The Prince's Game- Bonus Chapter

Hey everyone! Im happy about the reviews I got after the last chapter and I decided to write this chapter! It is really based of a roleplay and my wonderful Bel thought it would make a good story! Please enjoy it cause it was always fun writing for you guys! Remember if you want a story done then please message me or something!

Bel made his way to Namimori Middle School gritting his teeth a little at Ha-chan's random disappearance. He hadn't heard a thing from him in over a week, it was worrying him and pissing him off at the same time. The blond was ranting to himself quietly when he saw a familiar spiked hair boy. That kid will tell the Prince where his little Ha-chan was. Bel stepped over and in one swift movement, he grabbed the boy's shirt and slammed him against the nearest wall. Bel's grin flourished at the panic in the other's eyes. The brown-haired teen sputtered after he let out a little shriek.


"That's Prince. No one but Ha-chan can call me that." Bel's grin widened as he ran a hand through the other boy's brunette spikes, pulling on it gently...alright maybe not so gently. "Speaking of which," Bel's grin quickly faded as he got closer to his face. "Where is he?" His voice flatened, going montoned except for a small growl barely audible even by Tsuna.

"G-G-Gokudera-kun? I-I don't know. He usually picks me up on the way to school." Bel scowled, that was not going to continue. His Ha-chan is his and no one else's.

"I see. Has he been like this all week?"

"U-Umm...n-no. J-Just today. Why?" Just today? That couldn't be right. If he was just missing today then why didn't he talk to the Prince?

"None of your business, Commoner."

"Has he not b-been talking to you lately?" This annoying little bug was pissing him off and he was so close to slicing the boy's throat he could feel the blood splatter. "I thought he would have stayed in contact with you. Even with the distance." The Prince blinked.

"What?" Tsuna was getting scared again, he squirmed against Bel's fist which was still keeping a hold on Tsuna's collar.

"Eep! Y-You m-mean he d-din't tell y-you?"

"Tell me what?" Bel's voice was becoming more and more of a growl. Tsuna's eyes became wide as saucers.

"H-H-H-He w-was going t-t-to tell y-y-y-you that h-h-he was g-g-getting," Bel was three seconds from separating the boy's head from his shoulder until that boy, that stupid little insect of a boy uttered the worst word he had ever heard in his life. "m-m-married!" Bel's whole being shattered in an instant. His mind went blank. He dropped the boy without another word and walked to his lover's- scratch that- ex-lover's house, mind still blank as an empty, white room.

Gokudera was quietly packing his clothes into a small case, his hair hanging down in front of his face. He didn't even look up his window when a figure sat on his windowsil, slightly glaring at him.

"I'm sorry." A grin spread across the Prince's face and a small insane giggle escaped his mouth.

"Oh? For what Ha-chan?" Bel wanted to hear the hurtful words from the other boy himself.

The silver-haired teen flinched inwardly, understanding what his love was trying to do. "For not telling you that I was getting married." Belphegor slid down from the window, leaning up lightly against the wall.

" are the Prince's. No one else's."

"It's not my choice. I have to go back and get married to the girl that was chosen for me."

"I will kill her before you can get married." Bel spat without a hint of remorse. The other's eyes widening slightly as he spun around.

"No you won't. You will not touch her." Bel frowned.

"Then you will stay with the Prince. We can get married too."

"No! You don't get it! I have to marry her!"

"You can only have to marry the Prince, Ha-chan. No one else."

"If it wasn't in my mother's will then I wouldn't but I have to honor her wishes!" Gokudera snapped, standing up in anger. Bel just stood there, glaring and grinning with that hint of insanity again.

"Fine. Then the Prince will leave and let the Commoner get married to a filthy girl."

"Look! If it wasn't for my mother then I wouldn't be doing it! But I have to!" Without another word Bel leapt out the window again and left Gokudera with a desperate look and lightly shaking hands. The teen flopped down in a huff and continued packing, knowing it would be harder to leave then he thought.

