This will be REALLY different then what you're all used to. Ruka will be a bit more feminine in this story. Longer hair, make-up, but no dresses. No matter what the story's about I can NEVER see Haruka in a dress.

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Role Reversal

Chapter 1

"Haruka, you've got to come out with us tonight." Makoto's voice echoed through the blonde haired woman's receiver.

She only sighed then looked at the clock. It was already nearly 10 PM. "But it's so late Mako. I've been up since 5 this morning. I'm tired, I'm cranky, I'm-"

"-Coming. Ami and I will be there in 15 minutes to get you. So hurry up and get ready."

All Haruka heard after that was a click, and then a dial tone. A grumbled left her throat when she stood to go into her bedroom to change. She dug through her closet, spending most of the time deciding if she wanted to be seen as a man or a woman that night. Finally, a baby blue blouse and a tight pair of jeans caught her attention. She watched herself in her bathroom mirror as she got dressed. Once all her clothing was on she proceeded to apply a small amount of make-up then ran her brush through her shoulder length hair.

She finished just in time to hear her front door open. "Haruka, we're here. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I just need to decide on what earrings I'm going to wear. Ami could you come help me?" She opened up her jewelry box to decide.

"Ah, woman tonight. Planning on trying to pick up a man?" The blue haired woman grinned, already knowing the answer.

"Don't make me sick Ami. Now what about these?" The blonde held up a small pair of diamond studs to her ears. Ami shook her head. Haruka pulled another pair of earrings from the box. They were sapphire tear drops. "These match my shirt."

Ami smiled. "Those are perfect."

"Come on already, by the time we get there all the tables will be taken."

The two girls walked from the bedroom, Haruka sliding her earrings into each of her ears. "Alright, I'm ready, let's go."

Twenty minutes later Makoto pulled into a parking spot. The brunette helped her girlfriend out of the passenger side then waited for Haruka to join them before entering the club.

"IDs ladies." The bouncer at the door demanded before allowing them into the building. They all abided by his request, handing the driver's licenses to him one at a time. He hesitated on Haruka's, looking between it and her a few times before returning it. "Enjoy your evening." He smiled at them as the passed into the club.

"There's a table, you two go get your drinks, I'll go hold it." Haruka moved away from her friends to go sit at the table. She fixed her jeans as she watched her friends up at the bar. She was jealous of them, yet could never tell them. Surely they knew, every time they would share a kiss Haruka turned her head away.

"Brought you a beer. Consider it a thank you for coming out with us." Makoto sat down beside her friend. "It's much more fun when you're here."

"I'm just glad we came here instead of that other one you guys always take me to." The blonde shuttered before taking a long drink of her beer, then sat it on the table. She raised her hand to place some stray hair behind her ear. This simple action drew the attraction of another club patron.

"Who's that. I don't think I've seen her before."

"I've seen her a few times in here with her two friends. She's not really a regular like you are." The bartender spoke will filling the man's glass with another drink. "Not sure if she's into guys though."

The man leaned against the counter to watch the blonde at the table laugh and chat with her friends. "You've got someone checking you out Haruka." Ami smirked and motioned to the man watching her. "He's kinda cute. Ow!" She rubbed her ribs where Makoto elbowed her. "You know I love you."

Haruka rolled her eyes when the two fell into a long, passionate kiss. "I'm going up for another drink." She stood and made her way to the bar. When she turned around she laid eyes on the man that had been watching her. She smirked at him, Ami was right, he was cute. He had rather short hair, it was cut close to his head. His facial features were soft, almost feminine. She examined him as she leaned against the counter. He wore a deep red polo shirt over top of black turtle neck and a pair of jeans that left little to the imagination.

She ordered her drink, something stronger then the first beer she had. Her body involuntarily shivered when she felt a strong yet gentle hand skim her lower back. "I don't think I've ever seen you here before." His voice was soft and soothing.

"My friends dragged me out tonight." She smiled at him before paying for her drink. She felt him grab her hand when she started to talk away.

"I saw the way you were looking at me when you were coming over here. Did you like what you saw?" He pressed closer to her. Haruka's breath caught in her throat when she caught wind of his cologne.

"Maybe." She looked into his eyes. She felt herself drawn into his deep blue eyes. "There's one problem though." She wiggled out of his grasp.

"Well...what's that?" He stepped closer again, Haruka's back pressing against the counter.

The blonde pushed him away. "I'm not attracted to men."

The man pushed closer yet again to whisper into her ear. "Who says I'm a man? My name's Michiru. What's yours?" She pressed her lips to the neck of the blonde woman causing her to tremble. "You're a very beautiful woman."

"My name's Haruka." She ran her hands into the short aqua hair of the woman kissing her neck. "And who says I'm a woman?"

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