a/n: I know it's short, but I should have been working on my NaNo instead so I didn't really have to much time for writing. This kind of appeared in my mind the other day while my sister and I were watching White Collar. She was sitting there with a law and statute book, and I had my pencils and everything and was copying a picture for art. (It turned out pretty darn well. No one even guessed I copied it. :D) Please, please review.

Two Sides

We are the total and exact opposites. We are dark and light. We are ice and fire. We are day and night. There is nothing the same about us.

You read the books to find out exactly what you can arrest someone for, how long they will be in prison, and to know exactly what you aren't allowed to do. I read the same books to learn what I can do without getting arrested for, I read them to learn how to slip around the laws, and I read them to know what I'm allowed to do.

You are the perfect example of what a flash of I.D., an important suit, and a somber expression can get. I can get the same thing with none of your techniques; a charming smile, and a pair of innocent blue eyes are all the I need.

You are firmly planted to the ground; you use a parachute to ensure your safety. I am lost in the clouds; I jump because I want to feel the air around me, because I want to fly.

You do what needs to get done before pleasure, always, no exceptions are ever made. I will get it done, but if I will receive pleasure from it you can be assured it will got done much quicker.

You are the steady, firm, unbending one who will comfort someone in their sorrow and can keep control of any situation. I am the wild, uncontained one who will bring a smile to someone's face and will provide a different way out of any situation.

You focus on the here and now, planning even several hours into the future is a bother to you. I focus on the then and when, what can be important at this exact minute as the future?

For you to feel safe you need the law on your side. For me to feel comfort I need my own laws to abide by.

You buy an outfit for function rather then fashion, it might be the most hideous thing in the world but it will serve only to clothe you and allow you to get your work done. I buy an outfit for fashion rather then function, how it looks is more important to me then if I am able to be mobile in it.

You take joy in the simple things in life, a warm cup of coffee, a loving home, a good job. I take joy in the finer things in life, an extravagant view, a large house, a beautiful piece of art.

You have always stuck to the straight and narrow, never once sticking a toe out of line. I took the broader more exciting path, not only did I step over the line I took a running leap over it.

We are polar opposites. We have nothing in common. Yet some how we work better together then with anyone else. We are the gun and the bullet, quite different but neither can work with out the other. We are heaven and hell, there has to be one to have the other. We are heads and tails, the two sides of a coin, you can not have one with out the other or else the coin would simply cease to exist.

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