Time is slightly tweaked by a year. This is a fun and silly story written hopefully with a touch of plausibility. I have a few fics in mind that all contain music in some fashion. Sorry. I blame my abnormally long drive to work and my abnormally strong passion for music. For Heather. (read: blame her entirely.)

Disclaimer: Why yes, I am in fact JKR and I write silly fanfic about my own characters. Or not. *grovels at the feet of real JKR.*

Chapter 1

"Absolutely not, Ginny."

"Please, Hermione! I just heard you, you were wonderful!"

"It's not my ability I question, Ginny. It's my desire. No."

Ginny stared at the woman peeking out of the steaming shower. She had come into the bathroom to hear the end of a beautiful version of the ABBA song 'I Have a Dream' and knew she would be perfect for her plan. Hermione, however, quickly wrapping herself in a towel, was not as conducive as she had hoped.

"Hermione, please. You know I haven't asked you for anything and I just can't let Harry go that easy. This is my last try to get him to remove his head from his rear without my physical assistance. He won't talk to me, return my owls, nothing. And the part I hate is I know how he still cares for me. He's told me before, and I know the way we look at each other. He just can be such a thick iprat/i, thinking he can't handle me and his NEWTs. I mean, seriously, he sounds like you. He can kill Voldemort and can't handle his Charms? Please, Hermione! I'll beg! I'll…I'll…well I don't know what I could do, but just name it!"

Hermione listened to all of this impassively as she finished toweling off and got dressed. It was true Harry was being a bit of a prat but that was certainly not unusual. He and Ginny had dated over the summer between his sixth and seventh year but had broken up after Harry defeated Voldemort on All Hallows Eve. Harry was feeling the pressure of his status and fame and was terrified he'd be the Boy-Who-Lived-But-Failed-School if he didn't finally listen to Hermione and buckle down. He hadn't realized that all work and no play made Harry an unhappy boy. Let alone poor Ginny. Hermione walked out to the Gryffindor common room, and threw herself on the nearest sofa releasing a sigh. "What do you have in mind?"

Ginny gave a little bounce as she joined her friend on the sofa. "You'll do it? Really? Well, I wasn't thinking much. You know, a few songs, costumes, maybe a few of the guys too. I'm not sure what the rules are exactly, but they are posted out in the Great Hall."

Hermione let out another sigh. "You can have one song for each person in the group with a maximum of six. How many people are you thinking of having involved in this thing?"

"What thing?"

Both girls turned to see Luna Lovegood coming through the portrait hole. She had a relationship starting with Neville, but it was common knowledge that things were progressing a little slower than Luna cared for. Neville was simply too nervous around girls and nothing Luna could do could ease his introversion.

"Ginny is forcing me to sing in the bloody talent show Professor Dumbledore is having after the Leaving Feast. I just don't see why he thinks us making a mockery out of ourselves is an adequate form of celebrating the passing of a ruthless killer, but he obviously didn't ask my opinion."

"Obviously," Ginny told her. "Luna…you wouldn't happen to sing, would you?"

"Oh yes," Luna responded. "I've been told I have a lovely soprano. Very much like a pygmy puff on Boxing Day."

"Right. What do you know about ABBA?"

"ABBA!" Hermione nearly shrieked. "Good Lord, Ginny. You're going to have me out there in some bellbottomed pant suit with fringe, and a headband, singing Dancing Queen!"

"That's the general idea. But I did have a few different songs in mind. We do need a few guys though. I wonder where Ron is," Ginny inquired as Luna joined the girls by the fire, finding a seat in an oversized chair.

"He's out on the Quidditch field, but he should be back anytime! Is there something you need? I can help!" spoke the little pipsqueak from behind the couch. The three girls turned to face the new voice in the conversion.

"Hi Colin," they said in unison. Colin had apparently come down from the boy's dormitory, and had overheard the conversation.

"Colin…" Ginny said.

"No!" said Hermione. "Absolutely not!"

"Hush you. We need boys, and he is more than willing. Colin, can you sing at all? I bet you have a fabulous tenor."

"Oh, well, I do alright I suppose," said Colin, turning a bit pink in the ears. "Are you girls going to sing for the talent show? And you want me to join you? I'd love to! What are you singing? I promise I'll practice all the time!"

For the third time in a few short minutes, Hermione sighed, and gave Ginny the universal i I hate you /i glare.

At an abrupt noise, Hermione looked over to see a few fellow students returning from playing or watching Quidditch practice. The team had been practicing constantly before the last game of the season, Gryffindor against Ravenclaw. Soon Ron, Seamus, Parvati, and a few younger students were lounging about the room. Harry had stayed behind to pick up the field.

"Oh, Ron? You're going to sing backup with Colin for me, Hermione, and Luna, OK? I'll let you know when we've picked out our songs and rehearsal times," Ginny told her brother very nonchalantly.

"Oy! What, Ginny? I don't do things in public! I can't sing! No way. Absolutely not," Ron stuttered out in shock. It was well known how he had to get over his fear in order to play Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

"You'll do it, because I said so. I know you sing perfectly fine. You're a great bass, Ron, or I wouldn't ask you. I hear you warble all the time at the Burrow. Now that's final."

"Ginny, how many people are you planning on having for this thing? We haven't even picked songs yet!" Hermione said in an exasperated tone.

"I think one more should be just right. We need a baritone, but I have no idea who can carry tune besides us."

"Well, I think I happen to be just the man yer lookin' for, ladies." Seamus walked over to the group around the fireplace to sit on the couch between Hermione and Ginny. "My Da happens to be a professor of music at a university in London. Been teachin' me since I was six."

Ginny raised an eyebrow at her fellow classmate. "Is that so? And you wouldn't mind singing in front of the entire student body? In costume?"

"Course not," Seamus replied easily. "After my years here at Hogwarts, figure it fits to go out with a bang."

Hermione snorted.

"Alright, so there are six of us, and you want us to sing disco, Ginny? Or ABBA in particular?" Luna asked the redhead.

"Well, there is a certain song that I really think fits my purpose for this little group. I really want Harry, berk that he is, to realize this is where he belongs, and I'm willing to help him through anything. There are a ton of ABBA songs so I think it'd be great if we could all pick something from their catalog."

"How do you know so much about Muggle music, Gin? From the '70s, no less?"

"Dad," Ginny responded.

"That is a great idea though, Ginny! I wonder if I could do the same for Neville."

Ginny seemed thoughtful. "Actually, that's a great idea Luna! We can each be the lead for a song! What would you like to sing, Hermione?"

"Well, um, actually...I, uh. I have no idea to be honest. I'll have to think on it."

Luna looked a little sad. "It's ok, Hermione. It's doesn't have to be about someone special. You can just sing a fun song if you like. Everyone needs a bit of fun. We can meet tomorrow and figure out more."

Hermione gave Luna a wistful smile. There was actually a special someone. He just didn't know it yet.