rosalie, and I am a vampire.