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Role Reversal

Chapter 9

-Three Months Later-

"You're going to have to go public with this Michiru. You can't keep hiding it much longer."

Michiru sighed and allowed her eyes to fall to her hands that rested on her swelling abdomen. "Daiki, how?" She lifted her right hand to wipe away stray tears. "Haruka can't handle that kind of exposure. Especially when her surgery is at the end of the month. It's bad enough that the reporters are starting to follow her to and from work. We're surprised they haven't followed her to her appointments yet."

Daiki stood from his seat and stepped behind his star. He rested a comforting hand on her shoulder. The agent understood completely why they'd chosen to wait. "Going public will be less harmful then just letting the rumors fly."

"What are we suppose to tell them? 'Oh Haruka was born a man and we slept together the first night we met'? I don't think so Daiki." He chuckled, much to her dismay. "And what, mind you, is so damn funny?"

"Just the way you said that…" He paused when she frowned more. "I'm sorry. Look, try telling them that you two had been seeing each other for a while and decided to take the next step. Haruka's living with you now isn't she?"

Michiru nodded. "She finished moving in last week."

"Use that to your advantage then."

The artist sat there for a few moments, thinking about what her agent was telling her. Without a word, she pulled her phone from her pocket, walked from his office and dialed a very familiar number.

"Hey sweetheart."

Michiru smiled at the greeting. It never got old. "Hey Ruka, you're gonna be home for dinner tonight right?"

There was a few second pause on the other end. "Yea, we should be out of here on time tonight. Why, What's up?"

"We need to talk."

The blonde woman folded her left leg over her right as she watched her girlfriend pace around the living. "I understand needed to tell the public. But Michiru, they're going to tear it apart. Especially the fact that we've only been together for four months."

Michiru tossed a current tabloid on the blonde's lap. "Rumors have already started honey."

Letting Herself Go?

Michiru finds comfort in love and food.

"They're calling me fat Ruka." She plopped down beside her love before cuddling into her side.

"It will be a publicity field day once it gets out." Haruka ran her fingers through Michiru's growing hair. The artist decided when she found out she was pregnant, to allow her more feminine side to show. Not much though. It was mainly her hair and just a few articles of clothing.

"They're going to brand me a cheater and make up stories about love affairs, and doctor up whatever pictures they take of me."

"I can handle all of that."

"You mean you can handle people calling you an idiot for staying with a woman who can't keep her legs shut?"

Haruka laughed. "You think that's all I'll have to deal with?"

Michiru pushed herself into a sitting position and looked down at her girlfriend. "It's probably going to come out… about you." Haruka nodded. "I'm sorry honey." The blonde shrugged.

"Hope you realize I'm probably going to lose my job over that. And you're going to have to support me."

The artist froze. She wasn't expecting that as a possibility. "They can't fire you for who you are. Can they?"

"No, they can't. But they can make my life so miserable that I have no choice but to quit. Then, once it's all out of the box, nobody's going to offer me a job. I'm going to become an outcast. A man who wanted to be a woman, who got another woman pregnant."

"But what you lose that way, you'll gain elsewhere."

Haruka just shrugged. "We both knew this day were coming. We'll deal with it."

"I'll call Daiki to set up a press conference by the end of the week then." Without even moving from her spot she pulled her phone from her pocket and scrolled through her contacts until she found the man she was looking for and hit the call button.