Chapter 4: Unforgivable; Explosion of Anger

Neji: Kid I don't think you know who you're dealing with… I have no time to deal with someone as pathetic as you, Lee handle this freshman for me.

Lee: No, what you're doing is something I can't follow behind.

Neji: Lee, I'm the President of Student Affairs; I can't have something as foolish as this harm my record.

Naruto: You're nothing but a coward, pretending to be something you're not.

Neji: My business was with Uchiha, not some dork, but I tell you what, since you're in trouble and I don't want anyone finding out about me, we can settle this outside of school, say the fields near the memorial grounds, unless you wanna back down.

Ino: *Aside to Naruto* Naruto, don't be an idiot it's obviously a trap so he can take you out like Sasuke, just tell Kakashi-sensei to file a report to Dean Sarutobi.

Neji: You better listen to blondey over there she seems fairly competent.

Naruto: Hell no, I never back down, after school you better be there Hyuga Neji.

Neji: Heh…fool, let's go Lee and Ten Ten.

Lee: …

Ten Ten: (Neji…)

*they leave*

Naruto: Argh that bastard, I'll make him pay

Ino: *grabs Naruto* Are you mental insane; you wanna end up in the hospital too… That Neji plays dirty.

Hinata: N-Naruto-kun please, let's go to the office to tell Dean Sarutobi.

Naruto: I'm sorry Hinata, but I never go back on my word, it's my way of life.

Hinata: (He's so cool)

Ino: (He's such a dork)

Later after school

Naruto: (The fields near the memorial ground…)

Shikamaru: Naruto, I wanted to talk to you

Naruto: What's up Shikamaru

Shikamaru: As troublesome as it may be, I going with you to make sure Neji doesn't try anything funny

Naruto: Ino made you come?

Shikamaru: … yeah women are so troublesome

Naruto: Don't worry about me; I can handle anything Neji tries to through at me

Shikamaru: So when did you start caring about Sasuke all of a sudden…

Naruto: Who says I care about Sasuke? This is personal

Shikamaru: I see… because from the looks of it, you're avenging Sasuke, what's the real deal?

Naruto: Sakura will dump the chump and come with a real man

Shikamaru: Oh chasing a woman who doesn't want you eh Naruto

Naruto: What do you know?

Shikamaru: Whatever… just focus, Neji is a black belt, and you're not even skilled in martial arts from what I see

Naruto: Are you here to bring me down or what Shikamaru?

-At the fields

Neji: Lee, you disappoint me; Next time you mouth off to me I'll kick your ass you hear.

Ten Ten: Lay off him Neji, you know what you're doing is wrong

Neji: What was that Ten Ten

Ten Ten: You've changed, your taking this revenge way to far I don't even…

Neji: *Backhands Ten Ten*

Lee: *Catches her* what the hell do you think you're doing

Neji: Don't you worry, you're next Lee.

Lee: I don't care if you're a black belt, what you did was unforgivable

Ten Ten: Lee…

Neji: What's with you chumps today? You make me laugh, I only care about one person and that's me, no one else matters *charges at Lee*

Naruto: Hold it!!!

Lee: …

Neji: So you're here, and you brought back up just in case, smart boy you are

Shikamaru: Hey, don't get me involved, but if you try anything dirty I'll be forced to step in

Neji: Ha!, more losers join the pitiful fray

Shikamaru: Call me what you want, but when Naruto kicks your ass, don't come begging me to stop him

Neji: I hope you're ready kid, I'm gonna put you in the hospital next to you're buddy Sasuke

Naruto: Enough talk, let's dance

Neji: *Neji charges at Naruto and hits him in the chest with an open palm thrust*

Naruto: *Falls on the ground* Guh

Neji: Done Already, how pathetic

Naruto: You wish *Gets up and punches at Neji, who dodges and kick Naruto in the side* *Naruto falls*

Neji: Your father should be ashamed raising a loser like yourself

Naruto: *Punches Neji in the face* that's my line

Neji: *Stumbles backwards* How dare you insult my father *Charges at Naruto in a blind rage, open palm thrusting him several times*

Naruto: *Falls to ground*

Neji: I'm not done *Mounts Naruto and punches him as Naruto tries to guard his face*

Naruto: *Drops guard and slowly falls unconscious*

Neji: *Gets up* I knew you had nothing *tries to walk away but is hit in the side of the face by Naruto, and falls to the ground* I let my guard down…

Naruto: *Grabs Neji's Collar and Clenches fist tightly*

Neji: Do it, you're man enough right, finish me off

Naruto: *Pulls arm back for a heavy punch*

Shikamaru: Naruto… it's not even worth it, let him go, you've prove your point

Naruto: *Breathes out, drops Neji * you're right… I'm done with this scum *Shikamaru and Naruto walk away*

Neji: *Pulls out a knife and gets up and charges at Naruto* who are you calling scum?

Lee: *Punches Neji out*

Neji: *Falls on the ground, semi-unconscious* Lee you bastard…

Lee: Neji, we need to talk, but I'll give you some time to regain sense

Neji: *Passes out*

Lee: Naruto, thank you for not smashing in Neji's face, he can actually be a nice guy when you get to know him

Ten Ten: Sorry for the trouble we've caused you, I hope next time we meet we can all go to the mall or something

Naruto: Okay *walks away with Shikamaru*

Ten Ten: Lee… thanks for defending me

Lee: No problem, It's my du…

Ten Ten: *Kisses Lee on the cheek* you talk to much

Lee: *Blushes*

Later at the Hospital

Sasuke: Damn, when I get my hands on Neji, I swear

Sakura: Sasuke, don't stress you're body too much

Sasuke: Sakura, why are you still here?