A few minutes later Gokudera zipped up his bag and headed outside, glancing around in hopes that Bel was somewhere nearby moping about this whole thing. But he was sadly mistaken when he saw empty space. He let out a small sigh before dropping his bag and leaning against the door frame. He stayed still for a while, imagining what would have happened if he had just told the Prince earlier. Gokudera continued to drift away into his imagination until a loud shriek snapped snapped him back into reality. He glanced down the street, just barely missing a small group of girls charging down the street in terror. Gokudera raised a brow slightly, making his way down the street to see a small blond slicing away at random people in the street. The silver-haired teen rushed over, heart beating faster than it ever should as he saw his love laughing, full of insanity with fans of knives spreadingto every inch of the street. The innocent people ran, some getting hit in the back with countless numbers of knives and their eyes instantly drainging of life, blood spilling and sloshing everywhere, getting on everything. Gokudera had to do something and it had to be done right now. He ran as fast as he could to the epicenter of knives, dodging a few and getting clipped by more. They were face to face when the boy immediatly wrapped his arms around the Prince, pulling him close. "Bel! You need to stop! Just calm down!" Gokudera tried to sound angry but he was...scared. It fucking terrified him to see Bel this insane around other people and it made him sick that all the yelling and calling for the bastard did nothing to wake him up. Bel just continued laughing, slowly dying down into silence. "I'm sorry I have to get married but it isn't my choice. I don't want to marry someone I haven't even met before!" Bel's grin twitched slightly making the sudden shot of pain in Gokudera's side more terrifying.

"Ushishishi~ I will kill you and that bride of yours. That way no one can have my Ha-chan." His grin grew back to its insane curl and he rapidly and repeatedly stabbed the younger teen, laughing as each gesture brought out more crimson, more beautiful and alluring crimson liquid. Bel's skin began to crawl with joy of excitement, watching the flashes of metal pierce the other boy's skin without even an attempt to move by the other. Belphegor finally stopped as the knife was striking the same wounds, making his fun redundant and boring. Gokudera remained motionless, slightly slumped on the blond's shoulder. "Hmm~?" Bel blinked a few times, coming down from his fit. "Ha-chan?" He shook the boy gently, Gokudera refused to move. His heart slowing down at a rapid rate, barely breathing yet the blood continued to ooze out. Bel's eyes widened as he had realized what he had just done. He picked up the motion-less mass and ran, faster than he ever has in his life, to the hospital. The doctors took him instantly and told the Prince to wait outside.

It was quite some time before Gokudera woke up. He groaned as he sat up, finding out that it was a bad idea to do so. His stomach felt pinched and it hurt like hell to breathe. There was a moment of silence as he remembered what had happened. As more and more of his memories returned, his shoulders and spine burned, each wound felt as if it was repeating itself a million times. Gokudera curled over, feeling as if he would throw up from the pain being too much. The teen glanced around the room to look for anyone that could help him. When he didn't see anyone Gokudera tried to pull himself out of the bed to go find someone. He winced and cringed with every moment proving that it would be more difficult than he thought. The teen made it to the door, leaning against the frame for support. Luckily the door was already open making it easier for him. Gokudera rolled slightly, grabbing onto the rail attachted to the wall making his way down the hall. The pain was so much that the boy could barely keep his eyes open, he heard a small sigh and glanced down the hall. There on the other side of the hallway was a thin blond, his delicate fingers running slowly through his golden strands as he tried to calm himself down. Gokudera tried to get to the other side of the hall but the moving nurses, who didn't even notice him, were running and shuffling down the hall making it hard for him. He gave up and tried to make his way down to be across from the other. Each step made his stomach burn and his head throb. Dammit why the hell did he have to sit that far away! The stupid bastard would have noticed him by now! He continued to rant to himself, stepping down the hall at a turlte-like pace until the blond finally heard the soft, limping footsteps. The boy turned his head, his eyes were dark and disgusted with what he did to his little Ha-chan. But then the life-less eyes brightened both with excitement and fear as he stared at the silver-haired teen. Bel jumped up and ran over, a little hesitant at first but then hugged him tightly. Gokudera flinched slightly, his wounds burning intensely but the contact with the blond dulled the pain. The blond tightened his grip around the other's shoulders, refusing to let go ever again.

