The Prince's Game

"Ushishishishi~" The royal blond laughed menacingly. As he drove the shimmering blade closer and closer to his victim. The helpless body could do nothing to move away from his impending doom. The knife tenderly sliced through the boys flesh as a thin line of scarlet liquid trickled down his arm. The defenseless boy could do nothing but slam his eyes shut. He wished he wasn't here, that he wouldn't have been near this damn place at all. Another flash of pain shot through his body and small tears began to form around his tightly shut eyes. The blond slowly stroked his pet's head, laughing softly to himself as he watched the blood and his pet's tears mix on the ground beneath him.

It was a chilly, snow-covered day as Gokudera walked down the street to get to school. He was on his way to pick-up the Tenth when he saw a faint shimmering from the distance. He watched it closely until within a split second it went flying past his head, slicing away a few stray hairs. Gokudera leaped to the side and pulled out sticks of dynamite, ready to light. A few more sparks of light came rushing towards him as he leapt in behind a light pole, giving him just enough cover to find out who it was that was trying to kill him. He didn't have to wait long as an eeriely familiar voice started to laugh. Gokudera barely had time to gasp as the figure emerged from a corner and dashed up to him. He was ready to blow the bastard sky high but something was wrong. The person didn't have a weapon in their hands, which meant that, as the Tenth told him, he couldn't randomly throw bombs at them. He couldn't throw the bombs but his body remained tense as the figure reached him and wrapped his arms around Gokudera's arm. Gokudera was pretty surprised to find the boy that he had hated the most in the world run up to him and grab his arm. His anger was boiling up inside him just from having the idiot touching him. "What the hell are you doing?! Get off you knife freak!!" Gokudera whipped his arm out of Bel's grasp. He started walking away when the blond started to laugh soft enough for Gokudera to just hear it.

"Ushishshishi~. The Prince is here to tell you something." His trademark grin spreading over his face. Gokudera turned slowly to hear what that idiot was laughing about.

"Fine. Humor me, what do you want to tell me?" Gokudera was only half-listening and half-caring about what the bastard had to say. But something was pulling at him, why would he come all the way from Italy just to tell him something...

"The Prince is giving you very useful information Bomb-boy, so you should listen." His grin became even more evil and his voice more harsh and angered.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever just tell me what it is you want!" This conversation was getting Gokudera more and more pissed off by the second. He wanted so bad to just beat the shit out of this dumbass, but the Tenth would be mad so he tried with all his might to restrain himself from lighting the bombs he still held in between his fingers.

"...Fine if you don't want to find out where your precious Vongola is." Gokudera let out a little gasp as his hand tightened around the explosives. "Ushishishishishi~ Was that too surprising for you Bomb-boy?" Bel's face barely twitched as his grin grew larger and his laugh got louder. Gokudera had had enough playing it cool and calm. He grabbed Bel's collar and shoved him against the closest wall. His fists pressed into Bel's chest. He could feel the anger pouring out of him.

"What the hell did you do to Tenth?! Tell me you bastard!" With each word he shoved harder and harder into Bel's rib cage, he could feel Bel's chest collapsing but the blond was still grinning. It was the most disgusting thing Gokudera had ever seen. "Why the fuck won't you tell me?!" Gokudera burst as he threw the royal to the ground. His grin was as big as ever, even though he was gasping qiuetly for air.

"Ushishishishi~ What any angry little boy you are!" Bel jumped up and patted himself off.


"Fine. The Prince is having fun so this game will go on a little longer. If you want him back then come to the warehouse on the other side of town in an hour. Bye Bee!" He waved then leapt away out of sight. There was a slight moment of silence. Gokudera slammed his fist into the light pole denting it. He knew his fist stung but he didn't care about that, all he was worried about was the fact that Tenth was captured and he was to blame for it.

"Dammit! Why the hell wasn't I there sooner?!" Gokudera let out his loudest yell he could, so much that his throat was burning from it. He had to prepare for whatever lay ahead of him at that warehouse. He wouldn't tell anyone else, he couldn't he had to prove to Tenth that he was capable of rescuing him alone. It was his fault Tenth was there is the first place. Gokudera ran back to his home to gather what he needed. He was going to save Tenth, no matter what the cost.