Sakura: I'm worried about you, I… I was scared *starts crying*

Sasuke: Sakura… *Wipes her tears and places his hands around her face*

Sakura: *Blushes* Sasuke what are you…?

Sasuke:*Leans in…*

*Ino enters and interrupts the moment*

Ino: Hey Sasuke, you alright whats going…

Sakura: Ino-pig what do you want?

Ino: You had your fun taking care of Sasuke but he needs a real woman love and compassion if he wants to heal

Sakura: A real woman, what the heck are you trying to say?

Sasuke: Gah, you both are annoying… (My body, it moved on its own… what's this I keep feeling.)

Ino: Oh but as I was saying, Shikamaru just sent me a text, about Naruto's and Neji's fight

Sasuke: Naruto and Neji *Tries to get out of the bed* Ow

Sakura: Sasuke-kun you're still bruised

Ino: It's seems him and Neji beat up each other bad…

Sasuke: |shocked| …

Ino: He's calling now… Hello

Sakura: Maybe you should hook up with Shikamaru, he's pretty cute

Ino: 10 ton forehead, what you say? Any Shikamaru, you might want to take Naruto to the clinic in the hospital

Near Shikamaru and Naruto

Shikamaru: I'm already ahead of you; he's down here getting stitched up now…

Naruto: Ow… damn that hurts

Nurse: Stay still

Shikamaru: *Sigh* Well just ask him the details when you get down here… *hangs up* Geez, woman can talk for days…

*Minato and Kushina arrive*

Minato: Naruto, what happened to you?

Kushina: Oh no, my baby boy is hurt, who did this to you, was it him?

Shikamaru: No ma'm not me (Oh great another scary woman)

Naruto: Mom calm down, I'm okay, just some kid at school

Minato: Naruto-kun you can't be fighting everyday, Iruka worked his butt off trying to get you in the academy

*Ino and Sakura enter*

Ino: *Dragging Sakura* Come on I want to know what happened

Sakura: But Sasuke's

Minato: Well hello… this you must be Naruto's girlfriend, he talks about you all day

Sakura: What?

Naruto: Dad!!!

Minato: He's says you two have been dating ever since you meet in middle school

Sakura: *Grabs Naruto* What?

Naruto: I was only kidding Sakura-chan, ah hehehe…

Minato: Oh my, lover's quarrel…

Kushina: Oh young love… I remember when we were like them

Minato: Oh those were the days

Shikamaru: Erhem… back to reality for a second…

Minato: Well this lad seems responsible enough, I have to go to work, can you look after Naruto for me, make sure he doesn't get into any more trouble

Shikamaru: *sigh* sure

Kushina: Bye dear, tonight we're eating Ramen

*Minato and Kushina leave*

Shikamaru: (I see where he gets it…)

Ino: So Naruto spare no details what happened…

*Sasuke creeps in*

Sasuke: Yes what happened?

Sakura: Sasuke…?

Naruto: Well… it happened like this

*Naruto tells his version*

Ino: |Confused|

Sakura: Ninjas and shurikens, what are you 12?

Shikamaru: *Sigh* Well since Naruto won't tell the story without bending the truth… I tell you

*Shikamaru tells them the real story*

Sasuke: (No way… Naruto beat him)

Sakura: I guess he was all talk no action

Sasuke: Naruto, don't go getting ahead of yourself… Neji is dirty, I'm pretty sure you two aren't done yet

Naruto: I don't care, tell him to bring it any time any place

Shikamaru: You sure are one cocky bastard, *sigh* I've stayed here too long I'm leaving

Ino: Yo! Shikamaru wait up…

Sakura: I should probably go and tell my parents where I am

*Everyone except Naruto and Sasuke leave*

Nurse: Okay kid you're all patched up

Naruto: Thanks lady, Well Sasuke I'm out of here too

Sasuke: Wait…

Naruto: What? Man I'm having Ramen later, I need to go

Sasuke: Thanks…

Naruto: Nice Joke Sasuke, thanking people, now that's funny

Sasuke: … whatever, just don't tell anyone I said that or I'll kill you

Naruto: Um…okay, see you at school tomorrow


Neji: Ugh…

Lee: You're awake

Neji: What Happened, where's Naruto?

Lee: It's over Neji

Neji: That means…

Ten Ten: Neji, just forget about this, it's not worth it.

Neji: What do you guys know; your father wasn't wrongly arrested and killed, that bastard Uchiha and that dumb ass kid Naruto, I will get them

Hiashi: I guess it's finally time I told you the truth, *hands him a note*, Lee, Ten Ten will you excuse us this is a private matter

Ten Ten: Yes Sir

*Lee and Ten Ten leave*

Neji: Is…is this true

Hiashi: I'm sorry

Neji: So what are you telling me?

Hiashi: Forget about the Uchiha

Neji: …

Hiashi: Hinata!!!

Hinata: Yes papa; Neji are you okay?

Hiashi: This is why I don't you to hang out with that Uzumaki kid, he's trouble…

Hinata: Papa, please don't bring me into a business feud.

Hiashi: Look at your cousin, Naruto did this to him

Hinata: No offense, he had this coming, he was acting like a jerk to my friends

Neji: …

Hiashi: I don't want you hanging with him, if I ever see him near you I might do something I'll regret

Hinata: Papa…*leaves crying*

Hiashi: Neji…

Neji: Yes Uncle?

Hiashi: Keep an eye on that Uzumaki kid.

Neji: … Gladly

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Story By: Xero the Aokaze of Deadly_Gods