"I'm sorry." A small voice broke the silence. Bel's eyes jumped at the sound.

"Why are y sorry?" Both boys frowned. Gokudera slowly began rubbing his love's back trying to calm them both down.

"I should have told you that I was getting married earlier." Bel's heart sank, he wanted to move away but the slightest movement only made the other squeeze him more and keep him close."But now I am going to get married to royalty..." He couldn't take it. He wanted the boy to stop talking and just leave him alone to be with his...

"What? What did you say?" the blond blinked in shock, making sure he heard what he did. Gokudera smirked slightly and got up close to his lover's face.

"I said, now I am going to marry royalty." Bel's face lit up with joy as it finally clicked. He pressed the silver-haired teen against the wall and kissed him passionately, running a shaky hand through the silver strands and around the other's neck. Gokudera laughed softly, wincing at the pain of being pushed against the wall. But he happily accepted the kiss and tried to pull his love closer to him. They slowly pulled away, remaining as close as they can. "I love you Bel." Gokudera smiled warmly, running his hand through the other's blond hair.

"I love you too, Ha-chan." Bel replied, a small line of pink stretched across his cheeks. They gazed at each other for a moment, taking in the other's scent, their face...their warmth. Bel carefully guided the other back to his room, lightly rejecting any proposal of "sealing the deal" with his injured little love but finally gave in. They had just sat down on the bed when they were on each other, desperately wanting, needing each other's skin to connect or to brush against each other. Luckily the bed was big enough for them both to move around, and to sleep in each other's arms.

The morning hit and even the long bangs covering his face couldn't protect him from the sun. The blond shifted to cover his face more but nothing worked so he decided to finally wake up. He blinked slowly, letting all the light readjust his eyes. Bel looked down to see his little Ha-chan sleeping peacefully. He looked happier than he has ever been and it made Bel's heart warm at the sight. He gently brushed at some hair on the other's face and a few strands fell back onto his face causing him to twitch and shift, his eyelashes fluttering slightly. A pair of silver eyes gazed up at the blond and smiled weakily.

"Morning Bel..."

"Morning ha-chan~" The teen chuckled softly and squirmed a little to sit, wincing from not only his wounds but also from the lovely night they had.

"Ouch...fuck do you think you could be gentle for once? I'm still injured." Bel giggled and kissed his love's forehead, smirking softly.

"The Prince was being gentle~" Gokudera blinked and stared, not daring to ask what he was like rough. Bel lightly pulled the other close to his chest and Gokudera sat there, nuzzling him slightly.

"So what changed your mindHa-chan~?"

"Hmm?" The boy blinked. " wouldn't believe me if I told you." He smiled softly and got even closer to the other. The blond blinked questionally.

"Try the Prince. He will not laugh...much." Gokudera blinked and chuckled, half wondering if he was telling the truth.

"Well...I saw my mother." The teen smiled softly and frowned. Bel simply blinked. He was completely unsure with what the other was talking about.

"Your mother?" Gokudera nodded slowly.

"yeah...I saw her when I was out. She was telling me some stupid stuff though." The boy laughed nervously, turning his head down not to say what he wanted. But Bel nudged him and grinned, softly giggling.

"Tell your Prince Ha-chan~"He blinked for a moment, knowing that the blond would not give up til he told.

"Fine...she told me that she would never make me marry someone I didn't love. Let alone know. That it was all just my father trying to get in with another family...she said matter who I love I should spend my life with them..." The teen blushed and looked away slightly. Bel blinked for a moment then giggled.

"That was cheesy Ha-chan~"

"What! Hey that's what she said! I wasn't trying to be cheesy! Why would I be cheesy to-!" Gokudera's words were silenced by a soft, sweet and gentle pair of lips. He sighed softly into it and returned the affection ten fold, tangling his fingers in the golden mess atop the royal's head. Gokudera and Bel smiled softly to one another as they held each other close, silently promising that they would stay together forever.