A/N: This idea came to me after reading a few stories in which Edward and Rosalie have some blow-up between each other. I decided to try my own version of one but I set mine in the Cade Cullen universe. The story is told mostly through Esme's POV unless otherwise marked.

I'm still working on Bonding Gone Wrong but this came to me as I was working on it and it demanded to be written. I hope to have the next part up of Bonding up by this weekend.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the mistakes found here.

Warning: This story contains spanking and foul language


Of Jackets and Endearments

Part Four: Of Reminders

Cade's POV:

I was standing in my room looking out the window thinking about what had happened earlier in the day. It was pitch dark outside. It was also almost my bedtime. I'd been sent to my room right after dinner. I was nervous.

I was waiting for Carlisle so I could tell him what had happened. He was in his study talking to Esme. He'd arrived right before dinner and although they didn't eat human food my parents always sat with me as I had my dinner. So, of course Carlisle had noticed my slight squirming at dinner. He hadn't said anything but he'd turned to look at Esme who'd patted his hand and shook her head at him.

My spanking earlier had been in the early afternoon and the sting in my backside was almost gone all that was left was a slight soreness. I just hoped that Carlisle's reminder wasn't has bad as Emmett had joked about earlier.

I was surprised when I heard the slight knock at my door.

"Come in," I said.

Carlisle quietly walked in and sat on the bed facing me as I stood by the window.

"I understand Rosalie and you had some problems earlier," he said seriously.

"Yes," I said.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I got mad because Rosalie called me sweetheart," I said.

"Is there more?" he asked.

I sighed.

"Yes, I called her some names," I said.

"You know how we feel about name calling don't you? Especially those words," he said.

"I know, I'm sorry," I said.

"I also understand your mother as dealt with it," he said.

"Yes," I said nervously.

"Very well, you're not going to be punished twice for the same thing," he said.

"I'm not?" I asked surprised.

"No, of course not," he said.

I sighed and let out a breath of relief. He smiled slightly at me before he turned serious again. He stood and walked over to me by the window standing right in front of me.

"However, I will offer you this reminder young man," he said as he grasped my arm and walked me to my bed.

"Don't do it again," he said as he landed two quick smacks on my backside and one where my butt met my thighs

"Ohhh," I whimpered as I got into to bed on my stomach of course. He pulled the cover up over me and kissed my head gently before turning out the light.

"Good night little one," he said as he slowly opened the door and walked out.

"Night daddy," I said.

Some reminder I thought as I reached back to rub at my once again stinging backside.

The End


Okay, before anyone says that it was just mean of Carlisle to do that let me just say that I figure that since he's from the 1600's hundreds he's more than likely to do something like that. To my understanding in the past children were more than likely spanked twice for the same offence. For example: in school then at home, by mom and then by dad. I just figured Carlisle still keeps some of those beliefs with him and it fit with my story.


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